Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mengjin County in the good old urban and rural East Village and a half kilometers southeast of Mangshan Xu Ling Cui Yunshan North Banpo, is the use of a slope into the ditch on the ground there is construction of the cave and a Taoist temple. Beautiful scenery here, Beitiao the Yellow River, looking south Shouyangshan Shun Temple, the East has Yi, Shu Qi Ma Jian Zu deduction, the West has Limi alcohol Taiwan. Baiyun Temple founder of the original, Sheng Mudian, Laojun Dian, the Jade Emperor Temple, were dismantled after the liberation. In 1988, near the site of the men and women to raise funds in the reconstruction of the Yu Huangdian, three out of five dark, Danyanxieshan, glazed tile, Red Gate Hong Zhu, a pair of trees in the very Nai Kan. According to chisel things cliff cave more than 10 holes dedicated to popular belief gods. Yamashita There Kowloon Tang Temple and the Temple are destroyed. There are scattered within view of several stone-Qing Dynasty. Baiyun the first month, the temple has 15.

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