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Ji Guandong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first north-Ji Guandong ----
  Luanchuan 3 km west of the northern foothills Junshan, a steep Gu Feng, seemingly hoping for a high head cock crow, like the Peak crest, beautiful scenery, the mountains forming a natural underground cave, Shen You unfathomable. Hill to form, to Shan-dong, Yong Shan origin named .

  Ji Guandong found in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong period. The old "Luanchuan Zhi", said: "Ji Guandong, four Hall, such as dragon and snake respectively of the Cave" and "texture, such as bats, four dangerous V", "Chiao, who wield the sword stick, Bing Zhu door gang" and "deep You unpredictable Juer back. ". Ji Guandong dormant vast mountains, On a mysterious mask, solid refuse to visit with the people of the world isolated from this.
  Ji Guandong known as "the first hole in the north." As the height of summer, wear green Jin Ji Guanshan times, green everywhere. When we boarded the 318 stone steps, from the deep quiet of the mouth Ji Guandong, all sweating. Have to get inside the cave, Lunged in the face of the cool breeze is exhilarating, Dunxiao heat. Place to be colorful, fantastic Magnificent stalactite in the world, is quite the cold.

Turn inside the cave, pass by the quiet music, visual layout density varies, the image of stalactite different attitude million. Travel inside the cave is rich in resources, the hole A total of 168 spots. In particular the "welcoming Assembly of Immortals", "Watanabe goldfish Xian Weng," and "Bathing Concubine," "Moon rabbit", "dolphin show beads," "water carp," "Sin Buddha" 88 landscape, posture Singular, life-like image.

Ji Guandong is a natural limestone cave, geology She said the karst karst landforms. According to experts, research, she formed in the early minutes of updates, a lot of scenery as early as six, have been amorphous Qiwan Nian ago. As early as in the Qing Dynasty was on Exploring the risk, however, as a result of Shenyou inside the cave, the odd risk, Juer back.

Ji Guandong, 1800 m-long, viewing area of 2300 Square meters, put together by eight major scenic spots, followed by "Tam Yu-zhu" and "Cai Yi Dian" and "tent-stack Palace", "Dong Tian", "Jade Pool Palace", "Tibet House show", "Happy Palace" "Corner Stone Forest" and turn inside the cave, its winding streets, landscape layout density varies, the image of stalactite different attitude million, If the Yixian, such as Wofo, such as birds, such as animals; or as Chun-Sun, such as forests, such as the bamboo curtain, such as curtain, and its landscape are vivid, lifelike, a large stone tablet screen as if Qinse to light stone Hit, clear sound, the residual sound wave, rock flows million hole in the river, clear bottom, "BUZZ" sound, to the static Ji Guandong added to the endless vitality!

Ji Guandong rich tourism resources, the size of the hole total of 168 scenic spots, in particular, "welcoming Assembly of Immortals" and "Herbie cross Xian Weng," and "Bathing Concubine," "Moon rabbit", "dolphin show beads," "Lei Water, "" Sin Bai Shou ", King 88 , Attitude strange, life-like images and much favored by the majority of tourists.

Ji Guandong high archaeological value of scientific research. Stone cave flowers, flag stone, stone waterfall, Shiman, stalactite, stalagmite clouds, according to research data show that in the long stalagmite 18.4 million years ago have been formed through the stalagmite is the internal structure of the layer As well as the structure of the precipitation over the material, a study ancient climate, ancient, ancient geography, and many other information. Another stone shield, lotus bowls, their causes and characteristics of the structure, shape the world a rare, highly value the archaeological and scientific research value.

Ji Guandong constant temperature year round in 18 S, the severe winter season, he could feel the heat inside the cave, the spring warmth, summer heat, cold cave invasion, the Qing Shuang heart of God, cool and pleasant cool, referred to as "natural air-conditioning."

The Government of Henan Province in 2094 was named the "provincial-level scenic spots," Provincial Tourism Bureau in 2097 was awarded "Top Ten Henan Tourism Area. "Construction Department of Henan Province in 2098 was awarded the" scenic area management unit-the-art "and" civilized demonstration service window "," the province's scenery-the-art standards of health units. "

Former President of Xinhua News Agency Mu Qing Ji Guandong for the title with pleasure, "the North in the first hole," the Geological Society of China Cave Research Association, Zhu Professor Ji Guandong stability to the "magnificent scenery, can be the first North Dongfu; causes of the unique, it is the first Dragon King's palace," the authority of the comments.

  Ji Guandong by Tan Yu-zhu, Yan Fei Bao, the Leaning Tower of Temple, the Temple women's apartment stacked, the Jade Pool Palace, the Tower show possession of 6 hall on the ground floor and a hole underground river --- Tian, and so on Composition of the concept. Calcareous water from the natural drip cemented pillars, Stone Forest, Stone, the stone backdrop, Qin Shi halls and walls covered with, backed by the colorful lights, or snow-wrapped or resplendent, like a cave the entire visible exquisite sculptures Arts Center, myths and legends like gum over the crystal sea and the Dragon King's palace Piaomiao floor mirage-like mystery of fairyland on earth.

  Into a Tam Yu-zhu, a group of Kuanpao wide sleeves, the Hefatongyan Xian Weng, "stopped" the way people lived. They all benign countenance, smiling, as if to say hello Reqingdixiang tourists, You Si attentive to guide us, it faces look realistic, lifelike Face, people will look into the strange world of myth. Fei Bao rock into the area, the ground floor of the underground river gurgle clear spring water features and streams, this is more vigor of the gods and Dong Fu Ling Yun added. Hall with its winding streets of the promenade, wide and sometimes like a luxury style of the art arena, and when only a narrow one person - , And steep, such as cutting, so that people really experience a lot of hardships and dangers of underground rock. Following the sound of gurgling water, winding paths, walk-for-King, the more we go inside, the more significant hole quiet, the more fascinating scene: Moon rabbit, a dolphin show beads, Eight Immortals crossing the sea, a kiss of the Millennium, water carp, have longevity peach ... Fei Bao ... the Galaxy Iwashita Yu, such as screens, such as fog; stacked folding tent intrauterine Melaleuca, 10,000 curtain; down days, Luo Zhang Ambilight, Danxia Sihuo; hall of the Leaning Tower of exquisite stone visible, towering Wei. Even the hall and around the top of the wall, the cave is Sensen, many landscape. Commodities in detail, each stalactite have been given as if the charm and Aura, so that Imagination, and marvel. What is most amazing is the embellishment on the top of the wall by the formation of calcite crystal stone flowers, such as coral, Si Wu Song, such as the hanging tree, perfect crystal, shiny. At this moment, in the face of the "Hand of God" the great masterpiece, listen to the guides talk about it a beautiful and moving legend, there is no Seven Wonders of nature is not amazing.

  Underground caverns of the underground river is blood. Runs day and night, endless hole of the Milky Way, so that Ji Guandong with vigor and dynamism. Condensate water that the strength of stone, millions of years of success in today's beauty Qi Jue, is a more beautiful stretches of spectacular good luck. Ji Guandong in the period Listen to the sound of water, is a kind of extraordinary refined enjoyment. Hold your breath, listening to the sound of water, as if to listen to Joan Sound of Music Palace, Tianlaizhiyin, there is indistinct Come Come indistinct feeling.
One of the most profound memories is called "a kiss of the Millennium" and "Kiss of the Millennium," the two landscapes, "a kiss of the Millennium" and "Kiss of the Millennium" a few meters away from the Echoed. "I kissed the Millennium" up and down two relatively stalactite of only 23 cm apart, water is still a bit Data Flow, but according to experts determined that the "kiss" with access to the needed 80 years; and the other a piece of rock lovers because From the middle of the year for a long time fragmented into two parts, like the very image of a man and a woman in the clinch, they were naming "Kiss of the Millennium."

  Ji Guandong to roam in an intoxicating art maze, Qionglouyuyu place, the dream of Wonderland Ruhuan, allow people to experience God in the words of great beauty at the same time, as if intended to help people read and a Zen philosophy: Those who look strange, vivid sculpture of the stalactite Excellent technique is to use the magic hand of the Creator perseverance carved millions of years before the show to the world. Although the birth of the United States and the long process of Solitude, has changed in, but it will be a show The Rock, width and the world. It is not difficult to think of the real U.S. condensate water as rock, and bit by bit from the day on the plot China can be accomplished, not tolerate any Utilitarianism and impetuous, the real Phoenix Nirvana as the United States, many only in the baptism of fire in the bath will only be eternal life --- to create material that the United States gave birth to the United States and the arts, especially the spirit of the United States .

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