Sunday, December 21, 2008

Qingyang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyang is Xuanyuan activities over the region of the Yellow Emperor, one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. The ancestors of this week in Societe Generale, has opened up a farming culture, history-making exercise. Northwest China's Qingyang is the first to create a revolutionary base. Liu Zhidan in 1934, Xi Zhongxun, such as Huachi in Southern Shaanxi and Gansu side of the beam to create the Soviet government. Qingyang from different historical periods is rich in cultural relics. A wide range of items found that more than 2,700 units (which is listed as key protection unit 4, is listed as 69 provincial-level protection unit, listed as heritage at the county level of 147 units), Heritage Collection 2 Pieces. Qingyang Xian Shi Lipu three excavations in the late Jurassic rock in the "Ring Jiang pterosaur" fossil, with water Itabashi early Quaternary, "as the ancient Yellow River" fossil, which the world attention. Unearthed in China as early as the first piece of Palaeolithic, to explore the Chao turnout in Huachi County. Yangshao have been found so far in the region, regulating the family, such as classical 980 sites. Qin Great Wall, Qin straight across the territory of more than 200 km. Northern Wei Yongping of the North Cave Temple in 2002, large-scale, fine shape, is the art of grotto treasures. Fan Zhongyan to resist the invasion of Western Xia II will be built, Dashun garrison city of peace is still majestic trai in.

Qing Come forth in large numbers famous dynasties, the ancient Yellow Emperor has asked the medical Bo Qi, a Chinese thinker Wang Fu, there are politicians in the Wei and Jin Fu Xuan, the Ming Dynasty, as well as former leaders of the seven Meng-yang Li, stone paintings million people meters 10 minutes, and so on, all for the history of the alleged Road.


Qingyang rich in natural resources, known as "Long Granary, "said the rich grain, oil, fruits and herbal medicines, and so on. Hemerocallis well-known at home and abroad, the State Economic and Trade Department as a" super Northwest Day Lily. "Gan Tao Huang, Jin was the date the ancient tribute. Qingyang, Central County, Huachi, four Xifeng county (district) of oil and natural gas reserves, rich Changqing Oilfield is the main producing areas.

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