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Tourism Yongzhou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongzhou, located in southern Hunan, at the northern foot Five Ridges, Hunan Guangdong, Guangxi provinces junction area. Yongzhou Gu Chen Lingling, as a result of collapse in southern Shun Ning Jiuyi named after Hill. Suichu Explorer settings Yongzhou government, Yongzhou, Lingling from one to two. Xiaoshui due to the confluence with the Xiang River in the city, Yongzhou since ancient times, said Blair "Xiaoxiang." 1995 1 On approval of the State Council to revoke Lingling area Level to established Yongzhou. Yongzhou dominates nine counties in these two districts. With a total area of 22,400 square kilometers, the population of 5,665,000 people.

  Yongzhou has been through the integration of Xiaoxiang dihydrate, Gu Cheng, "Xiaoxiang." Yongzhou landscape, "Odd, no, insurance, show" with the legend in one beautiful, natural taste and health history and culture all in one, ancient and modern scholars won the Mexican chant of the moment.

  Yongzhou's wild, the beauty of mountains and rivers as well as the odd Karst; has spectacular floor tower of the temple, there are wooden tablets of different wins. Jiuyi Shan's magic Yangmingshan's dangerous, Shunhuang beautiful hills, thousands of miles of ancient Dayaoshan, Yongzhou constitutes a charming natural scenery. Shun and the ancient imperial tombs of the Wu River, Cliff, Ning Confucian Temple, on State Road Rock, Shi Peng, and other ancient sites, jasper is tantamount to Pearl, Sala Yongzhou in the wild, shiny, it is pleasant linger. Xiaoxiang green water, E Jiu Yishan, Yongzhou to the CMV it looks, unique style and a wealth of legends and become the ink to write a different land.

Shun Yi Shan Temple, the imperial history of the "Festival" the Holy Land, "Yao Tianshun Day" through the world of Mao Zedong "on Jiuyi Shan Bai Yunfei, and bringing a better life under the Timor-Cuiwei" Psalm Li, Yi also made nine world-renowned Chinese and foreign. Yangmingshan National Park, "Feng Xiao-feng even in the peak that day, after cutting Green Lotus", Shan Qi, Qi Shu, Qi Quan, Yun-qi, qi Buddha. National key cultural units - the Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets, well-preserved stone Mo Yan has 505, "Moyansanjue" - " Tang Chung Chung Hsing "stone for the world's first Sanjue. Ning Confucian Temple, the national key cultural units, second only to preserve the most complete Confucian Temple in Qufu. County Road on rock, the rock-Hun Park, the hole looking up, looking from the East as "Shang Xianyue", from west to look like, "Xia Xianyue" from the hole, when the blue top, such as Full Moon Garden, named Rock on. "Jiang Yong dong 1000, the birthplace of the Yao in the world, thousands of years, numerous field and moved abroad Yao's first cell constant worship roots here. Jianghua Dayaoshan Trinidad, a beautiful, unique style, live Diaojiao Lou, melon drink Round basket for cooked rice wine, advocates for the natural tourist nirvana.

History Yongzhou is fascinated seekers can explore the land. Tang Dynasty, the famous writer Liu Yongzhou in disgrace 10 years, Habitat, in Yongzhou Jiqing landscape, to write a history of the famous "Eight Yongzhou in mind" and "catch the snake said," and so famous masterpiece; Ouyang Song dynasty literary giant "has been drawing Paul Lingling County today to be better known painting "and the poet Lu You's When Hui-ho Jiangshan have to help, not really Xiaoxiang poem "immortal, and other well-known famous. There are a writer of the Tang Dynasty Yuan Jie," Cao Sheng, "Huai Su, Yan Zhenqing calligrapher, in the Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian, Dashiell Science Zhou, The landscape of Jurists Xu Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty poet, calligrapher Ho Shao-chi, as well as Sima Qian and Li are , KOU Zhun, such as Mi Fu Chronicles Celebrity Yongzhou to leave a great deal of poetry, Ming, paintings, carved cliff, Yongzhou add to the endless charm.

Yongzhou is a book, and its cultural history is very deep. Yu Chan Rock County Road cultural relics unearthed, Yongzhou ancient culture, traditional Chinese text Under the 5,000-year history of the Chinese nation and said that the origin of the Yellow River in the Central Plains, said a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shun cultural group to the latest research results show that: Yongzhou is the world's rice agriculture, and the source of China's ceramics industry source of Chinese civilization and the source of moral, cultural Dashun town.
Shun Culture Liu culture, Yao culture of the Zhou Science, Huai, Ho Shao-chi of the art of calligraphy, as well as the age-old "woman" is Xiaoxiang culture of the Chinese civilization and even the origins of important. Shun open-minded country, meritocracy, Zhou simple materialism and thinking of the "emerge unstained from filth" noble character and sterling integrity, the cursive Huai Uninhibited release, Liu profound pity the people caring and thinking of the "F" in all mysteriously rich treasure house of Chinese culture.

- Shun-sun culture is the originator of the cultural and moral, ethical culture is a culture of sun. Shun is China's first history book "Shang" by opening the central figure in mind Shun link to the life of farming, pottery, and fisheries production activities and Yu Chan Yan archaeological finds of rice, fish and bones Luoqiao pottery, such as deposits, can be certain that Yongzhou Shun was led by his clan engaged in farming, pottery, fishing , And other productive activities. Yongzhou Shun is the ancient civilization and cultural background of the times and rely on space, Shun Yongzhou is ancient cultural links and highlight some of the landmark, is the Yan Emperor Shun farming culture and cultural inheritance and development. "Historical Records" set: "Ming the world, are Yushun from the beginning." Shun the cultural spirit of the soul can be referred to as "Germany first, re-education", the sun is the culture of civilization from barbarism to the turning point of history China culture. Farming culture in order for the cultural connotations of the Yan Emperor, so as to form of government for cultural connotation of the Yellow Emperor's cultural, moral and cultural connotation as the sun culture, together constitute the three milestone in the Chinese culture.
Jiuyi Shan-shun is the culture of the Tibetan fine. "Historical Records" set: "Shunnanxunshou, cangwu collapse in the field, buried Nine South Yi. "Kau Yi in this magical land, Shun left a large number of services for the people moving story, leaving many scholars of the poet You Yuan Yang Yu Jiu Yishan, and miss the good of the community. Huibi generation of Mao Zedong wrote a great man "Jiu Yi Bai Yunfei in the mountains, bringing a better life under the Timor-Cuiwei" magnificent poem, so that Yi renowned Chinese and foreign.
For thousands of years, shun birth to a culture of Yongzhou this beautiful mountains and rivers, and enrich our long history of this ancient civilization. Shun Jiuyi Shan hills across time and space has become an embodiment of national sentiment, encouraging the spirit of the nation's strong ties to become the Chinese Xinchishenwang children and grandchildren, Ye Ling worship St. Hall.
- Ancient rice culture November 18, 1995, archaeological workers in the County Road, Yu Chan rock excavation site, all of a sudden found a piece of unusual calcium cement. When the China Agricultural University, Rice expert Professor Zhang Wenjie open cement, was found embedded inside a yellow Cheng of rice husk. We could not believe their eyes, feel like Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in general joy! Because of the knock, knock the door to the history of Rice, who knocked on the ancient history of difficult to survive! Yan Yu Chan has found that 4 of the rice shell, the determination of the age for the past 10,000 years BC, is the The world's oldest known remains of rice. The big shaking, the origin and development of rice agriculture of the time, all of a sudden from more than 8000 years ago to push?????ago!
Yan Yu Chan, known as the plunging holes, Ma Po Yan, Yan Shou County Road is located in the town of White Danzhai Cun, 16 km from the county seat. Cultural accumulation of caves Keep in good condition and contains a large number from the Old Stone Age to the Neolithic culture and cultural change. In February 1996, County Road, Yu Chan-selected site of the National Archaeological discoveries of the 10 degrees in 2095; in March 2001, Yan Yu Chan site was listed as the 20th century, China 100 major archaeological find one; 2 In July 2001, was approved as a national key cultural unit. Yan Yu Chan, at home and abroad is becoming the scientific community and the focus of attention of historians.
Yan Yu Chan unearthed ancient cultivated rice husk, the new Paleolithic, the cultural relics such as pottery sufficient to show that in Yongzhou?????before maturity will have a relatively primitive agriculture and the original Ceramics, at the time of the ancient ancestors have been here with splendid ancient culture. Yongzhou ancient culture, to the traditional Chinese civilization in the history of the Chinese nation and the next 5,000 years, said the origin of the Yellow River in the Central Plains, said a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shun Culture Research Group released the results of the latest research: Chinese Family history is not "up and down 5,000 years," but 10,000 or even 10,000 years; its traditional source is not talking about the Yellow River and the Central Plains area, but Yongzhou in Hunan Province in the region.
- Culture Liu Liu (773-819), sub-word Thick, east (this Yongji County, Shanxi Province) people. Fok Nine years (793 years) examination. Xiaoshu Lang award, was transferred after the blue Tian Yu, Yu Shi, was promoted to monitor the line. Tang Shun cases of succession (805), Liu Wen Wang to participate in the US-led reform group, after the failure of never being relegated to the status Sima Chau. Ten years later became provincial governor LIU Zhou. LIU Zhou passenger dead.
Yongzhou's down, down 10, Liu This is a major turning point in life. More than 1000 years ago, the bizarre field of Yongzhou Liu created the brilliant literary achievement and mature philosophy, and thousands of years of Yongzhou Liu Qi Wen Yongzhou for the credit to the colorful historical and cultural city. Liu's "eight Yongzhou in mind" has become famous through the ages of Rotten chapter. Liu are worthy of being called a pioneer in Yongzhou history and culture! Who, with his unique political philosophy, philosophy, literature and knowledge, Yongzhou has won deep love and esteem of the people. When you enter the Yongzhou, Liu Zi paid respects to the temple, Liu look for traces of the exotic taste of Yongzhou landscape, you will feel it again Liu thick cultural.
- Yao Yao cultural Yongzhou is an old resident of the nation, Yongzhou This is a colorful encyclopedia of the Yao. Yao has a population of the territory for more than four million, accounting for the National Yao one-fourth of the total population. Their ancestors as early as the Qin and Han period, particularly in the north who Progressive Yellow River, Yangtze River in the vicinity of the Huguang. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing period, a large number of people from Yao and other places south of Nanling continued into the resettlement Jianghua. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yongzhou Ganghwa region, Sun Life, County Road, Ning, the Blue mountain number of mountain people into Yao's settlements.
Yao people "live dangerous mountain," for fear of not climbing , Do not fear Lam into the deep. "No Nanling Hill did not have Yao," China's largest in the South Mountain - hinterland Nanling, Yao has the most concentrated population, the overwhelming majority of Chinese geographical Yao County, the first - Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, there are the mysterious origin Yao - 1000 Jiang Yong dong, left over from the original thousands of years of natural wind Yao and customs ... ...
- Science Culture Zhou (1017-1073) original name was stocky, the Bank said Lianxi, County Road, good for a long time rural people Tin House. Zhou is a founder of Neo-Confucianism, a famous Confucian scholar Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi are his students. Zhou famous essay, "Ms ""??????, Zhuo Qing Lian demon rather than "a lot of people have become well-known inspirational, who created jurisprudence is more far-reaching.
Zhou's hometown, Lian Xi Road Xiaoshui is a tributary, the upper reaches of the magic is a magnificent cave - rock on. Of the Ming Ming Xu sincerely travel home Han Chan-out: "Who Yongnan rock from the most? Road, the first rock on!" It is said that Mr. Lianxi in rocks on reading, silence and calm, and enlightenment. "Wu was on rock," Some people think he is a rock on the moon enlightened profit and loss, and writing, "said Tai Chi Figure", a concept of the body of the universe and the formation and development of the schema.
As , On rock has become a tourist destination. State Road has become all over the world the descendants of Zhou's visit to the ancestral roots of the hot spots.
- Cultural Monument Yongzhou has a long history of cultural monument. Ancient Stone Tablets poetry as much as the Masters, the highest value for Hunan's number one. If the Wu Kai Yuan Jie Sanjue halls to the author, book Yan Zhenqing , Shih as the background to the "Chung Hsing Chung Tang Dynasty"; Liu Zi Temple Church to enjoy after writing on the wall of the Tang Dynasty Han Yu, Su Shu-Dan, Liu Zi celebrate the good, "Lai-monument," Jie Chen in the history of the two "Sanjue "It can be said that in the Forest of Stone Tablets knew masterpiece of rare cultural relics treasures.
Monument is a cultural characteristics of Yongzhou Is the pride of Yongzhou. 14 City of the province to the inclusion of cultural relics in Hunan Province Zhi of the Stone Tablets ages 56, Yongzhou monopoly on 16. Yongzhou in more than 21 provincial-level protection unit, single-stone, there is Cliff Wu River, Chaoyang rock, light rock, rock on, Yang Hua Yan 5. In particular, is the single focus of heritage Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets Cliff, Cliff Tang since there are a total of five stone, involving more than 300 books at home, including access to all the Tang and Song Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Zhuan Li Kai-Cursive all kinds of books. It can be said that Wu into the river, such as entering a temple of the ancient art of calligraphy, so that you are spoiled for choice, away. Yongzhou unique " Culture "has become a land of ancient Xiaoxiang never out of the cultural highlights.
- Women book culture "F" also known as the "F word", is the world's unique female characters in a unique symbol system. For thousands of years, passed only in Jiangyong County of Hunan Province and its neighbors along the women of the Yao , Which rely on the mother-woman-less, passed down from generation to generation. "F" in the history of mankind is a unique and wonderful culture, is also a very ancient roots, since they involve quite extensive information content is very rich cultural phenomenon.
In 1983, Jiang found that "female" news to the world after the publication of Caused a sensation. Experts and scholars at home and abroad have in-depth study Jiang Yong, study, explore. In recent years, Yongzhou active implementation of the rescue and protection of women and cultural books, book culture through the construction of village women, the female book-building museum, women organizations to develop crafts books, book the development of cultural industries women, women keep the book culture, carry forward Great.
- Cursive culture Huai Su (725-785) possession of the word truth, Su Xing Qian, Lingling County (now Yongzhou) people. Huai at the age of 7 to 20 west county Lingling Village outside the "Temple Church Book" for the monks, outside the east gate to the post of "Green Um-day" Monk. Calligraphy at an early age have a strong Fun, Zen, calligraphy hard. Lianzi without money to buy paper, in an open space next to the temple under the many kinds of banana, banana leaf paper on behalf of the Lianzi, as a result of its name as Om, "Green days Om" (in this high-Zhi Shanqu Yongzhou Temple posterior). After a long hard acquired, piles of bald pen, Yamashita buried, fine-sounding name, "Tsukamoto pen." There are next to the pond, Chang Yan-washing Black, called "ink tank." Assessment of their predecessors calligraphy, Zhang Xu succession of strokes, and the development of the so-called "in Britain following the mad" and that "Britain Chang-drunk," he's cursive calligraphy of the great influence on later generations. If his words Xingyunliushui, Li Bai had a poem: "The script that the world is the only solution."
After the death of the Huai, Lingling in a tower built for him. According to Qingxiu "Lingling historical records," records, the tower in the county outside the east gate of Lingling, his descendants will Kebei cursive, in order to purchase kiosk. Yongzhou are the days of the Green Um, the Wu River Forest of Stone Tablets, high temple ruins are left of the Huai. Yongzhou Huai existing works "dry text word monument", "Rui Shi Tie", 8 Autumn Moods "and so on, are treasures of Chinese calligraphy.

Yongzhou coastal mainland, the mainland's frontier, is the direct Guangdong and Guangxi, Hunan, the two South (Hainan, southwest) and the main channel in Hong Kong and Macao. Hunan, Guangxi, the east-west railway, 322 National Highway, State Road 207 and Highway 9 in the territory of China Wrong. Yongzhou Airport has opened in Changsha, Haikou route. Heng Kun highway, Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway and the railway in Hunan, Guangxi, in the urban areas to form a new railway hub. Planning is expensive (yang)-fu (state) to the railway running through the middle Yongzhou.

In recent years, Yongzhou city in order to adhere to the development of Subject to restructuring as the main line, and vigorously promote the industrialization of agriculture, industrialization, urbanization, economic strength increased. 2004 gross domestic product 32,781,000,000 yuan. Yongzhou economic development and urban construction has achieved great success, for a friend at home and abroad to invest in Yongzhou the increasingly well-cast The environment, expand the broader areas of cooperation.

In the new century, Yongzhou city party committee and government made great efforts to develop eco-environmental benefits of the strategic concept-based economy. Yongzhou is to be built into beautiful scenery and good ecological, economic prosperity and affluence of the people of the modern eco - Garden City, at home and abroad to become a real impact on the real "Xiaoxiang beautiful." "Five-Year Plan" period, shape environmentally friendly eco-economy basic framework. The new strategic concept and development, as China is bound to the process of economic integration into the world of accelerating, with the unique advantages Yongzhou Yongzhou to create a more splendid future.

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