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Thousand-Buddha Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Thousand-Buddha Grottoes is located in Temple pull a little about one kilometer northwest of natural caves, grottoes Shuilian Dong Wushan is included in the group Vision pool, pull a little temple, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, Qing-5 three spots one of the landscape , Located in Wushan County, Tianshui City, about 50 kilometers north-east of the Tower Hill Canyon, so named because of the murals qianfoensis. Cliff suspended because of a Qifo plastic, so-called Qifo ditch. Side of the cliff caves to the surface of wood piles into the path along the cliff wall paintings and shape as the hanging of two parts. Seven of the original cave inside the cave, are remnants of sand cliff sculptures and murals face, full statues, look different. In particular, doing so delicate and pretty, like the Buddha, quite characteristic of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Western Wei Dynasty contains some of the statues left , Is the study of the grotto art in China early important information. Shuilian Dong grotto has been set up on the cliff path along the cliff, reinforcing the embankment slope protection, and open to visitors.

  Buddha-line about 20 meters, about 500 meters deep, has three main offices (qianfoensis Office meeting, the Office of Chinese painting years, the Office of Lok Sin drunk) and the five-room (Room auspicious Meeting rooms, room wall cents, sword Zuixian rooms and rooms). "Qianfoensis Office meeting," more than 1,000 by the shape of a small stone statue of the screen, "the Office of years of Chinese painting," made up of three 10-meter square of a significant component of the murals, such as a Pentium rivers, such as a piece of their own way, the other one is There are mountains and water, loft Ting Xie there, color, At an appropriate combination of both, for Gongqiao days, it is wow.


  Thousand-Buddha Grottoes was the construction of the rectangular east-west, east and the Mountain Gate. Sit in the main hall east of the West, civil structures, North and South has two offers, Zhuanmu construction. There are brackets in the main hall for a hard-top construction, sub-before, during and after the three parts of the Church. Tong Zhang Xu a plastic high Sakya Buddhist Xiang Yizun, Chudo Miankuo 3, has drawn map Foyue Fa, 18 Ocean's statue, and so on; Hall after the plastic has a Wofo; three parts are closely linked, constitute a whole. Temple of the south-west up a stage for the Organization of the temple used by the troupe.

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