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Lonza Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lakeside Hotel, located next to the park Lonza is Heilongjiang's largest park. Accounted for most of the park is "working lake", where previously only a small pond, every Sunday, people here are working to dig Lake, now, has been formed in the Great Lakes, and dug up the sand pile in the park Hill played a man-made.

Yi Eryue copies of the annual winter Ice will be held here. And the Harbin Ice Festival, a relatively short history, carved the little things. At this point, working full lake frozen lake in Pali or a dog sitting on a horse, sheep, donkey Pali, up around Lake Wai, very interesting.

  Through, Tingtailouxie In the meantime up. Animal display area, the northeast tiger, African lions, Jin Qianbao, brown bear, moose and red-crowned cranes and so on more than 100 species of animals. Recreation and entertainment district, electric spacecraft, landing and taking off of aircraft-and large-scale integrated entertainment, such as Office. Flower viewing area, there are more than 140 kinds of flowers.

  Wangjiang floor of the resort culture, life Temple Park, located eurombah sand in the urban centers, covers an area of 64 hectares, 20 hectares of water area, the Northeast is the largest comprehensive park. Lonza Park was established in 1904, in Heilongjiang Province is to build the first park, at the time as a result of the use of the southwestern city of the old seikkyi site, the warehouse said the Park West. Flower, commonly known as the West . Lonza Park was renamed in 1917. "Lonza" refers to the north of the Great Wall. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai ", General tiger sub-bamboo, soldiers Wolong sand" Lonza sentence of this park named after. Lonza park resort equipped with five: cultural resort, Library, Wangjiang House, Temple, the Ancestral Hall life, such as the Chengjiang Court building. Labor Lake resort, the island in the lake, islands in the lake. Qu Qiao, Wei Yi Bridge to the spectacular. Wangjiang floor, located in the park working on the east coast of Lake rockery, was built in 1907, is a classical garden pavilion, with its beautiful and unique shapes become Lonza's Park on behalf of the building, the entire park tour of the Center. Building on Wangjiang Seomang lean on a railing, labor and weeping willows sway Lake, the lake rippling blue waves. Point to the southeast, Ching Chung, Yu Gu, lush foliage, green and luxuriant garden. On the eastern side of the ground floor, flat wide boulevard through Hua Chi Road, between the pool and fallen flowers in the flower-li sports, fighting between Yan-fang-filled. Shou-shan Temple was in 1926 in memory of the people Hero General Shoushan built, the park is a park in Lonza's Park.

  In recent years, the construction of the new Sheng-long days in the mountains of far more spectacular Tower, the highest point can be Qiqihar. Court days on the stand far Jimuyuantiao, beautiful panoramic view of the city. Every winter, Lonza Park, "King Lonza Ice Tour", adding Landscape, Qiqihar of ice works, have a good reputation both at home and abroad, is considered haksong wonderful. Attract millions of foreign visitors to tourist, Lonza Park has been included in the "Dictionary of Chinese landmarks."

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