Sunday, December 21, 2008

Industry Dan Pu Red Army memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Pu military circles as the Long March memorial at the northwest Jingning County, 312 State Line road, 20 km from the county seat. Red Army was passing through Jingning, Mao Zedong, Zhang, Zhou Enlai and other central leaders have been camping. After the founding of the PRC, Shi Pu Jingning County community of Chairman Mao lived in the compound and the Red Army had held a mass rally, Anti-Japanese-old Red Mansion (Red House) on many occasions to carry out maintenance and protection. 1996 is the 60th anniversary of Long March??????, in order to cherish the memory of the martyrs, and inspire future generations, the county party committee and government cadres and the masses call the county contribution of 6.6 million yuan, and repair of the Memorial Hall expansion, "Red House" painted reinforcement, Li Long March of the monument. Museum covers an area of 2384 square meters, construction area of 27 square meters 2, housing 14, the Red Army building area of 106 square meters, and laid photo keep the information more than 40, 16 physical rehabilitation, including the old Xie Zhi Road to the Red Army memorial gift "Victory in Pingxingguan "," Red bag "and other in-kind. Based on the memories of local people in the old hospital like Chairman Mao Mao plastic degree I have been riding a white horse of a bottle, and there Mapeng display, the manger, wells, stone, and other in-kind. Memorial Gallery Central leaders have displayed Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Wang Jiaxiang, and Zhang, Old at the time of the original Long March, such as photos and Xiao Hua comrades at the Long March through the community Shipu used desk. Mao Shi Pu in the residential sector had been the old room, the chairs are on display, copper lights, telephones, Kangzhuo, long tables, brazier, the basin in kind, and so on. Chen guards from the indoor display are the landlord of the house of the old cloth, spinning line, the ancient Taiwan loaded, small-Yuan Deng, chairs, and other in-kind. There are indoor display kitchen bucket, chopping board, iron, and other tableware. At present, the museum has become a broad masses to pay respect to the history, cherish the memory of the victory of the Long March, the succession of martyrs behest, to carry out education in patriotism and tourist attractions.

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