Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bokui mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Building located in the area of Bokui the middle of the street on the west side of the alley mosque, built 23 years of Emperor Kangxi (1684), is a nation full of the characteristics of the Qing Dynasty Zhuanmu construction. Temple is divided into east and west, in order to teach a two-Temple. Covers an area of 4000 square meters, the hall from the main building, Bai Dian, the Hall of the kiln, Arch Hall and a number of subsidiary production Composition. Temple hall kilns East Tower set with the top 1.9 meters high, 0.9 meters in diameter gold-plated suit trimmed with ramp above the crescent-shaped symbol of Islamic decoration. Kiln hall on the walls of Koran written in Arabic language saint, the two main hall can accommodate 500 people worship. Heilongjiang Province is the largest mosque in the preservation of the integrity of a monastery First, research on religious history and architecture of great value for the provincial-level key cultural unit.

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