Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mei Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyun Si, whose real name is located in Yanshi County township Gu Hui Longwan village, as a result of Baiyun Mountain got its name back. Old prime incense, large-scale, four-story courtyard, first floor hall for the four kings, a plastic Dongbi Dian Qian Huang Chao seated, wearing a helmet Prix, the momentum out of the ordinary. According to the "Gong County," recorded in the Tang Dynasty Huang Chao Chang-cutting uprising of the West, in Unmanning, dig holes and Zhu Liang. To this day, still in the vicinity of the Taiwan military parade, drill ground, Quan Yin Ma, and so the old name. Second floor of the hall for the Maitreya Buddha. Main Hall for three, Sakyamuni for. Finally, a monk is home. Tibetan at Qinglong Temple in May Valley, which rise amid arch-soo, hover streams, verdant forests, beautiful quiet. 991, the rehabilitation of monks and laymen from all walks of life to raise funds to make the temple desolate back 2 3 wide glazed tile hard-Hill Hall.

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