Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum located in the center of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Luoyang City Square, site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City district of the north-east, is a show in order to protect the original site of the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large as the main body, to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Chin-fu overview of the city in recent years, Capital Cities Archaeological discoveries and some precious cultural relics of the Eastern Zhou period, "Wang City Capital Cities Wang "theme museum.

Throughout the museum covers an area of more than 1700 square meters, over a two-year area. To enter the door to the museum, first of all, the eye is the first exhibition, divided into four sections, one area of Luoyang Erlitou site (summer), Yanshi city, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City, Yangcheng Luo Han, Wei, Sui Tang Luo 5 large city such as the ancient capital of Luoyang and the present-day location of the mutual relationship between microfiches of the sand table, showing in detail the Luoyang area rivers and mountains and rivers of urban history; Second, King City, summed up the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, archaeologists to the measured background picture, based on archaeological findings in order to indicate the City Within each functional area of the site, also showed a few ceramic materials Third, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Tomb of the archaeological exploration and discovery, the plate to the main archaeological discoveries, Wang highlighted the city's hill, there are models on display in Luoyang City, 27, "Asian"-shaped tomb of the emperor large West Xiaotun " A "plot-shaped stone tomb of carbon deposition and recovery of large display of artifacts buried with the dead Jiefang Road and other important sites, and the other in order to In the form of a brief film of the Golden Village and the week tombs big hills area. Also on display at the same time, "Wang" Tong Ding, "the Son of Heaven" in kind, such as Suk and pictures. Fourth, a number of precious cultural relics the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, bronze tripod out, the pot Fang, Yu, traveling, laminated mirror, painting Ding, beans, tea, Yulong, Yu Bi, the first space cloth, and so on. The first visiting the area, to the west across the aisle for some, it will enter the second area, the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large area. In 2003, archaeological workers in the Square in the region, to explore clean-up of 17 Juma Keng (Ma Hang), the protection of the site to display here is one of the 2. Among the north side of a 42.6 meters long, 7.4 meters wide, buried 26 vehicles, the existing total of 68 horses, domestic scale rarely seen. 2 vertical car was located, the end of the first North South, Looking Jimu, a spectacular array of chariots and horsemen ran in front, the sound of Jingle trucks, Xiao Ma, as if to return to the realistic-looking animals of the field throughout history. In this array , There is a car by six horse traction to clear visual evidence in the form of ancient Indian literature, "the emperor riding six," the account.

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum, with spectacular real Juma Keng and exquisite combination of cultural relics, vivid visual display of Luoyang during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty king's status and brilliant History and culture. She is bound to become the upgrading of urban civilization, the ancient capital of Luoyang, at home and abroad to promote the new century and new Luoyang cultural window.

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