Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ping Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongzhou in the north of the city, dihydrate Xiaoxiang convergence, Yongzhou for the well-known scenic spot, since the Tang and Song dynasties, that is, negative reputation. Cijing "Eight Xiaoxiang," one of the "Xiaoxiang on a rainy night", "Eight Yongzhou" in the first, also known as "Ping Chau spring up."

Every spring and summer water rose, an island of Rocky Stone, you might see four , Gu Du yellow, long distant pagoda, Jiang days Temptress Moon, the far-fan, the Homebound Fishermen, Poetry Painting, to make eye. If the island with the ups and downs of water a leaf boat, is putting charm. Xiaoxiao indemnity all over the sky during rain, overnight visitors can island-ping tea in hand to a bed to listen to Jiang Tao, or holding an umbrella Luo walk alone at the River Bank, enjoy the misty Rain brought about by the hazy atmosphere and quiet beauty. At this point every time, the hearts of visitors might irritability are tired of being released into the atmosphere and disappeared, only the picturesque beauty in the eyes start Ruhuan dreamlike feeling in the hearts of minds.

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