Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Le-Hua Xiang farm tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaxiang Yiyang farm is located in Heshan District tourist area Lok Wong Sin Bee Leng Hu Xiang, Yiyang City from the 6.5 km city, the capital was surrounded by water and Chi River.
?? ?? Sally Bee Ridge is the famous town to the Fair. As early as the 1990s, Sally Bee Ridge senior who set the wisdom and experience, flower seedling production Pei. So far the development of more than 300 flower, 1600 hectares of flower nurseries, more than 1700 varieties. Tourism in the region are farmers music business 28 households, of which there are distinctive characteristics Yangmei Hill, Li Jiazhuang, Wangjiang Park, the riverbank spring, as well as natural attractions such as Tower.

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