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Lin Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Luoyang in accordance with the North-Lin Guan Tang Old City, south Longmen Grottoes, Luo Long Road to the west, and a clean water east Yiyi, at home and abroad as one of the three major temple customs. China is the only mass graves, temples, Lin Si-three-in-one of the ancient classical architecture.

Guan Lin Guan Yu Houzang as a result of the first and most famous the world. Wanli next 20 years (159 ), The customs of the Han Dynasty in the temple on the site, the expansion into an area of more than 180 acres, four Jinyuan Luo, more than 150 temples temple, more than 1,000 strains of Calocedrus Kwan Lin Temple. Wu Li at the square, "Kam future" old "visual Dengying, then the rise and fall of" lies; in the separation of the Ming Dynasty stone lions on either side of the door, and Jiu Jiu squat, with awe-inspiring The violations can be dignified, very feudal means that the door inlaid with 81 gold doornail, embodies the lofty status of Kuan Lin Guan Yu and behind the glory; an instrument doors weighing about 3,000 jin of the Iron Lion, the Ming Dynasty is a devout men and women worship Guan Gong's legacy, although containing more than 400 experienced ups and downs, still with solemn-wai; The door, "Yang Wei Liuhe" important for the Empress Dowager Cixi-pen, dignified and heavy, precious; connected instrument and door Baidian access to the lions at home and abroad customs unique to the temple, carved stone lions capitals-104, a hundred per cent Lions Change in the lively round, the stone is no stiff feeling, Qian Long on behalf of the Central Plains during the stone art of the highest achievements. Lin Guan is located 7 kilometers south of Luoyang old Guan Zhen. Legend has it that this is the burial of the three countries will Guan Yu Shu head. Wanli next 24 years (1596) Parker Zhi temple was built, when the Qing Emperor Qianlong to expand the form of this scale. Lin Guan covers an area of mu, temples Gallery veranda more than 150. Tablets of the existing 70 , Shihfang 4, the size of lions, more than 110 iron lion statue, Cooper more than 800 trees, a statue more than 10 human body, Metella l Block. Takashi Tsukamoto monument, the grand Hall of the word, Cooper verdant and luxuriant, elegant Li-wei.

Lin Guan layout, showing the typical characteristics of Chinese ancient architecture, the main building are located in central axis, Meeting for the dance floor, door, door-yee, connected, Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple III, Shihfang, octagonal, for the last Sekizuka. Building the park as a whole to build high-rise significantly, Diaolianghuadong, cornices flow Dan, the eventual momentum. High monument of mass graves, the wind around cigarettes, Cooper thousand chapter. In a hall with wearing robes, wearing twelve tassel Wang Mian Guan Yu's seated beside him also want to seal the son of peaceful customs of the knife-wielding Zhou Cang Li-like. There are behind Zhang Fei Temple and Hall of the Five Tigers, and so on. Here, many people can not only hear about the legend of Guan Yu magic, you can feel the unique charm of Guan Gong traditional virtue of the lucky ones, can also see the annual "oriental culture You root and China Luoyang Lin Guan ceremony of the international pilgrims, "the grand occasion.

Guan Yu is the only to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and teach respect of the three historical figures, the three countries is when General Shu, also known as Guan Yunchang (AD 160 ? 219). Legend of the killing of Guan Yu Sun Quan, head of its dedicated Cao Cao, Cao Then buried his head Lin Guan. Guan Yu life, and fierce loyalty to see that. Since ancient times, people as K-Swiss his hero worship as a god. For thousands of years, Lin Kwan has been attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Lin Guan Department is to preserve the integrity of ancient buildings, the central axis from south to north in order Dance floor, door, door-yee, Shilan connected board, platform, Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple III, stone arches, Beiting, Metella, and so on. Symmetrical on both sides of the stands a clock tower, drum tower, marble pillar, the furnace burning incense, and the side hall in a palace gallery, and so on.

  The main outside the building, including the construction of the high-profile dance floor, the Sam Hill Road, hard-top of the door Miriam door-Juan Peng Bai Dian, the main hall, the Second Temple, the Temple three, Bei Ting, stone arches, drum tower, and so on; in the hall between the doors and instrument, a repair plate connected Shilan, steeplechase between the stigma all hope Carved lion head for a total 104, different posture, vivid image; Hall after three Shihfang built, the problem is the amount of "Hanshou Tinghou tomb of the" five words Promenade to build the temple in the East and West on both sides of the house, on display inside the stone unearthed in Luoyang history, fine Epitaph, is to study the art of stone valuable information.

  Dance floor and the door to the relative Lin Guan, Qianlong Dynasty 1967 (1791), the plane is a convex shape for the high-profile building, the roof and hard to Xie Shan Shan , Cleverly designed like a pavilion Zhong Yan, a magnificent view, our country can be called a typical construction stage.

  5-room door hardware Hill Road 3-building, in front of the white marble lion 1 on the existing Luoyang is the largest in the Ming Dynasty stone lions. Mun-yee was Kuanmiao the door of the Ming Dynasty and Qing expansion of the instrument when the door read, Li Tie for the Lions before the Luoyang rare. Shilan board and the platform is based on the imperial palace built system. Wang stigma on the small total of 104 stone lions, different attitude, life.

  Baidian Pengding volume of 5-room building in the Ming Dynasty, when Ye is a ritual worship places. Temple in the middle of Emperor Qianlong, the Empress of the book pro-Bian Lian, West To erect a 35 m high of Guan Yu machetes. Baidian connected with the main hall, Miankuo 7, into the deep 3, about 20 meters high with a total area of 700 square meters, is the largest construction Lin Guan. Dianding veranda, glazed tile, Yan Jiao will be decorated with God, the golden bell hanging to the mills barriers. Yan Xia ornate brackets, while the rich carved window. On both sides of the main entrance of the wood has three Taoyuan Yi, 13, and other Sangumaolu story.

  Lin Guan hall is the most magnificent architecture, Miankuo 7, into the deep 3, about 20 meters high, with a total area of 760 square meters. Dianding veranda, glazed tile covered ridge Wang Li-five, six animal-Wu Yang, cornices brackets, Zhu Ying Wai-chu; decorated with four Yanjiao Pang Juan, Han Luo, Zhou Yu will be the four gods, golden bell hanging to the mills barriers. Snappers hall 3, Long spent Toudiao. The main entrance hall, a wooden relief map Guan Gong story: Taoyuan three-knot justice,?????, Shuiyanqijun, Sangumaolu, Single attend the meeting, Jin Pao pick, off Yan Liang, Wen Chou to punish such as a total of 12, there are two Lung-chu opera, drama Phoenix Dan, Long Feng, and other patterns show, carved works fine, wonderful composition.

  Second Temple is a five-room building Dianding veranda. Plastic front hall, "Guan Yu Soochow glower as uniform," Guan Yu Zhang Ran float in the air, dignified and majestic, Guan Ping An Jian on the left and right on the knife-wielding Zhou Cang. There are pre-painted Yan Xia Yan Liang cut, to punish Kong XO, Xiahou Dun World War II, ancient Will chart the story, and so on. There are painted above the back door, "Cao Cao Huarong Gorge", "Soochow dinner", "Pound water war" story reflects the image of Guan Yu Shan Zhan valiant history of the screen.

  Three of the five-room Hall of the hard-Hill Construction, a smaller scale, also known as "Qindian." Yan Xia Temple "three war LUI Bo," " Jingzhou Town, "" War Changsha "3 large-scale map story. Fang ago, there are small stories Figure 9. Diaocheng brackets are leading the head, decorated with brilliant color anomaly.

  Sekizuka were in the rear, 10 meters high, covers an area of 250 square meters, the plane made octagonal. Grave door to the south there. Legend has it that Guan Yu head buried here Inside. There are Lin Stele before the graves, 4.8 meters high, the top part of a tablet title of "tablets Chi Feng", Dong Bei Yin for Atsuyuki Suozhuan "line is Guanshengdijun titles tablets", which reads the life of Guan Yu, as well as titles, the temple was built.

  Lin Guan there in front of a pair of stone lions, high-2.7 meters, in order to work in the Ming Dynasty. Miriam front of the iron A pair of heavy more than three thousand jin is cast in the Ming Dynasty; Baidian hanging at the eastern end of a big iron bell in the Ming Dynasty, erected at both ends of the plume-related machete; in the middle of Emperor Qianlong, the Empress pro book reads; Baidian ago on the platform, to place Ming dynasty vase iron couple.

Guandi plane for the octagonal-shaped mound, 10 meters high, covers an area of 250 square meters, outside the building Wall. Otsuka before the stone 4.8 meters high, fell under the turtle, there are Diaolong the first monument, the amount of Title IX Zhuanshu stacked "tablets Chi Feng", is addressed to the Emperor Kang Xi Guan Gong tablets by additional titles. Beiting care for the whole octagonal-shaped wooden structure for the slope from all directions Xieshan Ding, Fang Chuan brackets staggered Goulian, to build a Kit Kat, a unique, is the architecture of the Qing Dynasty pavilion Model. Beiting the legislation before the Ming Dynasty stone for stone, and the case of St. Paul, the 10-meter high stone arch, and 6 meters wide, 3 door, the problem is the amount of the "Tomb of Hanshou Tinghou" 5 words.

Lin Guan has been zoned as Luoyang Museum of Ancient Art-stroke. The temple on both sides of the corridor up to 90 meters, respectively showroom Epitaph tablets, stone works of art on display . A total of collections on display ancient tablets, Epitaph, the stone works of art close to 2000, reflects the ancient art of stone carving style. Especially the Eastern Han Dynasty stone evil spirits, the Northern Wei Sheng Xian portrait of the sarcophagus, the Sui Dynasty stone lions, and so on, are rare treasures. Stone Tablets, Epitaph nearly 1000, many of which relate to major historical events and ancient To historical figures, make up all the history, the history of the value of the card can be described as a "rock history", as well as the high value of the art of calligraphy.

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