Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Falls Scenic Area Water Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Falls Water Park is located in scenic areas Jiangyong county 11 kilometers north of the 1000 Yaozu Xiang dong, not only in the 98 years, was named the provincial-level scenic zones victory, but also the world's cell Yao's visit to the ancestral roots of the Holy Land, known as the ancient capital of the Yao 1000 Dong. 1000 dong by the upper, middle and lower basins of the three dong, with a total area of 200 square kilometers. Zhou mountains, an average of more than 1000 meters above sea level, there are 8 million of the original forest, only "through an" access only; the territory of Shan You, Lin Shen, Qi-dong, the United States and waterfall, Wen Quan, Yao great style. There has been preserved, "Pan Temple", "home plate sister tomb," "Ping Temple," Yao historical and cultural monuments, the spread of God Moving folklore. Toriyama, the White Mountains, White hole, Shuang Tang Chinese Restaurant, Masan, rock head, the water park falls, grazing golden boy, Tiannvsanhua, Ji sambong snow fairy bridges the natural landscape is charming, like a fairyland , Yao has been hailed as the "Peach Blossom Spring."
Great Falls Water Park is located in King Village after village government from 1000 dong 11.5 km, the Great Falls Water Park is a group of falls, a valley as deep as 2 kilometers, along the way there is dumping of the seven sisters waterfall, a form of a waterfall, a dam a waterfall, a waterfall A King, Duanluofenming, since both into. End-to-Park is the largest water falls. This falls more than 100 meters high, wide 3 M, the four seasons do not dry up, quite spectacular. From a distance, straight from the top down, such as a chain hanging white sky; view of the past, the silver line Si-Si, the vast Baiwu. Falls under a pool, a width of 100 meters. Falls from the top down the impact of pools, spray flying. If the feeling, a sense of breezy, Kim Jong musculoskeletal people. Falls on both sides One out Shitai, such as the shape of two small platform for visitors to watch, and if the falls on both sides of the Shek Pik to watch together, like a great Eagle, fly.

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