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Mei Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyun Si, whose real name is located in Yanshi County township Gu Hui Longwan village, as a result of Baiyun Mountain got its name back. Old prime incense, large-scale, four-story courtyard, first floor hall for the four kings, a plastic Dongbi Dian Qian Huang Chao seated, wearing a helmet Prix, the momentum out of the ordinary. According to the "Gong County," recorded in the Tang Dynasty Huang Chao Chang-cutting uprising of the West, in Unmanning, dig holes and Zhu Liang. To this day, still in the vicinity of the Taiwan military parade, drill ground, Quan Yin Ma, and so the old name. Second floor of the hall for the Maitreya Buddha. Main Hall for three, Sakyamuni for. Finally, a monk is home. Tibetan at Qinglong Temple in May Valley, which rise amid arch-soo, hover streams, verdant forests, beautiful quiet. 991, the rehabilitation of monks and laymen from all walks of life to raise funds to make the temple desolate back 2 3 wide glazed tile hard-Hill Hall.

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Baiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mengjin County in the good old urban and rural East Village and a half kilometers southeast of Mangshan Xu Ling Cui Yunshan North Banpo, is the use of a slope into the ditch on the ground there is construction of the cave and a Taoist temple. Beautiful scenery here, Beitiao the Yellow River, looking south Shouyangshan Shun Temple, the East has Yi, Shu Qi Ma Jian Zu deduction, the West has Limi alcohol Taiwan. Baiyun Temple founder of the original, Sheng Mudian, Laojun Dian, the Jade Emperor Temple, were dismantled after the liberation. In 1988, near the site of the men and women to raise funds in the reconstruction of the Yu Huangdian, three out of five dark, Danyanxieshan, glazed tile, Red Gate Hong Zhu, a pair of trees in the very Nai Kan. According to chisel things cliff cave more than 10 holes dedicated to popular belief gods. Yamashita There Kowloon Tang Temple and the Temple are destroyed. There are scattered within view of several stone-Qing Dynasty. Baiyun the first month, the temple has 15.

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Po Chu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po Chu-House Museum is located in the outskirts of the city of Luoyang and happy Lion Bridge Township Village, an area of 80 acres, according to the layout of the entire east of the Tang Dynasty are the "field" Square-shaped street in the construction of the library's former home has Po Chu, Po Chu Memorial Hall, Lotte Park, the centers of Po Chu and Tang Culture amusement park, the Tang-style malls, such as construction. Therefore, Po Chu-i For the northern half of the residential areas, mainly for the southern half of the garden and the lake, the entire layout to reproduce the original appearance. Po Chu Memorial Hall is a Tang-style architecture, the Library has a poet's statue and display of his life, literature and calligraphy, murals, and so on, pay is a poet of the main venues. Lotte Park is based on the Po Chu Masterpieces such as "pipa", such as poetry and the construction of the garden. Po Chu-academic centers for domestic and foreign experts, scholars and research activities. Tang culture amusement park in accordance with the customs of the Tang Dynasty established a polo field, such as the Chengji entertainment field. Tang-style malls for shopping offers visitors a variety of services.

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Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum located in the center of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Luoyang City Square, site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City district of the north-east, is a show in order to protect the original site of the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large as the main body, to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Chin-fu overview of the city in recent years, Capital Cities Archaeological discoveries and some precious cultural relics of the Eastern Zhou period, "Wang City Capital Cities Wang "theme museum.

Throughout the museum covers an area of more than 1700 square meters, over a two-year area. To enter the door to the museum, first of all, the eye is the first exhibition, divided into four sections, one area of Luoyang Erlitou site (summer), Yanshi city, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City, Yangcheng Luo Han, Wei, Sui Tang Luo 5 large city such as the ancient capital of Luoyang and the present-day location of the mutual relationship between microfiches of the sand table, showing in detail the Luoyang area rivers and mountains and rivers of urban history; Second, King City, summed up the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, archaeologists to the measured background picture, based on archaeological findings in order to indicate the City Within each functional area of the site, also showed a few ceramic materials Third, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Tomb of the archaeological exploration and discovery, the plate to the main archaeological discoveries, Wang highlighted the city's hill, there are models on display in Luoyang City, 27, "Asian"-shaped tomb of the emperor large West Xiaotun " A "plot-shaped stone tomb of carbon deposition and recovery of large display of artifacts buried with the dead Jiefang Road and other important sites, and the other in order to In the form of a brief film of the Golden Village and the week tombs big hills area. Also on display at the same time, "Wang" Tong Ding, "the Son of Heaven" in kind, such as Suk and pictures. Fourth, a number of precious cultural relics the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, bronze tripod out, the pot Fang, Yu, traveling, laminated mirror, painting Ding, beans, tea, Yulong, Yu Bi, the first space cloth, and so on. The first visiting the area, to the west across the aisle for some, it will enter the second area, the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large area. In 2003, archaeological workers in the Square in the region, to explore clean-up of 17 Juma Keng (Ma Hang), the protection of the site to display here is one of the 2. Among the north side of a 42.6 meters long, 7.4 meters wide, buried 26 vehicles, the existing total of 68 horses, domestic scale rarely seen. 2 vertical car was located, the end of the first North South, Looking Jimu, a spectacular array of chariots and horsemen ran in front, the sound of Jingle trucks, Xiao Ma, as if to return to the realistic-looking animals of the field throughout history. In this array , There is a car by six horse traction to clear visual evidence in the form of ancient Indian literature, "the emperor riding six," the account.

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum, with spectacular real Juma Keng and exquisite combination of cultural relics, vivid visual display of Luoyang during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty king's status and brilliant History and culture. She is bound to become the upgrading of urban civilization, the ancient capital of Luoyang, at home and abroad to promote the new century and new Luoyang cultural window.

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Luopu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luopu Park was established in May 1997, was basically completed by the end of 2002. Luopu River Park is built in accordance with the cross-century ecological project in Luoyang, Luoyang City is the city's ecological zone, also in the city of Luoyang East and West axis. Luopu River Park across both sides of the north-south of Luoyang City in five areas, with a total area of nearly 12,000,000 Ping Meters. Set embankment, embankment order, Tong beach, river together, the financial landscape, landscape architecture, landscape, cultural landscape into a furnace for large-scale open park, with the exception of public open space to meet, watch, leisure, Chen Lian, etc. Functional requirements, it is also a popular science for education, environmental education and awareness of green To the base and at the same time, the drainage of flood control, climate regulation of the city, improve the urban ecological environment, improve the quality of life of residents and promote economic and social sustainable development plays an important role.

Park Luopu types of trees planted nearly 200 varieties of more than 30 million trees, shrubs, 20 More than 10,000, more than 300 peony varieties and more than 20 million trees, more than 230 million square meters of green space, so that the formation of Luopu Park on the north shore of the scenic areas, the south bank of King, the river surface area. Large areas of green space and wide integration of the natural surface, showing the clear water, blue sky, tree, grass-green flowers Yan natural ecological effects. On the north shore of scenic spots: Xiyuan two kilometers west to the eastern section of the mouth of a total of 14 km Chan, has completed a 45-meter wide green, 3-meter wide green belt, 15.5 m wide green slope above and 15 meters wide greenbelt; 14 Km long, 8.5 meters wide flood control road, 12 kilometers of anti-wave wall, more than 30 km Within the park road, 10 more than the way for admission; the construction of water supply, electricity, lighting, drainage, communication facilities. Xiyuan in Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi, modern gardening practices to adapt to the building of 30 young people, children, elderly people of different age groups, and other activities of the square, groups of 30 aircraft pavilion Gallery, 10 special type of garden plants A lot of garden pieces: six different form of public toilets and management of the room; the West entrance to the building of giant birds Luopu shape of the west gate of the park, such as fighting the bird fly, the moral of Luoyang's economic take-off; there are both within and outside the West entrance to the square and Garden, with a total area of over 40,000 square meters; Luopu in the park at the entrance to the building of Jianhe 225 meters long, 72 meters wide of the Rainbow Bridge - Block; the west side of the building in Luoyang Qiao Luopu the park east Duan Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi Xiyuan doors and more than 30,000 square meters inside and outside the square, square building with music fountain, granite light Column, enjoy the cool air on this summer night, enjoy the colorful side of the water fountain attitude, listening to music on the side of the Music. East gate of the majestic city of Luoyang has become a landmark building.

Luoyang Qiao Chan to the estuary area to the north shore of the eastern section of the historical and cultural district in the area he has tulo book, pour searching all summer, rain Shang Wang, History of UNITA, Kyushu Ding Ding, Luo Plaza, Imperial College of the Eastern Han, Zhang Heng three Miriam, Cai Lun Paper Jian strength of character, Luoyangzhigui, Si Yi Village Hall, Li and Du meet, engraving and printing to reflect the ancient capital of Luoyang North Korea 13 major historical events and important historical figures of 14 historical and cultural square, with gardens and small-scale pavement, sculpture, tablets showed Luoyang The rich cultural history, art and gardens to achieve a cultural calendar The United States combined. At the same time, the building of the Luo Yuan, Xiao Yue Yuen, Kyushu constellation Square, the Palace garden Yang, the autumn wind park. The whole area on the north shore of Green Belt to form a multi-level and all-round, a strong contrast, the seasonal changes in the rich rhythm with a beautiful landscape of the strip.

South Bank area: the construction of 12 km 40 m wide green, evergreen to deciduous trees and dense forest-based film-sik, to 200-300 meters plant community groups to form a large group, color, scattered high and low, rich natural Wild, changes in the Skyline Green abundant Effect. At the same time, according to Luopu construction of a park South Bank of the West from Peony Bridge, east to Luoyang Qiao Nanti from the North River, Luo Yi Road, south of the country acres of gardens, a historical and cultural basis of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the peony culture to the main content of thousands of peony plants scattered high and low, mountain stones Pinnacle, into Tingtailouxie Hui's Garden State, Luopu Park for the south bank of the scenic beauty of the landscape added. Scenic river water: After the dredging of the river, governance, one after another in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, the Shenyang palace built on the same park, Luo Yuan Shan four weeks and rubber dam, 600 meters - 800 meters Wide, covering an area of more than 900 million square meters of the four water The formation of the water park Luopu the blue sky and beautiful landscape, the city of Luoyang in regulating climate played an important role in flood control capacity of the River so that 20 years from once to a return period of 100 years.

Luopu park is built, so that the former garbage dump, the "river of sewage" into the road open, tree-lined, Shop grass, clear-sky blue, Wan Yu Xiang Jing, man and nature live in harmony with the landscape garden, a reproduction of "the world of heavy Luoyang Park" Shengjing achieved good social and environmental benefits, said the people of Luoyang The "public works", "project merit," every bolt tens of thousands of people to this entertainment, Hugh , Exercise, fishing. Luopu Park project to build the city's green heart, to set up a green channel, formed the city's ecological axis, led the city's major readjustment of the structure of the present Luoyang has formed a Luopu Park for the axis, the North-South cross-strait development of the new symmetrical pattern. We believe that Luopu ecological benefits arising from the Park Economic and social benefits, will promote the sustainable development of the city of Luoyang.

At the same time, the use of the park to its own advantages, take Green's works, large-scale festive celebration of color, flowers Zubai, and other businesses are welcome to contact to discuss business.

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Tomb Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tomb Museum is located on the northern outskirts of the city of Luoyang in Henan Mangshan mound Shan East Village.

Luoyang is a historical and cultural city in China, the history of a total of 11 dynasties established their capitals here. Mangshan, the area is on the northern outskirts of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Western Jin Dynasty, the seat of the Northern Wei Dynasty Royal Mausoleum, as a result of successive emperors are buried, Xiangui Huangqinguoqi and Daguan, which Metella many, spread all over, there is China's most famous group of ancient cemetery.

Museum of momentum for a group of ambitious, like the elegant environment of the Han Dynasty buildings, covers an area of 4 hectares, the construction area of 7600 square meters. House plants in the region lush, tree-lined, Dieshi rockery, fountain pool has caused the distribution of Is not only a unique museum of ancient tombs, is a beautiful scenery of the Peak Park.

Museum exhibition is divided into the ground, the ground floor consists of two parts: on display on the ground have carved white marble-like door Han Que, the tomb of Xu and East and West side hall in a palace hall and corridors. Side hall in a palace on display in the primitive society and three generations of the Shang-Zhou Chronology Model burial, burial history and a mock funeral scene. Visualize the audience to understand the evolution of ancient tombs and customs of the ancient capital of Luoyang. Basilica put before a pair of Tian Lu Han, animal carving replicas of evil spirits, and cylindrical stone hall, and so on.

Building underground exhibition hall was "back"-shaped, sub - Office of the Western Han Dynasty, the Office of the Wei, Jin, Tang and Song dynasties and the Office Lounge, the relocation of a total recovery of 22 to the Western Han tombs representative of the Northern Song period. 10 of them Han Tomb, the tomb of Wei, Jin, 5, 2 and Song Mu Tang Mu 5, four are located in the Office of the channel between the sides. A total of more than 500 pieces of cultural relics on display, mainly of a clay image, artefacts of life, Ornaments, etc., with the Northern Wei Yuan Zhao tomb unearthed 23 pottery figurine painting and pastels of the civil and military Tangmu tomb of the most wonderful animal. These tombs, colorful tomb murals, constitutes a distinct feature of the tomb museum. At present, there are 9 tomb wall paintings, frescoes and more content for Shengxian, one against another, the four gods, myths, History of the story, Sky maps and owner, and other scenes of life. In addition, the Western Jin Dynasty, Northern Wei and Tang and Song Dynasties Epitaph of a more ancient art of calligraphy and stone products.

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Ji Guandong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first north-Ji Guandong ----
  Luanchuan 3 km west of the northern foothills Junshan, a steep Gu Feng, seemingly hoping for a high head cock crow, like the Peak crest, beautiful scenery, the mountains forming a natural underground cave, Shen You unfathomable. Hill to form, to Shan-dong, Yong Shan origin named .

  Ji Guandong found in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong period. The old "Luanchuan Zhi", said: "Ji Guandong, four Hall, such as dragon and snake respectively of the Cave" and "texture, such as bats, four dangerous V", "Chiao, who wield the sword stick, Bing Zhu door gang" and "deep You unpredictable Juer back. ". Ji Guandong dormant vast mountains, On a mysterious mask, solid refuse to visit with the people of the world isolated from this.
  Ji Guandong known as "the first hole in the north." As the height of summer, wear green Jin Ji Guanshan times, green everywhere. When we boarded the 318 stone steps, from the deep quiet of the mouth Ji Guandong, all sweating. Have to get inside the cave, Lunged in the face of the cool breeze is exhilarating, Dunxiao heat. Place to be colorful, fantastic Magnificent stalactite in the world, is quite the cold.

Turn inside the cave, pass by the quiet music, visual layout density varies, the image of stalactite different attitude million. Travel inside the cave is rich in resources, the hole A total of 168 spots. In particular the "welcoming Assembly of Immortals", "Watanabe goldfish Xian Weng," and "Bathing Concubine," "Moon rabbit", "dolphin show beads," "water carp," "Sin Buddha" 88 landscape, posture Singular, life-like image.

Ji Guandong is a natural limestone cave, geology She said the karst karst landforms. According to experts, research, she formed in the early minutes of updates, a lot of scenery as early as six, have been amorphous Qiwan Nian ago. As early as in the Qing Dynasty was on Exploring the risk, however, as a result of Shenyou inside the cave, the odd risk, Juer back.

Ji Guandong, 1800 m-long, viewing area of 2300 Square meters, put together by eight major scenic spots, followed by "Tam Yu-zhu" and "Cai Yi Dian" and "tent-stack Palace", "Dong Tian", "Jade Pool Palace", "Tibet House show", "Happy Palace" "Corner Stone Forest" and turn inside the cave, its winding streets, landscape layout density varies, the image of stalactite different attitude million, If the Yixian, such as Wofo, such as birds, such as animals; or as Chun-Sun, such as forests, such as the bamboo curtain, such as curtain, and its landscape are vivid, lifelike, a large stone tablet screen as if Qinse to light stone Hit, clear sound, the residual sound wave, rock flows million hole in the river, clear bottom, "BUZZ" sound, to the static Ji Guandong added to the endless vitality!

Ji Guandong rich tourism resources, the size of the hole total of 168 scenic spots, in particular, "welcoming Assembly of Immortals" and "Herbie cross Xian Weng," and "Bathing Concubine," "Moon rabbit", "dolphin show beads," "Lei Water, "" Sin Bai Shou ", King 88 , Attitude strange, life-like images and much favored by the majority of tourists.

Ji Guandong high archaeological value of scientific research. Stone cave flowers, flag stone, stone waterfall, Shiman, stalactite, stalagmite clouds, according to research data show that in the long stalagmite 18.4 million years ago have been formed through the stalagmite is the internal structure of the layer As well as the structure of the precipitation over the material, a study ancient climate, ancient, ancient geography, and many other information. Another stone shield, lotus bowls, their causes and characteristics of the structure, shape the world a rare, highly value the archaeological and scientific research value.

Ji Guandong constant temperature year round in 18 S, the severe winter season, he could feel the heat inside the cave, the spring warmth, summer heat, cold cave invasion, the Qing Shuang heart of God, cool and pleasant cool, referred to as "natural air-conditioning."

The Government of Henan Province in 2094 was named the "provincial-level scenic spots," Provincial Tourism Bureau in 2097 was awarded "Top Ten Henan Tourism Area. "Construction Department of Henan Province in 2098 was awarded the" scenic area management unit-the-art "and" civilized demonstration service window "," the province's scenery-the-art standards of health units. "

Former President of Xinhua News Agency Mu Qing Ji Guandong for the title with pleasure, "the North in the first hole," the Geological Society of China Cave Research Association, Zhu Professor Ji Guandong stability to the "magnificent scenery, can be the first North Dongfu; causes of the unique, it is the first Dragon King's palace," the authority of the comments.

  Ji Guandong by Tan Yu-zhu, Yan Fei Bao, the Leaning Tower of Temple, the Temple women's apartment stacked, the Jade Pool Palace, the Tower show possession of 6 hall on the ground floor and a hole underground river --- Tian, and so on Composition of the concept. Calcareous water from the natural drip cemented pillars, Stone Forest, Stone, the stone backdrop, Qin Shi halls and walls covered with, backed by the colorful lights, or snow-wrapped or resplendent, like a cave the entire visible exquisite sculptures Arts Center, myths and legends like gum over the crystal sea and the Dragon King's palace Piaomiao floor mirage-like mystery of fairyland on earth.

  Into a Tam Yu-zhu, a group of Kuanpao wide sleeves, the Hefatongyan Xian Weng, "stopped" the way people lived. They all benign countenance, smiling, as if to say hello Reqingdixiang tourists, You Si attentive to guide us, it faces look realistic, lifelike Face, people will look into the strange world of myth. Fei Bao rock into the area, the ground floor of the underground river gurgle clear spring water features and streams, this is more vigor of the gods and Dong Fu Ling Yun added. Hall with its winding streets of the promenade, wide and sometimes like a luxury style of the art arena, and when only a narrow one person - , And steep, such as cutting, so that people really experience a lot of hardships and dangers of underground rock. Following the sound of gurgling water, winding paths, walk-for-King, the more we go inside, the more significant hole quiet, the more fascinating scene: Moon rabbit, a dolphin show beads, Eight Immortals crossing the sea, a kiss of the Millennium, water carp, have longevity peach ... Fei Bao ... the Galaxy Iwashita Yu, such as screens, such as fog; stacked folding tent intrauterine Melaleuca, 10,000 curtain; down days, Luo Zhang Ambilight, Danxia Sihuo; hall of the Leaning Tower of exquisite stone visible, towering Wei. Even the hall and around the top of the wall, the cave is Sensen, many landscape. Commodities in detail, each stalactite have been given as if the charm and Aura, so that Imagination, and marvel. What is most amazing is the embellishment on the top of the wall by the formation of calcite crystal stone flowers, such as coral, Si Wu Song, such as the hanging tree, perfect crystal, shiny. At this moment, in the face of the "Hand of God" the great masterpiece, listen to the guides talk about it a beautiful and moving legend, there is no Seven Wonders of nature is not amazing.

  Underground caverns of the underground river is blood. Runs day and night, endless hole of the Milky Way, so that Ji Guandong with vigor and dynamism. Condensate water that the strength of stone, millions of years of success in today's beauty Qi Jue, is a more beautiful stretches of spectacular good luck. Ji Guandong in the period Listen to the sound of water, is a kind of extraordinary refined enjoyment. Hold your breath, listening to the sound of water, as if to listen to Joan Sound of Music Palace, Tianlaizhiyin, there is indistinct Come Come indistinct feeling.
One of the most profound memories is called "a kiss of the Millennium" and "Kiss of the Millennium," the two landscapes, "a kiss of the Millennium" and "Kiss of the Millennium" a few meters away from the Echoed. "I kissed the Millennium" up and down two relatively stalactite of only 23 cm apart, water is still a bit Data Flow, but according to experts determined that the "kiss" with access to the needed 80 years; and the other a piece of rock lovers because From the middle of the year for a long time fragmented into two parts, like the very image of a man and a woman in the clinch, they were naming "Kiss of the Millennium."

  Ji Guandong to roam in an intoxicating art maze, Qionglouyuyu place, the dream of Wonderland Ruhuan, allow people to experience God in the words of great beauty at the same time, as if intended to help people read and a Zen philosophy: Those who look strange, vivid sculpture of the stalactite Excellent technique is to use the magic hand of the Creator perseverance carved millions of years before the show to the world. Although the birth of the United States and the long process of Solitude, has changed in, but it will be a show The Rock, width and the world. It is not difficult to think of the real U.S. condensate water as rock, and bit by bit from the day on the plot China can be accomplished, not tolerate any Utilitarianism and impetuous, the real Phoenix Nirvana as the United States, many only in the baptism of fire in the bath will only be eternal life --- to create material that the United States gave birth to the United States and the arts, especially the spirit of the United States .

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Lin Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Luoyang in accordance with the North-Lin Guan Tang Old City, south Longmen Grottoes, Luo Long Road to the west, and a clean water east Yiyi, at home and abroad as one of the three major temple customs. China is the only mass graves, temples, Lin Si-three-in-one of the ancient classical architecture.

Guan Lin Guan Yu Houzang as a result of the first and most famous the world. Wanli next 20 years (159 ), The customs of the Han Dynasty in the temple on the site, the expansion into an area of more than 180 acres, four Jinyuan Luo, more than 150 temples temple, more than 1,000 strains of Calocedrus Kwan Lin Temple. Wu Li at the square, "Kam future" old "visual Dengying, then the rise and fall of" lies; in the separation of the Ming Dynasty stone lions on either side of the door, and Jiu Jiu squat, with awe-inspiring The violations can be dignified, very feudal means that the door inlaid with 81 gold doornail, embodies the lofty status of Kuan Lin Guan Yu and behind the glory; an instrument doors weighing about 3,000 jin of the Iron Lion, the Ming Dynasty is a devout men and women worship Guan Gong's legacy, although containing more than 400 experienced ups and downs, still with solemn-wai; The door, "Yang Wei Liuhe" important for the Empress Dowager Cixi-pen, dignified and heavy, precious; connected instrument and door Baidian access to the lions at home and abroad customs unique to the temple, carved stone lions capitals-104, a hundred per cent Lions Change in the lively round, the stone is no stiff feeling, Qian Long on behalf of the Central Plains during the stone art of the highest achievements. Lin Guan is located 7 kilometers south of Luoyang old Guan Zhen. Legend has it that this is the burial of the three countries will Guan Yu Shu head. Wanli next 24 years (1596) Parker Zhi temple was built, when the Qing Emperor Qianlong to expand the form of this scale. Lin Guan covers an area of mu, temples Gallery veranda more than 150. Tablets of the existing 70 , Shihfang 4, the size of lions, more than 110 iron lion statue, Cooper more than 800 trees, a statue more than 10 human body, Metella l Block. Takashi Tsukamoto monument, the grand Hall of the word, Cooper verdant and luxuriant, elegant Li-wei.

Lin Guan layout, showing the typical characteristics of Chinese ancient architecture, the main building are located in central axis, Meeting for the dance floor, door, door-yee, connected, Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple III, Shihfang, octagonal, for the last Sekizuka. Building the park as a whole to build high-rise significantly, Diaolianghuadong, cornices flow Dan, the eventual momentum. High monument of mass graves, the wind around cigarettes, Cooper thousand chapter. In a hall with wearing robes, wearing twelve tassel Wang Mian Guan Yu's seated beside him also want to seal the son of peaceful customs of the knife-wielding Zhou Cang Li-like. There are behind Zhang Fei Temple and Hall of the Five Tigers, and so on. Here, many people can not only hear about the legend of Guan Yu magic, you can feel the unique charm of Guan Gong traditional virtue of the lucky ones, can also see the annual "oriental culture You root and China Luoyang Lin Guan ceremony of the international pilgrims, "the grand occasion.

Guan Yu is the only to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and teach respect of the three historical figures, the three countries is when General Shu, also known as Guan Yunchang (AD 160 ? 219). Legend of the killing of Guan Yu Sun Quan, head of its dedicated Cao Cao, Cao Then buried his head Lin Guan. Guan Yu life, and fierce loyalty to see that. Since ancient times, people as K-Swiss his hero worship as a god. For thousands of years, Lin Kwan has been attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Lin Guan Department is to preserve the integrity of ancient buildings, the central axis from south to north in order Dance floor, door, door-yee, Shilan connected board, platform, Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple III, stone arches, Beiting, Metella, and so on. Symmetrical on both sides of the stands a clock tower, drum tower, marble pillar, the furnace burning incense, and the side hall in a palace gallery, and so on.

  The main outside the building, including the construction of the high-profile dance floor, the Sam Hill Road, hard-top of the door Miriam door-Juan Peng Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple three, Bei Ting, stone arches, drum tower, and so on; in the hall between the doors and instrument, a repair plate connected Shilan, steeplechase between the stigma all hope Carved lion head for a total 104, different posture, vivid image; Hall after three Shihfang built, the problem is the amount of "Hanshou Tinghou tomb of the" five words Promenade to build the temple in the East and West on both sides of the house, on display inside the stone unearthed in Luoyang history, fine Epitaph, is to study the art of stone valuable information.

  Dance floor and the door to the relative Lin Guan, Qianlong Dynasty 1967 (1791), the plane is a convex shape for the high-profile building, the roof and hard to Xie Shan Shan , Cleverly designed like a pavilion Zhong Yan, a magnificent view, our country can be called a typical construction stage.

  5-room door hardware Hill Road 3-building, in front of the white marble lion 1 on the existing Luoyang is the largest in the Ming Dynasty stone lions. Mun-yee was Kuanmiao the door of the Ming Dynasty and Qing expansion of the instrument when the door read, Li Tie for the Lions before the Luoyang rare. Shilan board and the platform is based on the imperial palace built system. Wang stigma on the small total of 104 stone lions, different attitude, life.

  Baidian Pengding volume of 5-room building in the Ming Dynasty, when Ye is a ritual worship places. Temple in the middle of Emperor Qianlong, the Empress of the book pro-Bian Lian, West To erect a 35 m high of Guan Yu machetes. Baidian connected with the main hall, Miankuo 7, into the deep 3, about 20 meters high with a total area of 700 square meters, is the largest construction Lin Guan. Dianding veranda, glazed tile, Yan Jiao will be decorated with God, the golden bell hanging to the mills barriers. Yan Xia ornate brackets, while the rich carved window. On both sides of the main entrance of the wood has three Taoyuan Yi, 13, and other Sangumaolu story.

  Lin Guan hall is the most magnificent architecture, Miankuo 7, into the deep 3, about 20 meters high, with a total area of 760 square meters. Dianding veranda, glazed tile covered ridge Wang Li-five, six animal-Wu Yang, cornices brackets, Zhu Ying Wai-chu; decorated with four Yanjiao Pang Juan, Han Luo, Zhou Yu will be the four gods, golden bell hanging to the mills barriers. Snappers hall 3, Long spent Toudiao. The main entrance hall, a wooden relief map Guan Gong story: Taoyuan three-knot justice,?????, Shuiyanqijun, Sangumaolu, Single attend the meeting, Jin Pao pick, off Yan Liang, Wen Chou to punish such as a total of 12, there are two Lung-chu opera, drama Phoenix Dan, Long Feng, and other patterns show, carved works fine, wonderful composition.

  Second Temple is a five-room building Dianding veranda. Plastic front hall, "Guan Yu Soochow glower as uniform," Guan Yu Zhang Ran float in the air, dignified and majestic, Guan Ping An Jian on the left and right on the knife-wielding Zhou Cang. There are pre-painted Yan Xia Yan Liang cut, to punish Kong XO, Xiahou Dun World War II, ancient Will chart the story, and so on. There are painted above the back door, "Cao Cao Huarong Gorge", "Soochow dinner", "Pound water war" story reflects the image of Guan Yu Shan Zhan valiant history of the screen.

  Three of the five-room Hall of the hard-Hill Construction, a smaller scale, also known as "Qindian." Yan Xia Temple "three war LUI Bo," " Jingzhou Town, "" War Changsha "3 large-scale map story. Fang ago, there are small stories Figure 9. Diaocheng brackets are leading the head, decorated with brilliant color anomaly.

  Sekizuka were in the rear, 10 meters high, covers an area of 250 square meters, the plane made octagonal. Grave door to the south there. Legend has it that Guan Yu head buried here Inside. There are Lin Stele before the graves, 4.8 meters high, the top part of a tablet title of "tablets Chi Feng", Dong Bei Yin for Atsuyuki Suozhuan "line is Guanshengdijun titles tablets", which reads the life of Guan Yu, as well as titles, the temple was built.

  Lin Guan there in front of a pair of stone lions, high-2.7 meters, in order to work in the Ming Dynasty. Miriam front of the iron A pair of heavy more than three thousand jin is cast in the Ming Dynasty; Baidian hanging at the eastern end of a big iron bell in the Ming Dynasty, erected at both ends of the plume-related machete; in the middle of Emperor Qianlong, the Empress pro book reads; Baidian ago on the platform, to place Ming dynasty vase iron couple.

Guandi plane for the octagonal-shaped mound, 10 meters high, covers an area of 250 square meters, outside the building Wall. Otsuka before the stone 4.8 meters high, fell under the turtle, there are Diaolong the first monument, the amount of Title IX Zhuanshu stacked "tablets Chi Feng", is addressed to the Emperor Kang Xi Guan Gong tablets by additional titles. Beiting care for the whole octagonal-shaped wooden structure for the slope from all directions Xieshan Ding, Fang Chuan brackets staggered Goulian, to build a Kit Kat, a unique, is the architecture of the Qing Dynasty pavilion Model. Beiting the legislation before the Ming Dynasty stone for stone, and the case of St. Paul, the 10-meter high stone arch, and 6 meters wide, 3 door, the problem is the amount of the "Tomb of Hanshou Tinghou" 5 words.

Lin Guan has been zoned as Luoyang Museum of Ancient Art-stroke. The temple on both sides of the corridor up to 90 meters, respectively showroom Epitaph tablets, stone works of art on display . A total of collections on display ancient tablets, Epitaph, the stone works of art close to 2000, reflects the ancient art of stone carving style. Especially the Eastern Han Dynasty stone evil spirits, the Northern Wei Sheng Xian portrait of the sarcophagus, the Sui Dynasty stone lions, and so on, are rare treasures. Stone Tablets, Epitaph nearly 1000, many of which relate to major historical events and ancient To historical figures, make up all the history, the history of the value of the card can be described as a "rock history", as well as the high value of the art of calligraphy.

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Longmen Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longmen Grottoes is one of China's four grottoes, located in the southern suburbs of Luoyang City, 13 kilometers. Green mountains and blue waters here, traditional costumes and Vientiane, as early as 1961 by the State Council as a key state protection unit, in 1982 the State Council was announced as the first batch of national scenic spots. In November 2000, the United Guo UNESCO will be included in the Longmen Grottoes, "the World Heritage List."

Longmen Grottoes in cutting Qianduluoyang before and after Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei (AD493), Western Wei Dynasty through later, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Tang and the Five Dynasties to create in order to sail here that the Ga-mile-long north-south, with two thousand Block Kukan and respect more than 100,000 statues of the grottoes relics. It took 500 years to create a process, including the Northern Wei and Tang of the two statues of the high tide stage. So far, the two kept in Yique Hill, which, like thousands of niche, the vast majority of all the times the two cultural heritage.
Longmen Grottoes of emphasis in the Tang Dynasty Cave in to Losana niche as a group of the grand scale of the cut and polish the most well-known arts groups. The basis for "Kegon as" Diaozao of Chang Kai-like shrine to generous, the extraordinary momentum of the Buddha Losana as the center, with a week full of modal quality of the image of the art group will kind of world is full of Buddhist The ideal of harmonious color mood Up to the full, long rhyme flow.

Since the grottoes carved the spectacular qualities, extensive and profound art meteorological infection pray for the well-being of all mortal life to Buddhist region as the main goal will be to attract a large number of devout men and women of Mu its reputation linger. Today, the goal Dongshan pines in the shade of Calocedrus Xiangshan Temple is Wu Zhou dynasty of the feudal era for the resettlement of Indian monk came to China to blame woman who left Romania and the establishment of the Buddhist Temple hospital. In the next 100 years, Xiangshan Temple Law Mian sound, flourishing incense, resulting in the Tang era of the renowned Chinese and foreign cultural figures to Po Chu-i had to lay with the full circumstances of the monks and others formed the "nine old Xiangshan," to sing Yu Tang Shang Monastery of the forest, Chen Xi Ai smoke. Po Chu Hui-chang six died in Luoyang Daoli Lu's former home, leaving his name buried in Xiangshan Temple and a master tower over the side. Today, Bai Xiangshan Temple on the north side of the cemetery, guests from all walks of life is to pay the historical and cultural celebrities of the best places.

Longmen Grottoes which was filled with love of faith Cultural heritage, its most exotic form of external style and full of inherent human sense of virtue, the ancient society of the majority of the people in the real world is full of will to pray for the refraction of material. Of the Chinese nation is longing for a better life and the pursuit of the spirit of the effectiveness of extreme creativity, through the efforts of the ring while you're human landscape can be To a thorough explanation.

? evaluation of the World Heritage Committee:

  Longmen Grottoes region and shrines to show China's Tang Dynasty to the late Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 493 to 907 years), the largest and most outstanding of the plastic arts. These detailed description of the Buddhist religion in the subject matter of art as , On behalf of the Chinese art of stone peak.

? Overview:

  Longmen Grottoes in November 30, 2000 under the selection criteria of the World Cultural Heritage C (I) (II) (III) appeared in the "World Heritage List." Because East and West Hill confrontation between the two, from water flowing through Iraq, Up the door like a burning, so is also known as the "missing in Iraq," after the Tang Dynasty, called "Dragon." Here is located in the hub, a beautiful and pleasant weather, is the concept of travel seekers can explore the resort. Longmen Grottoes because of the rock where the stone quality, suitable for carving, the ancient caves cut choice here. And the Longmen Grottoes in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in Gansu, Shanxi Datong Yungang Grottoes and referred to as "the three major Chinese art treasure-house of stone." Before cutting in the grotto when Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei (471 AD-477), after more than 400 years to complete, so far in 1500 has been the history of North and South about 1 Longmen Grottoes , The existing 1,300 caves, Kukan 2345, the title recorded more than 3,600 tablets and chemicals, pagoda more than 50 seats, more than 97,000 Buddha statue. Among them, in Binyang hole, Yang Fengxian Temple and the ancient representative of the most holes.

Wei Cave - 495 AD in Room Wei Qiu Hui into the goal in the beginning Cut ,500-old Yang - 523 years of Emperor Wu Wei Xuan, Wei Xiaoming Timor Binyang drilled holes in a row north of the three caves, holes and Danyang Binyang-hole total construction cost more than 800,000 artificial, dug a prescription And the hole dug at the Eastern Wei Lian Huadong caves, and so on. Caves in the Northern Dynasties Longmen Mountains, the ancient Yang Hye Sung from the hole to Wei at the end of 50 years to create a show out of Chinese art form, the Big Buddha posture from the Yungang Grottoes formidable vigorous into the Longmen Grottoes amiable moderate. Binyang to hole in the main Buddha statue represented by the characters face with a smile, than the Yungang Grottoes Longmen Grottoes show more Chinese Buddhist art. Tang Cave - is the peak of the Tang Dynasty, accounting for 60% of the total number of caves and above, Wu cut the power grottoes accounted for most of the caves in the Tang Dynasty, with her long-term related to Luoyang. Fengxian Temple is the representative of the Cave Tang, the 70-foot Buddha, Kasyapa, Ananda, King Kong, God the King 50-foot high (the length of the Tang Dynasty) Scale, in the Longmen Grottoes in the first that has spent four years time, Wu own money through 20,000.

Longmen two products are valuable Weibei body of the fine art of calligraphy. On behalf of the Weibei, generous correct shape, vigorous momentum strong, Lishu is to block the transition in font A, ten Yang goods in the ancient cave.

Binyang hole is in the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 386 to 512 years) of the representative works. The cave before and after 24 years to complete, it is time to cut up to a cave. Inside there are 11 large statue of Buddha. As the main Buddha image, delicate and pretty face, look natural, can be Wei stone carving art masterpieces of the medium-term. Main Block, as the former two carved stone lions vigorous gesture. Shi Li about two disciples, the Buddha, Bodhisattva as Ningmou smile and gentle. Also a hole carved Buddha public, to listen to his relief as the law, to life. Flying Kuding fairy portrait of the very vivid.

Bong Temple is the largest of the Longmen Grottoes in a cave, Zhang Kuange more than 30 meters. Fengxian Temple's extraordinary is that in the middle of a huge statue Losana statue is a fine art to be preposterous. Losana 17.14 m high statue of the total, in the first 4 meters high, 1.9 meters long ears. According to Buddhist scriptures say, which means bright times Losana . This Buddha statue, Feng Yi Xiu eyes, mouth Wei Qiao, was like a smile, head slightly, looking down for a little state, like a wise and kind-hearted middle-aged women, Jinger is fear. The remark was made that, in shaping this Buddha statue, the lofty sentiments and feelings of the rich, open-minded and elegant appearance in the perfect combination , As a result, she has tremendous artistic charm.

Fengxian Temple of the whole sculpture is a perfect art as a whole. Big Buddha Losana side next to his disciples Ananda also, Kasyapa, Buddha and the threat paternity Book, the King statue. These statues, some kind, and some pious when it comes to the edge of the King, Book , Is the face of ferocious, aggressive, as the main contrast to more prominent.

Kwu Tung Yang is the first cut in the Longmen Grottoes, one of the most abundant, but also on behalf of the Northern Wei period, another cave. Yang ancient cave shrines there are many statues, shrines of these statues are more questions in mind that record Figures at the time of the last name , And the reason statues date, these studies are the Northern Wei Dynasty calligraphy and the art of carving valuable information. Milestone in the history of Chinese calligraphy "Dragon two goods", most of the focus here. , "Gantry two goods" on behalf of the Weibei, correct font generous, energetic strong momentum, Longmen Grottoes is the essence of the art of calligraphy Tablets Has always been respected by the world.

There is also a prescription-dong, engraved with 140 prescriptions, reflecting the ancient Chinese medical achievement. Some prescription carved on stone tablets in caves or in other places have found that this is the medical achievements of the ancient world after the mass is an important method.

Liuzhou Cave has also retained a large number of religions, fine arts, calligraphy, music, clothing, medicine, construction and transportation and other aspects of Chinese and foreign materials in kind. As a result, it is also a large stone of the Museum of Art.

? the value of cultural heritage:

  Chinese grotto art of the "milestone"

Liuzhou Grottoes scale of the event, the magnificent, exquisite carving statues inside the cave, content-rich subject matter, as the world's greatest treasure-house of one of the classical arts. It has its own system, the original language of sculpture art, sculpture reveals the artistic creation of a variety of laws and rules. Before it caves in the arts are to retain more of the bullock Tuo Luo dodder and the art of horse feed ingredients, and the Longmen Grottoes are far grotto art for India in the past following the style of Yungang Grottoes, Luoyang and the Wei, Jin and Southern Dynasties of Han-the-art deep historical and cultural integration into cut. So statues of Longmen Grottoes Art beginning of this nation into a sense of aesthetic form and the pursuit of a strong and savvy, Grotto art in China has shown, secular trend, Chinese grotto art show can be called the changes "a milestone."

  Royal style

Longmen Grottoes is the Northern Wei, Tang Dynasty Royal made aristocracy would like to focus on the statues. Nobility of the royal family has a strong human, material conditions of their main The caves cut inevitable large-scale, magnificent, grotto art together at the time of the essence, the Longmen Grottoes and therefore it is very representative. These caves cut is the will of the Royal and the embodiment of acts, with a strong religious country, so the rise and fall of the Longmen Grottoes, China not only reflects the 5-10 century Sung rooms Buddhist believers Rise and Fall of the changes in some Side at the same time reflects the history of China's political situation and socio-economic trends in the development of the situation, it is the meaning of other caves are second to none.

  20 Longmen goods

"Dragon 20" in the title began in the Qing Dynasty, the so-called "Dragon Ten goods "refers to the Longmen Grottoes in from the Northern Wei period of two statues to questions in mind, of which 19 products in the old-Yang, a Hong-ci goods in the cave." Dragon 20 "in the Northern Wei period is the essence of the art of calligraphy for, It demonstrates the art of calligraphy, in the Jin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty Lishu Lishu developed on the basis of evolved, fonts Zhuang generous, simple robust, both tone Lishu as well as regular script, "Weibei" representatives in the development of the arts in the history of Chinese calligraphy has a very high status.

  Longmen Grottoes retains a lot of religion, fine arts, calligraphy, music, clothing, medicine, construction and traffic in areas such as foreign real Historical data, so that it can be called for a large stone Museum of Art. Longmen Grottoes Art Research for China's ancient history, especially in sculpture, painting, calligraphy, architecture, costumes, music and dance, design patterns as well as the social climate of the times, and so on, provide a great deal of valuable information.

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Longtan scenic waterfall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan scenic waterfall is only a recent development of new scenic spots in the near future, there are many large and small waterfall, here are local residents and the Government entered into an agreement to develop its own future, so basically advertising has not carried out, thousands of dong here belong to the landscape District and close to the big water park scenic areas, scenic geographic position Relatively good access to strong south-central Hunan Province can be said to be a large group of falls.

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Great Falls Scenic Area Water Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Falls Water Park is located in scenic areas Jiangyong county 11 kilometers north of the 1000 Yaozu Xiang dong, not only in the 98 years, was named the provincial-level scenic zones victory, but also the world's cell Yao's visit to the ancestral roots of the Holy Land, known as the ancient capital of the Yao 1000 Dong. 1000 dong by the upper, middle and lower basins of the three dong, with a total area of 200 square kilometers. Zhou mountains, an average of more than 1000 meters above sea level, there are 8 million of the original forest, only "through an" access only; the territory of Shan You, Lin Shen, Qi-dong, the United States and waterfall, Wen Quan, Yao great style. There has been preserved, "Pan Temple", "home plate sister tomb," "Ping Temple," Yao historical and cultural monuments, the spread of God Moving folklore. Toriyama, the White Mountains, White hole, Shuang Tang Chinese Restaurant, Masan, rock head, the water park falls, grazing golden boy, Tiannvsanhua, Ji sambong snow fairy bridges the natural landscape is charming, like a fairyland , Yao has been hailed as the "Peach Blossom Spring."
Great Falls Water Park is located in King Village after village government from 1000 dong 11.5 km, the Great Falls Water Park is a group of falls, a valley as deep as 2 kilometers, along the way there is dumping of the seven sisters waterfall, a form of a waterfall, a dam a waterfall, a waterfall A King, Duanluofenming, since both into. End-to-Park is the largest water falls. This falls more than 100 meters high, wide 3 M, the four seasons do not dry up, quite spectacular. From a distance, straight from the top down, such as a chain hanging white sky; view of the past, the silver line Si-Si, the vast Baiwu. Falls under a pool, a width of 100 meters. Falls from the top down the impact of pools, spray flying. If the feeling, a sense of breezy, Kim Jong musculoskeletal people. Falls on both sides One out Shitai, such as the shape of two small platform for visitors to watch, and if the falls on both sides of the Shek Pik to watch together, like a great Eagle, fly.

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Yan Yu Guanxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiuyi Shan Yan Zi Xia from the southbound 1, over the Horseshoe Pass on to the rock-Guanxi. Legend has it that Han Ai, some people here have to dig Guanxi-12, dedicated to the imperial court, it got its name.

Added that the sun of high moral character, touched by the Queen Mother of the West, where the Queen Mother will give Guanxi 12 white-sun, named Yu-Guanxi Guanxi-incised rocks next to the "Jiu Yishan," the three characters, each nearly one-word abbot, vigorous cool for thorn in the Southern Song Dynasty, the golden mean Jiading make hand-written Ru Fang.

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Tao Zhu revolution Showroom - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao Zhu, 1908 Health, Hunan Qiyang people. Whampoa Military Academy in 1926, the same year to participate in the Communist Party of China. Participate in the Nanchang Uprising in 1927 and the Guangzhou Uprising. From 1929 to 1933, served successively as secretary of the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee, secretary of the Zhangzhou recorders such as the post of industry and agriculture have established a Taiwanese tour of the Red Army Principal areas of Fujian Province and the People's Armed Forces.

In May 1933 in Shanghai, was arrested by the Kuomintang, the rescue was released from prison in 1937. To Yan'an in 1940, served as the Secretary-General of the Central Military Commission and the General Political Department of the Secretary-General level, and so on. During the War of Liberation, successively as the Chinese provinces of Liaoning, Liaoning-Jilin, Liaoning Province, North Secretary of the Northeast Field Army, political commissar of the Seventh Column. Battle of Tianjin, Beijing into the make-up talks with Fu, after the forces responsible for the adaptation of the uprising and the leadership of the south and the work of missions. After the founding of the PRC, has served as director of the Political Department of Military and South Africa, the South China sub-secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and first secretary of the Board and South Africa, Central Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and the State Council Deputy Prime Minister, the Central Propaganda Department chief, the second and third grade, and other members of the People's Political Consultative Conference. In the Cultural Revolution, was persecuted to death.

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Shun Huang Shan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan Province is located in the territory of East County, the state-level forest parks, nature reserves province. Shun history as a southern tour in to clear streets for the emperor. Shun Huang Shan Pinnacle range upon range of hills, the peak risk, vertical and horizontal waterfall, cave-like Li, mountain, water, stone, Lin Jing-cheng coincidence, rock, Stephen, trees, rattan into a natural interest. Shun Huang Shan main peak of 1882.4 meters above sea level, with a total area of 1 549 hectares, the forest coverage rate to 91.8 percent, at the original 5300 hectares of forest.

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Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningyuan Xian is located at the southern end of Hunan Province, 30 km from the county seat, an all-meng Nanling Mountains of Mountains, in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone.

Jiu Yi Shan is famous the world, "Historical Records? By the Five Emperors of the" record: "Shunnanxunshou, cangwu collapse in the field, buried in southern Jiuyi, Lingling is." China and China Shun Jiuyi ancestor buried on the foot of the mountain.

Jiuyi Shan State Forest Park in July 1992, the Ministry of Forestry approved the setting up of the country. With a total area of 8226.7 ?O, is a forest landscape as the main body, cultural and natural landscape-based forest-tourism, entertainment, rest and convalescence Bishu Cultural Relics and Archeology, practical training, scientific investigation, protection of natural resources in one large-scale multi-functional integrated national forest park.

Jiuyi Shan mountain Gufengtingbo, Jun Qiao and beautiful. 1,000 meters above sea level inside the mountain there are more than 60 seats, 1,500 meters above sea level there are 31 peaks, Waterloo dustpan peak altitude 1959.2m, Hunan is the fourth peak, the minimum altitude for the Department 326.5m, up a vertical height of 1632.7m.

Jiuyi Mountain high-density Lin, Lam bamboo fan, towering old trees, is rich in forest resources, China's forest and plant-rich region. There are natural flora and fauna of the park said. Park forest cover by 86%, in times of the original 5680 hectares of forest, trees up to 596 kinds of Section 87, is a national one, two, three-level protection of 160 kinds of animals and plants, of which Hill Jiuyi owner known as the "one China must "Rare in the world.

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Yongzhou Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as the Confucius Temple, located in the South Ridge East Gate, built in the early Song Jiading the first year (1208), the existing temple for 40 years, Qing Emperor Qianlong (1775) reconstruction.

Department of brick temple, grand-scale, magnificent momentum. Dacheng Hall for the palace-style, glazed red walls, columns dragon and phoenix eaves, carved Realistic image with a history of high artistic value.

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Ping Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongzhou in the north of the city, dihydrate Xiaoxiang convergence, Yongzhou for the well-known scenic spot, since the Tang and Song dynasties, that is, negative reputation. Cijing "Eight Xiaoxiang," one of the "Xiaoxiang on a rainy night", "Eight Yongzhou" in the first, also known as "Ping Chau spring up."

Every spring and summer water rose, an island of Rocky Stone, you might see four , Gu Du yellow, long distant pagoda, Jiang days Temptress Moon, the far-fan, the Homebound Fishermen, Poetry Painting, to make eye. If the island with the ups and downs of water a leaf boat, is putting charm. Xiaoxiao indemnity all over the sky during rain, overnight visitors can island-ping tea in hand to a bed to listen to Jiang Tao, or holding an umbrella Luo walk alone at the River Bank, enjoy the misty Rain brought about by the hazy atmosphere and quiet beauty. At this point every time, the hearts of visitors might irritability are tired of being released into the atmosphere and disappeared, only the picturesque beauty in the eyes start Ruhuan dreamlike feeling in the hearts of minds.

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Long Circular Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Wanli generation Jiashen year (1584), 37.25 meters high tower, simplified the structure of brick, octagonal-shaped plane, the appearance of seven-, five-story inside, hollow tower. Majestic tall and straight, stand tall in Yongzhou Xiaoshui north of the city on the east coast. Yi Ren Qian left for the towers are built with the topic of environmental Lu Yu Shi. The bottom of the door Xingshu amount of "Long Circular pagoda" for the imperial Huguang ask all the right Qian Min Yu Shi Chen by the provincial title, waist tower canopy structure of the brackets to preserve the style of the Song Dynasty architectural legacy for our province one of the important Zhuanta.

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En hospital Fenghe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Chi, also known as the "East Lake", located in the south of Yongzhou door. Tang Qu provincial governor Li Furong has been built in this hall. The old pool Shui Ting, said: "A washing Pavilion", built by the side of the pond leaving Pik. Pool is located south corner, "Tong En Fan," and weeping Gusong Hall of interest into a cross-Ting Xie, Hexiang fragrance in summer, the city-Cheng You-sheng. Blair said " Feng He house "for one of the eight Yongzhou.

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Tourism Yongzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongzhou, located in southern Hunan, at the northern foot Five Ridges, Hunan Guangdong, Guangxi provinces junction area. Yongzhou Gu Chen Lingling, as a result of collapse in southern Shun Ning Jiuyi named after Hill. Suichu Explorer settings Yongzhou government, Yongzhou, Lingling from one to two. Xiaoshui due to the confluence with the Xiang River in the city, Yongzhou since ancient times, said Blair "Xiaoxiang." 1995 1 On approval of the State Council to revoke Lingling area Level to established Yongzhou. Yongzhou dominates nine counties in these two districts. With a total area of 22,400 square kilometers, the population of 5,665,000 people.

  Yongzhou has been through the integration of Xiaoxiang dihydrate, Gu Cheng, "Xiaoxiang." Yongzhou landscape, "Odd, no, insurance, show" with the legend in one beautiful, natural taste and health history and culture all in one, ancient and modern scholars won the Mexican chant of the moment.

  Yongzhou's wild, the beauty of mountains and rivers as well as the odd Karst; has spectacular floor tower of the temple, there are wooden tablets of different wins. Jiuyi Shan's magic Yangmingshan's dangerous, Shunhuang beautiful hills, thousands of miles of ancient Dayaoshan, Yongzhou constitutes a charming natural scenery. Shun and the ancient imperial tombs of the Wu River, Cliff, Ning Confucian Temple, on State Road Rock, Shi Peng, and other ancient sites, jasper is tantamount to Pearl, Sala Yongzhou in the wild, shiny, it is pleasant linger. Xiaoxiang green water, E Jiu Yishan, Yongzhou to the CMV it looks, unique style and a wealth of legends and become the ink to write a different land.

Shun Yi Shan Temple, the imperial history of the "Festival" the Holy Land, "Yao Tianshun Day" through the world of Mao Zedong "on Jiuyi Shan Bai Yunfei, and bringing a better life under the Timor-Cuiwei" Psalm Li, Yi also made nine world-renowned Chinese and foreign. Yangmingshan National Park, "Feng Xiao-feng even in the peak that day, after cutting Green Lotus", Shan Qi, Qi Shu, Qi Quan, Yun-qi, qi Buddha. National key cultural units - the Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets, well-preserved stone Mo Yan has 505, "Moyansanjue" - " Tang Chung Chung Hsing "stone for the world's first Sanjue. Ning Confucian Temple, the national key cultural units, second only to preserve the most complete Confucian Temple in Qufu. County Road on rock, the rock-Hun Park, the hole looking up, looking from the East as "Shang Xianyue", from west to look like, "Xia Xianyue" from the hole, when the blue top, such as Full Moon Garden, named Rock on. "Jiang Yong dong 1000, the birthplace of the Yao in the world, thousands of years, numerous field and moved abroad Yao's first cell constant worship roots here. Jianghua Dayaoshan Trinidad, a beautiful, unique style, live Diaojiao Lou, melon drink Round basket for cooked rice wine, advocates for the natural tourist nirvana.

History Yongzhou is fascinated seekers can explore the land. Tang Dynasty, the famous writer Liu Yongzhou in disgrace 10 years, Habitat, in Yongzhou Jiqing landscape, to write a history of the famous "Eight Yongzhou in mind" and "catch the snake said," and so famous masterpiece; Ouyang Song dynasty literary giant "has been drawing Paul Lingling County today to be better known painting "and the poet Lu You's When Hui-ho Jiangshan have to help, not really Xiaoxiang poem "immortal, and other well-known famous. There are a writer of the Tang Dynasty Yuan Jie," Cao Sheng, "Huai Su, Yan Zhenqing calligrapher, in the Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian, Dashiell Science Zhou, The landscape of Jurists Xu Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty poet, calligrapher Ho Shao-chi, as well as Sima Qian and Li are , KOU Zhun, such as Mi Fu Chronicles Celebrity Yongzhou to leave a great deal of poetry, Ming, paintings, carved cliff, Yongzhou add to the endless charm.

Yongzhou is a book, and its cultural history is very deep. Yu Chan Rock County Road cultural relics unearthed, Yongzhou ancient culture, traditional Chinese text Under the 5,000-year history of the Chinese nation and said that the origin of the Yellow River in the Central Plains, said a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shun cultural group to the latest research results show that: Yongzhou is the world's rice agriculture, and the source of China's ceramics industry source of Chinese civilization and the source of moral, cultural Dashun town.
Shun Culture Liu culture, Yao culture of the Zhou Science, Huai, Ho Shao-chi of the art of calligraphy, as well as the age-old "woman" is Xiaoxiang culture of the Chinese civilization and even the origins of important. Shun open-minded country, meritocracy, Zhou simple materialism and thinking of the "emerge unstained from filth" noble character and sterling integrity, the cursive Huai Uninhibited release, Liu profound pity the people caring and thinking of the "F" in all mysteriously rich treasure house of Chinese culture.

- Shun-sun culture is the originator of the cultural and moral, ethical culture is a culture of sun. Shun is China's first history book "Shang" by opening the central figure in mind Shun link to the life of farming, pottery, and fisheries production activities and Yu Chan Yan archaeological finds of rice, fish and bones Luoqiao pottery, such as deposits, can be certain that Yongzhou Shun was led by his clan engaged in farming, pottery, fishing , And other productive activities. Yongzhou Shun is the ancient civilization and cultural background of the times and rely on space, Shun Yongzhou is ancient cultural links and highlight some of the landmark, is the Yan Emperor Shun farming culture and cultural inheritance and development. "Historical Records" set: "Ming the world, are Yushun from the beginning." Shun the cultural spirit of the soul can be referred to as "Germany first, re-education", the sun is the culture of civilization from barbarism to the turning point of history China culture. Farming culture in order for the cultural connotations of the Yan Emperor, so as to form of government for cultural connotation of the Yellow Emperor's cultural, moral and cultural connotation as the sun culture, together constitute the three milestone in the Chinese culture.
Jiuyi Shan-shun is the culture of the Tibetan fine. "Historical Records" set: "Shunnanxunshou, cangwu collapse in the field, buried Nine South Yi. "Kau Yi in this magical land, Shun left a large number of services for the people moving story, leaving many scholars of the poet You Yuan Yang Yu Jiu Yishan, and miss the good of the community. Huibi generation of Mao Zedong wrote a great man "Jiu Yi Bai Yunfei in the mountains, bringing a better life under the Timor-Cuiwei" magnificent poem, so that Yi renowned Chinese and foreign.
For thousands of years, shun birth to a culture of Yongzhou this beautiful mountains and rivers, and enrich our long history of this ancient civilization. Shun Jiuyi Shan hills across time and space has become an embodiment of national sentiment, encouraging the spirit of the nation's strong ties to become the Chinese Xinchishenwang children and grandchildren, Ye Ling worship St. Hall.
- Ancient rice culture November 18, 1995, archaeological workers in the County Road, Yu Chan rock excavation site, all of a sudden found a piece of unusual calcium cement. When the China Agricultural University, Rice expert Professor Zhang Wenjie open cement, was found embedded inside a yellow Cheng of rice husk. We could not believe their eyes, feel like Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in general joy! Because of the knock, knock the door to the history of Rice, who knocked on the ancient history of difficult to survive! Yan Yu Chan has found that 4 of the rice shell, the determination of the age for the past 10,000 years BC, is the The world's oldest known remains of rice. The big shaking, the origin and development of rice agriculture of the time, all of a sudden from more than 8000 years ago to push?????ago!
Yan Yu Chan, known as the plunging holes, Ma Po Yan, Yan Shou County Road is located in the town of White Danzhai Cun, 16 km from the county seat. Cultural accumulation of caves Keep in good condition and contains a large number from the Old Stone Age to the Neolithic culture and cultural change. In February 1996, County Road, Yu Chan-selected site of the National Archaeological discoveries of the 10 degrees in 2095; in March 2001, Yan Yu Chan site was listed as the 20th century, China 100 major archaeological find one; 2 In July 2001, was approved as a national key cultural unit. Yan Yu Chan, at home and abroad is becoming the scientific community and the focus of attention of historians.
Yan Yu Chan unearthed ancient cultivated rice husk, the new Paleolithic, the cultural relics such as pottery sufficient to show that in Yongzhou?????before maturity will have a relatively primitive agriculture and the original Ceramics, at the time of the ancient ancestors have been here with splendid ancient culture. Yongzhou ancient culture, to the traditional Chinese civilization in the history of the Chinese nation and the next 5,000 years, said the origin of the Yellow River in the Central Plains, said a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shun Culture Research Group released the results of the latest research: Chinese Family history is not "up and down 5,000 years," but 10,000 or even 10,000 years; its traditional source is not talking about the Yellow River and the Central Plains area, but Yongzhou in Hunan Province in the region.
- Culture Liu Liu (773-819), sub-word Thick, east (this Yongji County, Shanxi Province) people. Fok Nine years (793 years) examination. Xiaoshu Lang award, was transferred after the blue Tian Yu, Yu Shi, was promoted to monitor the line. Tang Shun cases of succession (805), Liu Wen Wang to participate in the US-led reform group, after the failure of never being relegated to the status Sima Chau. Ten years later became provincial governor LIU Zhou. LIU Zhou passenger dead.
Yongzhou's down, down 10, Liu This is a major turning point in life. More than 1000 years ago, the bizarre field of Yongzhou Liu created the brilliant literary achievement and mature philosophy, and thousands of years of Yongzhou Liu Qi Wen Yongzhou for the credit to the colorful historical and cultural city. Liu's "eight Yongzhou in mind" has become famous through the ages of Rotten chapter. Liu are worthy of being called a pioneer in Yongzhou history and culture! Who, with his unique political philosophy, philosophy, literature and knowledge, Yongzhou has won deep love and esteem of the people. When you enter the Yongzhou, Liu Zi paid respects to the temple, Liu look for traces of the exotic taste of Yongzhou landscape, you will feel it again Liu thick cultural.
- Yao Yao cultural Yongzhou is an old resident of the nation, Yongzhou This is a colorful encyclopedia of the Yao. Yao has a population of the territory for more than four million, accounting for the National Yao one-fourth of the total population. Their ancestors as early as the Qin and Han period, particularly in the north who Progressive Yellow River, Yangtze River in the vicinity of the Huguang. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing period, a large number of people from Yao and other places south of Nanling continued into the resettlement Jianghua. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yongzhou Ganghwa region, Sun Life, County Road, Ning, the Blue mountain number of mountain people into Yao's settlements.
Yao people "live dangerous mountain," for fear of not climbing , Do not fear Lam into the deep. "No Nanling Hill did not have Yao," China's largest in the South Mountain - hinterland Nanling, Yao has the most concentrated population, the overwhelming majority of Chinese geographical Yao County, the first - Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, there are the mysterious origin Yao - 1000 Jiang Yong dong, left over from the original thousands of years of natural wind Yao and customs ... ...
- Science Culture Zhou (1017-1073) original name was stocky, the Bank said Lianxi, County Road, good for a long time rural people Tin House. Zhou is a founder of Neo-Confucianism, a famous Confucian scholar Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi are his students. Zhou famous essay, "Ms ""??????, Zhuo Qing Lian demon rather than "a lot of people have become well-known inspirational, who created jurisprudence is more far-reaching.
Zhou's hometown, Lian Xi Road Xiaoshui is a tributary, the upper reaches of the magic is a magnificent cave - rock on. Of the Ming Ming Xu sincerely travel home Han Chan-out: "Who Yongnan rock from the most? Road, the first rock on!" It is said that Mr. Lianxi in rocks on reading, silence and calm, and enlightenment. "Wu was on rock," Some people think he is a rock on the moon enlightened profit and loss, and writing, "said Tai Chi Figure", a concept of the body of the universe and the formation and development of the schema.
As , On rock has become a tourist destination. State Road has become all over the world the descendants of Zhou's visit to the ancestral roots of the hot spots.
- Cultural Monument Yongzhou has a long history of cultural monument. Ancient Stone Tablets poetry as much as the Masters, the highest value for Hunan's number one. If the Wu Kai Yuan Jie Sanjue halls to the author, book Yan Zhenqing , Shih as the background to the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang Dynasty"; Liu Zi Temple Church to enjoy after writing on the wall of the Tang Dynasty Han Yu, Su Shu-Dan, Liu Zi celebrate the good, "Lai-monument," Jie Chen in the history of the two "Sanjue "It can be said that in the Forest of Stone Tablets knew masterpiece of rare cultural relics treasures.
Monument is a cultural characteristics of Yongzhou Is the pride of Yongzhou. 14 City of the province to the inclusion of cultural relics in Hunan Province Zhi of the Stone Tablets ages 56, Yongzhou monopoly on 16. Yongzhou in more than 21 provincial-level protection unit, single-stone, there is Cliff Wu River, Chaoyang rock, light rock, rock on, Yang Hua Yan 5. In particular, is the single focus of heritage Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets Cliff, Cliff Tang since there are a total of five stone, involving more than 300 books at home, including access to all the Tang and Song Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Zhuan Li Kai-Cursive all kinds of books. It can be said that Wu into the river, such as entering a temple of the ancient art of calligraphy, so that you are spoiled for choice, away. Yongzhou unique " Culture "has become a land of ancient Xiaoxiang never out of the cultural highlights.
- Women book culture "F" also known as the "F word", is the world's unique female characters in a unique symbol system. For thousands of years, passed only in Jiangyong County of Hunan Province and its neighbors along the women of the Yao , Which rely on the mother-woman-less, passed down from generation to generation. "F" in the history of mankind is a unique and wonderful culture, is also a very ancient roots, since they involve quite extensive information content is very rich cultural phenomenon.
In 1983, Jiang found that "female" news to the world after the publication of Caused a sensation. Experts and scholars at home and abroad have in-depth study Jiang Yong, study, explore. In recent years, Yongzhou active implementation of the rescue and protection of women and cultural books, book culture through the construction of village women, the female book-building museum, women organizations to develop crafts books, book the development of cultural industries women, women keep the book culture, carry forward Great.
- Cursive culture Huai Su (725-785) possession of the word truth, Su Xing Qian, Lingling County (now Yongzhou) people. Huai at the age of 7 to 20 west county Lingling Village outside the "Temple Church Book" for the monks, outside the east gate to the post of "Green Um-day" Monk. Calligraphy at an early age have a strong Fun, Zen, calligraphy hard. Lianzi without money to buy paper, in an open space next to the temple under the many kinds of banana, banana leaf paper on behalf of the Lianzi, as a result of its name as Om, "Green days Om" (in this high-Zhi Shanqu Yongzhou Temple posterior). After a long hard acquired, piles of bald pen, Yamashita buried, fine-sounding name, "Tsukamoto pen." There are next to the pond, Chang Yan-washing Black, called "ink tank." Assessment of their predecessors calligraphy, Zhang Xu succession of strokes, and the development of the so-called "in Britain following the mad" and that "Britain Chang-drunk," he's cursive calligraphy of the great influence on later generations. If his words Xingyunliushui, Li Bai had a poem: "The script that the world is the only solution."
After the death of the Huai, Lingling in a tower built for him. According to Qingxiu "Lingling historical records," records, the tower in the county outside the east gate of Lingling, his descendants will Kebei cursive, in order to purchase kiosk. Yongzhou are the days of the Green Um, the Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets, high temple ruins are left of the Huai. Yongzhou Huai existing works "dry text word monument", "Rui Shi Tie", 8 Autumn Moods "and so on, are treasures of Chinese calligraphy.

Yongzhou coastal mainland, the mainland's frontier, is the direct Guangdong and Guangxi, Hunan, the two South (Hainan, southwest) and the main channel in Hong Kong and Macao. Hunan, Guangxi, the east-west railway, 322 National Highway, State Road 207 and Highway 9 in the territory of China Wrong. Yongzhou Airport has opened in Changsha, Haikou route. Heng Kun highway, Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway and the railway in Hunan, Guangxi, in the urban areas to form a new railway hub. Planning is expensive (yang)-fu (state) to the railway running through the middle Yongzhou.

In recent years, Yongzhou city in order to adhere to the development of Subject to restructuring as the main line, and vigorously promote the industrialization of agriculture, industrialization, urbanization, economic strength increased. 2004 gross domestic product 32,781,000,000 yuan. Yongzhou economic development and urban construction has achieved great success, for a friend at home and abroad to invest in Yongzhou the increasingly well-cast The environment, expand the broader areas of cooperation.

In the new century, Yongzhou city party committee and government made great efforts to develop eco-environmental benefits of the strategic concept-based economy. Yongzhou is to be built into beautiful scenery and good ecological, economic prosperity and affluence of the people of the modern eco - Garden City, at home and abroad to become a real impact on the real "Xiaoxiang beautiful." "Five-Year Plan" period, shape environmentally friendly eco-economy basic framework. The new strategic concept and development, as China is bound to the process of economic integration into the world of accelerating, with the unique advantages Yongzhou Yongzhou to create a more splendid future.

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Le-Hua Xiang farm tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaxiang Yiyang farm is located in Heshan District tourist area Lok Wong Sin Bee Leng Hu Xiang, Yiyang City from the 6.5 km city, the capital was surrounded by water and Chi River.
?? ?? Sally Bee Ridge is the famous town to the Fair. As early as the 1990s, Sally Bee Ridge senior who set the wisdom and experience, flower seedling production Pei. So far the development of more than 300 flower, 1600 hectares of flower nurseries, more than 1700 varieties. Tourism in the region are farmers music business 28 households, of which there are distinctive characteristics Yangmei Hill, Li Jiazhuang, Wangjiang Park, the riverbank spring, as well as natural attractions such as Tower.

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Zhexi Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhexi located in the scenic town in the territory Zhe Anhua County, 10 km from the county seat. As the "Hunan Ruby" Zhexi Hydropower Station was built in the town area.
Inside the area in mainly low-Hill, the white mountains and rivers, lakes were based, together with some of the surrounding scenery, cultural and geological heritage, the formation of a comprehensive A tourist destination.
Scenic charming scenery, natural landscape: Pinghu Der Spiegel, Sungai counterparts, Liema back, wearing a crane a hundred days, a hundred crane falls, the sun Island, to fly on the island, Shan Sheng Di clouds, love rock, Lin Haitao, such as Voice of 45, Human landscape: pay homage to their de l'Orangerie, Dasan's Paradise, Villa Resort, Hong shed water tankers, Folk Village, and other dissolved 22. Biological Landscape: The Golden Rooster, colorful golden pheasant, thrush, starling, pangolins, civet cats, and so on more than 20 kinds of Wawa Yu, the landscape has its own style and taste, highly ornamental. Poetry in particular the remaining 6 million years ago, the moraine, the world's rare.

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North Forest Park-san - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North-san Forest Park located in the southeastern city of Taishan hometown of overseas Chinese, Gudoushan the mountains, even tight Gudoushan provincial nature reserve. 12 km away from the urban area of southern Guangdong, with a hundred King City, one of Taiwan's Shi Huashan, Taishan, one of the Ancient Eight slate pencil-san North Lake runs through together and become a regional Taishan distinctive green brigade Landscape.
Park operators with a total area of 15,000 mu, according to forestry experts, the initial investigation, 986 kinds of vascular plants in the park, in which state protection of rare and endangered wild plants lychee, wild tea tree, four-door medicine, and other 14 kinds of flowers: state protection of rare and endangered There are 22 kinds of animals, of which Home pythons are a protected species, Jin Qiangui two. Park as a result of altitude 922 meters high peak bottle main peak, Mount Fuji in Japan similar to build, experts have been called "Taishan Mount Fuji."

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Yuanjiang ? ? Oriental Venice - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongting Lake is located in Yuanjiang-bin, the characteristics of the landscape as a "third of the field embankment third of the Island, a third of the water dome." 26 municipal township courts, district offices, with a total area of 2177 square kilometers with a total population of 740,000.
Yuanjiang city in 522 AD in home county (said Medicine County). October 1988 County to the city. Yuanjiang City Lakes have excellent geographical and resource advantages-called "land of fish and rice", rich in agriculture and grain, cotton, fish, citrus, such as reeds; industry has taken shape in paper, textile, chemical, food, machinery and so on the five pillar industries; The rapid development of infrastructure. Dongting Lake Township obvious characteristics, the magnificent scenery-ming , In the city in 1986 by the State Council as the first opening of the inland tourist cities. Yuanjiang City Department of the State of the important commodity grain, fish, Ma, reed production base and high standard plain green pilot counties (cities) in one of the richest man in Hunan Province in 1986 into the counties (cities) in the ranks.

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Long Park will be - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Park will be located in the southwest district of Yiyang City Council Yongsan, covers an area of 18,600 square meters, Pinnacle, which rise amid the surrounding, towering old trees, shade tree-lined, winding streets, is a natural botanical gardens, collection of historic and modern landscape architecture In one.

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Taojiang ? ? bamboo town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taojiang County early years as a result of a well-known musician Mr. Li Jinhui, "Little Peach Blossom River Waterloo" and renowned Chinese and foreign. The county was in the mid-80 approval of the State Council for opening to the outside world county, after the national mountain development as a demonstration county, Forestry and named "China Bamboo Town."

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Zhu Yin-ting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taojiang people love bamboo, bamboo-zhen, bamboo fans, it is a time to love bamboo Yinshizuofu, so Citing building. Zhu Yin-ting is located in the hills. A long-term perspective, the concept of bamboo poetry, do not have a flavor. Legend has it that the Qing Dynasty poet has to Yin Zheng Banqiao Zhuting, is pleased to Yin Shi Yishou: "Ya Qi Xiao Xiao listen to the bamboo bed, the suffering of the people is the voice of the suspect; small-wu History counties, a total leaf clearance situation. "

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