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Luopu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luopu Park was established in May 1997, was basically completed by the end of 2002. Luopu River Park is built in accordance with the cross-century ecological project in Luoyang, Luoyang City is the city's ecological zone, also in the city of Luoyang East and West axis. Luopu River Park across both sides of the north-south of Luoyang City in five areas, with a total area of nearly 12,000,000 Ping Meters. Set embankment, embankment order, Tong beach, river together, the financial landscape, landscape architecture, landscape, cultural landscape into a furnace for large-scale open park, with the exception of public open space to meet, watch, leisure, Chen Lian, etc. Functional requirements, it is also a popular science for education, environmental education and awareness of green To the base and at the same time, the drainage of flood control, climate regulation of the city, improve the urban ecological environment, improve the quality of life of residents and promote economic and social sustainable development plays an important role.

Park Luopu types of trees planted nearly 200 varieties of more than 30 million trees, shrubs, 20 More than 10,000, more than 300 peony varieties and more than 20 million trees, more than 230 million square meters of green space, so that the formation of Luopu Park on the north shore of the scenic areas, the south bank of King, the river surface area. Large areas of green space and wide integration of the natural surface, showing the clear water, blue sky, tree, grass-green flowers Yan natural ecological effects. On the north shore of scenic spots: Xiyuan two kilometers west to the eastern section of the mouth of a total of 14 km Chan, has completed a 45-meter wide green, 3-meter wide green belt, 15.5 m wide green slope above and 15 meters wide greenbelt; 14 Km long, 8.5 meters wide flood control road, 12 kilometers of anti-wave wall, more than 30 km Within the park road, 10 more than the way for admission; the construction of water supply, electricity, lighting, drainage, communication facilities. Xiyuan in Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi, modern gardening practices to adapt to the building of 30 young people, children, elderly people of different age groups, and other activities of the square, groups of 30 aircraft pavilion Gallery, 10 special type of garden plants A lot of garden pieces: six different form of public toilets and management of the room; the West entrance to the building of giant birds Luopu shape of the west gate of the park, such as fighting the bird fly, the moral of Luoyang's economic take-off; there are both within and outside the West entrance to the square and Garden, with a total area of over 40,000 square meters; Luopu in the park at the entrance to the building of Jianhe 225 meters long, 72 meters wide of the Rainbow Bridge - Block; the west side of the building in Luoyang Qiao Luopu the park east Duan Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi Xiyuan doors and more than 30,000 square meters inside and outside the square, square building with music fountain, granite light Column, enjoy the cool air on this summer night, enjoy the colorful side of the water fountain attitude, listening to music on the side of the Music. East gate of the majestic city of Luoyang has become a landmark building.

Luoyang Qiao Chan to the estuary area to the north shore of the eastern section of the historical and cultural district in the area he has tulo book, pour searching all summer, rain Shang Wang, History of UNITA, Kyushu Ding Ding, Luo Plaza, Imperial College of the Eastern Han, Zhang Heng three Miriam, Cai Lun Paper Jian strength of character, Luoyangzhigui, Si Yi Village Hall, Li and Du meet, engraving and printing to reflect the ancient capital of Luoyang North Korea 13 major historical events and important historical figures of 14 historical and cultural square, with gardens and small-scale pavement, sculpture, tablets showed Luoyang The rich cultural history, art and gardens to achieve a cultural calendar The United States combined. At the same time, the building of the Luo Yuan, Xiao Yue Yuen, Kyushu constellation Square, the Palace garden Yang, the autumn wind park. The whole area on the north shore of Green Belt to form a multi-level and all-round, a strong contrast, the seasonal changes in the rich rhythm with a beautiful landscape of the strip.

South Bank area: the construction of 12 km 40 m wide green, evergreen to deciduous trees and dense forest-based film-sik, to 200-300 meters plant community groups to form a large group, color, scattered high and low, rich natural Wild, changes in the Skyline Green abundant Effect. At the same time, according to Luopu construction of a park South Bank of the West from Peony Bridge, east to Luoyang Qiao Nanti from the North River, Luo Yi Road, south of the country acres of gardens, a historical and cultural basis of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the peony culture to the main content of thousands of peony plants scattered high and low, mountain stones Pinnacle, into Tingtailouxie Hui's Garden State, Luopu Park for the south bank of the scenic beauty of the landscape added. Scenic river water: After the dredging of the river, governance, one after another in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, the Shenyang palace built on the same park, Luo Yuan Shan four weeks and rubber dam, 600 meters - 800 meters Wide, covering an area of more than 900 million square meters of the four water The formation of the water park Luopu the blue sky and beautiful landscape, the city of Luoyang in regulating climate played an important role in flood control capacity of the River so that 20 years from once to a return period of 100 years.

Luopu park is built, so that the former garbage dump, the "river of sewage" into the road open, tree-lined, Shop grass, clear-sky blue, Wan Yu Xiang Jing, man and nature live in harmony with the landscape garden, a reproduction of "the world of heavy Luoyang Park" Shengjing achieved good social and environmental benefits, said the people of Luoyang The "public works", "project merit," every bolt tens of thousands of people to this entertainment, Hugh , Exercise, fishing. Luopu Park project to build the city's green heart, to set up a green channel, formed the city's ecological axis, led the city's major readjustment of the structure of the present Luoyang has formed a Luopu Park for the axis, the North-South cross-strait development of the new symmetrical pattern. We believe that Luopu ecological benefits arising from the Park Economic and social benefits, will promote the sustainable development of the city of Luoyang.

At the same time, the use of the park to its own advantages, take Green's works, large-scale festive celebration of color, flowers Zubai, and other businesses are welcome to contact to discuss business.

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