Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yuanjiang ? ? Oriental Venice - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongting Lake is located in Yuanjiang-bin, the characteristics of the landscape as a "third of the field embankment third of the Island, a third of the water dome." 26 municipal township courts, district offices, with a total area of 2177 square kilometers with a total population of 740,000.
Yuanjiang city in 522 AD in home county (said Medicine County). October 1988 County to the city. Yuanjiang City Lakes have excellent geographical and resource advantages-called "land of fish and rice", rich in agriculture and grain, cotton, fish, citrus, such as reeds; industry has taken shape in paper, textile, chemical, food, machinery and so on the five pillar industries; The rapid development of infrastructure. Dongting Lake Township obvious characteristics, the magnificent scenery-ming , In the city in 1986 by the State Council as the first opening of the inland tourist cities. Yuanjiang City Department of the State of the important commodity grain, fish, Ma, reed production base and high standard plain green pilot counties (cities) in one of the richest man in Hunan Province in 1986 into the counties (cities) in the ranks.

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