Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningyuan Xian is located at the southern end of Hunan Province, 30 km from the county seat, an all-meng Nanling Mountains of Mountains, in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone.

Jiu Yi Shan is famous the world, "Historical Records? By the Five Emperors of the" record: "Shunnanxunshou, cangwu collapse in the field, buried in southern Jiuyi, Lingling is." China and China Shun Jiuyi ancestor buried on the foot of the mountain.

Jiuyi Shan State Forest Park in July 1992, the Ministry of Forestry approved the setting up of the country. With a total area of 8226.7 ?O, is a forest landscape as the main body, cultural and natural landscape-based forest-tourism, entertainment, rest and convalescence Bishu Cultural Relics and Archeology, practical training, scientific investigation, protection of natural resources in one large-scale multi-functional integrated national forest park.

Jiuyi Shan mountain Gufengtingbo, Jun Qiao and beautiful. 1,000 meters above sea level inside the mountain there are more than 60 seats, 1,500 meters above sea level there are 31 peaks, Waterloo dustpan peak altitude 1959.2m, Hunan is the fourth peak, the minimum altitude for the Department 326.5m, up a vertical height of 1632.7m.

Jiuyi Mountain high-density Lin, Lam bamboo fan, towering old trees, is rich in forest resources, China's forest and plant-rich region. There are natural flora and fauna of the park said. Park forest cover by 86%, in times of the original 5680 hectares of forest, trees up to 596 kinds of Section 87, is a national one, two, three-level protection of 160 kinds of animals and plants, of which Hill Jiuyi owner known as the "one China must "Rare in the world.

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