Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Po Chu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po Chu-House Museum is located in the outskirts of the city of Luoyang and happy Lion Bridge Township Village, an area of 80 acres, according to the layout of the entire east of the Tang Dynasty are the "field" Square-shaped street in the construction of the library's former home has Po Chu, Po Chu Memorial Hall, Lotte Park, the centers of Po Chu and Tang Culture amusement park, the Tang-style malls, such as construction. Therefore, Po Chu-i For the northern half of the residential areas, mainly for the southern half of the garden and the lake, the entire layout to reproduce the original appearance. Po Chu Memorial Hall is a Tang-style architecture, the Library has a poet's statue and display of his life, literature and calligraphy, murals, and so on, pay is a poet of the main venues. Lotte Park is based on the Po Chu Masterpieces such as "pipa", such as poetry and the construction of the garden. Po Chu-academic centers for domestic and foreign experts, scholars and research activities. Tang culture amusement park in accordance with the customs of the Tang Dynasty established a polo field, such as the Chengji entertainment field. Tang-style malls for shopping offers visitors a variety of services.

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