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Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is located in Sanya Nanshan, 40 km away from the urban area, north of the resort has 255 national highway and the highway through the island of Hainan. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is divided into three theme parks: Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Park is a display of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture, full of deep philosophical meaning, to the mind, the Park's life. The main building has Nanshan Temple, the South China Sea Guanyin Buddha, Guanyin Cultural Court, the holy sites in India, Buddhist spots landscape Court, 10 to return to their roots and Tallinn park, Buddhist cultural center, Suzhai shopping street, and so on. Fu Garden Chinese culture is a set of the essence of Chinese culture, especially peace, tranquility, Koji , And peaceful atmosphere of the park; culture and customs in the South China Sea Park, Nanshan is an area to use clear water and blue sky, sunny beaches, mountain landscapes, such as sea reef's unique charm, prominent display in the South China Sea China Sea's natural beauty and culture of the Lebanese village of Miao Village Style, at the same time compatible with a number of modern Western civilization Park, the main building there are sliding Field, Waterloo battlefield, Li Yuan Miao customs, mythology, roaming the world, Huang Daopo Memorial Hall, Ocean Park, Underwater World, flowers and birds, such as heaven.

  Nanshan Guanyin by Kim Jin Shen Yu Guanyin, the Buddha, the Po Lin Chiba, wood carving red sandalwood base Sumeru four parts, 3.8 meters high, the consumption of more than 100 public and yellow gold , More than 120 non-diamond Kela Nan, thousands of tablets of red sapphire, emerald, coral, Pine and Stone, pearl and jade more than 100 kilograms, such as gum, the use of traditional Chinese "golden palace fine work" to create arts and crafts. Jin Shen Yin by an average of more than 200 film thickness of 1.2 mm gold by beating hand-shaping, welding Cheng. As the use of different methods of dealing with technology, which enables the like have had a different color and texture.

  Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden is a display of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture, full of deep philosophical meaning, to the mind, the park's educational life. The main building has Nanshan Temple, the South China Sea Guanyin Like, Kwun Yam culture Court, the holy sites in India, Buddhist spots landscape Court, 10 to return to their roots and Tallinn park, Buddhist cultural center, Suzhai shopping street, and so on.

  In 1200, Master Jianzhen kai Rongrui monks to study in Japan, and shines Jianzhen 15 disciples, and so on the fifth east to Japan, after a typhoon hit the ship drift Nanshan Bay, Ning from the mouth of landing and Yacheng in the presence of more than a year, during which permitted the construction, people crossing preaching. Master Jianzhen was the sixth successful east to Japan, the Nanshan praise for the auspicious manner.

  Nanshan Temple in the election this excellent site, won the Samadhi Buddhist, famous, Ming Si, looks Mingseng embraced South Ming is the first jungle, Ford felt the earth forever.

  Fu Garden Chinese culture is a set of the essence of Chinese culture, especially peace, peace, happiness and peaceful atmosphere of the park; culture and customs in the South China Sea Park, Nanshan is a use of clear water and blue sky in the vicinity, sunny beaches, mountain landscapes, such as sea reef Kuili unique, prominent display in the South China Sea China Sea's natural beauty and the Lebanese village of the Miao Village culture and customs, at the same time compatible with a number of modern Western civilization Park, the main building there Huacao Chang, Waterloo battlefield, Li Yuan Miao ethnic customs, mythology, roaming the world, Huang Daopo Memorial Hall, Ocean Park, Underwater World, flowers and birds, such as heaven.

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Great in the East China Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luhuitou at large in the East China Sea and Yulin Gang, eastbound from the city for 10 minutes to reach by car. The bow was in the Gulf, southeast of the two parallel mountain ranges like the two small embankment wall built into the vast South China Sea, the Gulf and make a barrier. Tai Shan three sides in the East China Sea, a sea, surrounded by rows of green coconut on the beach, apparatus Bi , Castle Peak, green coconut, white sandy beaches of unique visitors in the United States won praise at home and abroad. In the winter, was surprisingly quiet in the East China Sea, the vast sea of crystal as a mirror, overprint the blue sky, white clouds, Daishan of reflection. Shuitianyise far in the deep blue sea, seems to be the absence of the spray, the 3322 fishing boat slowly slip . Like an elegant, crisp and calm in the magnificent show of ink Shanhai map. Standing in the East China Sea, overlooking a vast sea view and quiet, there will be wide Long imaginative power, gas Man-ching of God, or even feel there will be all there is to reverse the course of events Shan spirit. This is the largest gift dedicated to those in the East China Sea or from the cold North Or from the arid inland desert; or from the rugged mountains or from the hubbub of the city and other places of tourist gifts. Qi Jing's big in the East China Sea can mold, and the big water in the East China Sea more attractive charm. There is no cold wave of bleak, not the lingering rain, the average January temperature of 20.7 Celsius . Valuables on the beach level, slowly extending up to 1000 meters. "Plumbing white sand ......

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Sanya Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Next to Sanya City, 22 kilometers long. Wan, Cheung Sha Wan, the small, green trees, such as shore zone, constitute the coastal tourist city of Sanya's beautiful landscape. Through the seaside road in the city, will be completed 3 of the waterfront plaza and a coastal park. Gulf long, planning is divided into three sections, even tight in the urban area for a period of Tourism and Recreation District roaming A little far for the public beach and sea activities in the region Yongchang, is far from the Holiday Village has a number of regional leisure.

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The ends of the earth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ends of the Earth and the resort is located in Sanya of south China's western suburbs of the city of 26 kilometers, the area is mainly granite scenic tropical beaches, resorts and shopping areas, integrated tropical ocean scenery, historical sites, as one of the Chinese folk culture tourism Scenic Area.
  "South Tianyi column" is said to be in the Qing Dynasty EC years, Fan Ya Zhou known book by ladder. "South Tianyi column," There are legends origin. Legend has it that a long time ago, Li Lingshui know that after the two fairy secretly Xia Fan, the conduct in the South China Sea, the local fishing refers to fishing aircraft. Queen Mother angry, Thunder mine were arrested the mother of their two-person refused to go back into stone peaks, was split into two , A truncated Nathan in the vicinity of the sea, part of the End of the World flew to the next, today's "South Tianyi column." Ancient ancestors of the "local-day circle" that the earth is square, so there's Dongnanxibei, is a round of the day, day covered cage "land of the Quartet," the earth Dongnanxibei respectively with four pillars supporting the day , So the sky columns in the South to meet local people's days, said the circular. Xianci people, "South Tianyi columns" no need to worry about day to fall down and collapse.
  The 1986 edition of round two on the back of the yuan on the design used is, "the South Tianyi column" of the landscape plans.
  Isshiki clear water, blue sky here, Yanbohaohan Fan Ying little bit, whirling coconut, many stones, engraved with: "End of the World," "Cape", "South Tianyi column" and "Hainan Nan days," Xiong Zhi boulder beach, the whole picturesque area, the United States have Close victory, according to the records, "End of the World" Inscription is Yongzhengnianjian the Qing Ya Zhou Zhifuchengzhe the book.
King In the name of origin: the inconvenience of traffic in ancient times, here to stay away from the Central Plains, it is inaccessible to the wild, often emperors will be here as an exile, "Ni Chen". Bashansheshui people who were exiled here, facing the open sea, they sent "to the career days, the angle of the Sea" sigh. Yong Qing Years, local officials in Chengzhe life inscribed in the "End of the World", after the literati and the other in a huge stone engraved with the title "Cape", then, this has become a world-renowned scenic spots A.
Legend: "The End of the World" and "Cape" This stone is there are two major sources of legend For the love of men and women from two of the family feud, their love of the people were opposed to their own, so both here and forced to flee to jump into the sea, into two pieces of stone, always relative. After the man-made to commemorate their faithful love, now, "End of the World," "Cape" message, then men and women often fall in love with "End of the World Kok always hand in hand "to show what his own.
  And that the blocking of traffic in ancient times, "yet half-way Niaofei" Qiongdao, sparsely populated, desolate desert, is the feudal dynasty exile "Ni Chen" to. Come here, come and go into a blind alley and look beyond the sea, it is referred to as "the ends of the earth." Hu Ming Chen Song Dynasty Lamented the "End of the World Wanli District Road, smoke weed if it is Duanhun." Credit & Trust to the Tang dynasty prime minister of "one to ten thousand, thousand of thousands still do not" pour out a verse of the fate of disgrace. Here are recorded in the history of officials down the tragedy of life, Ni Chen, on behalf of experience seekers can explore the Tiyong painted, and has become a rich color of well-known magic tour win . Isshiki clear water, blue sky here, the vast Yan Bo, Fan Ying little bit, whirling coconut, many stones, engraved with: "End of the World," "Cape", "South Tianyi column" and "South Sea day sentence," Xiong Zhi huge waterfront The whole picturesque area, the United States have close victory, according to the records, "End of the World" Inscription, the Qing Dynasty is a cliff Yongzhengnianjian Zhifuchengzhe the book.
"South Tianyi column" is said to be Xuantong years of the Qing Dynasty, Fan Ya Zhou known book by ladder. "South Tianyi column," There are legends origin. Legend has it that a long time ago, the two fairy Lingshui Li Xia Fan secretly, the conduct in the South China Sea, the local fishing refers to fishing aircraft. After the Queen Mother knows very angry Thunder mine sent back to their mother arrested, two refused, as the stone peaks, to be split in two, a truncated Nathan in the vicinity of the sea, part of the End of the World flew to the next, today's "South Tianyi column . "
Now also has a scenic beach, the Diaoyutai facilities such as yachts and the sea, where blocks and blocks of modern architecture by the Like the traditional classical-style garden that combines the "End of the World Shopping Village," "End of the World roaming area", "End of the World Gallery," "End of the World Customs National Park," "End of the World Masters history of the statue" stands by the sea in the area, it is Dizzying, away. In the vicinity of the "Taiwan Ignition" and "Sea Point Pavilion," "Su Ting Wai Its winding streets and the composition of the multi-level tourist attractions.

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Yazhou Ancient City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Now that the town of cliffs, is located in Sanya City of the West more than 40 km, starting from the Northern and Southern Dynasties Yazhou formed, so many historical sites. Some of the Tang and Song Ming Chen era Zengxianhoubei are down here. The Rock Song for the past Tucheng, Qingyuan four years in the Southern Song Dynasty (1198 AD) began to build brick walls, after the Yuan, Ming and The expansion of three generations of Hainan Island to become a larger city. Now a new restoration pintu Ya Zhou is the only remnant of the ancient artworks. Shing House, on board, "Ya Zhou Eight," a panoramic view.

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11th Asian Games in the southern tip of Taiwan ignition - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya from only a few kilometers, is located by the hill with the Sanya Phoenix International Airport runway is relatively distant hope. Building the station has an area of 1500 square meters, 14.3 meters high, on August 23, 1990, at the southern end of the 11th Asian Games Torch Lighting Ceremony held here. Standing on the southern tip of Taiwan, ignition, Sanya District fresh in our memory; seaside scenic spot near the ends of the earth panoramic view. Jimuyuantiao, sea and sky only win a hand, the vast power of the South China Sea, the little fish fan, is suddenly open mind.

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Seamount wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanya City is located 40 km west of the beach, some 13 km away from the ends of the earth. The scene in the Song Dynasty had very famous, strange and beautiful sea view each other in Mountain View, a beautiful coastal uncanny workmanship are everywhere on the size of the rock group, constitute the mountains like a beautiful ancient scroll painting and calligraphy. Here Four spots, respectively, for the Buddhist culture Court, Dong Tian size of the tourist areas, the Gu Yu Guanyin Pavilion and longevity. Guo tour in 1962, on the scenic scenery of the sea light amazed, "Yu Ya Shan County, hydroxyl," a poem as "South Australia's odd." Tour in the region is still left a number of famous sites, there is "little Dongtian , "Diao Tai", "wonders of seamounts," "Sin ladder", "celestial sign," "test Jianfeng," Cliff poetry stone ages. Admission: 50 yuan Court Buddhist culture; Dongtian tourist area the size of 28 yuan; Kim Yu Guanyin Pavilion 20 yuan; no long-tickets

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Mountain Revolutionary Base Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain Memorial revolutionary base in the former Town Wuzhishan gross of the original column Qiongya Maogui the former site of the headquarters building of the village committee. The park centers around the "revolutionary base, Li, Miao ethnic customs," the two cultural background, patriotism education base As the theme, Li Zhenya cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, LIU Qiu-ju, such as the Anti-Japanese War hero. Park covers an area of 600 mu with a total investment 158,000,000 yuan, and upon completion, will set education, tourism, vacation, leisure together.

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South Lake Crocodile Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Lake Crocodile Zoo in Hainan is located in Haikou City Industrial Road West, an online extension of the surplus bin Peninsula tourist area, 18 kilometers away from Haikou City, the western highway to the east, north Bisha white water, beautiful scenery and beaches of the surplus bin, Covers an area of 2000 mu, is the country's largest crocodile park culture. South Lake Crocodile Zoo in Hainan in accordance with the "natural trend, the people back to nature, man and nature co-exist," the idea, a unique landscape design, and the animals, plants together with tropical wilderness scenery and a good ecological environment. The park to highlight Thailand's crocodile farming, performing, for processing To elephants, white lions, tigers, birds and Thailand customs show supplemented by the tourist centers.

South Hainan Crocodile Lake Park crocodiles inside a zoo, zoo, Thailand performing style garden, tropical Hainan Tourism, and other orchards, and raise a crocodile park there are a variety of different species of crocodile 500, the world is also one of Wang crocodile.

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Beach Park West show - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beach Park West show (the original Haikou Xiuying Beach), located in Haikou City, Qingling Avenue has been completed international Yacht-board training and competition base for international yacht club, public beach and swimming pool water sports center, and other travel services as one Comprehensive sports, sports, leisure, entertainment, the coastal tourist destination. Fumian sea breeze in the park, trees up days, gentle beaches, clear water, the National Education Committee has been identified as a national board sailing winter training base in many countries and regions of the athletes have come here especially for this training game, making West Show fame famous beach park At home and abroad. 80 were members of the public as "Eight to the sea". 8 In the National Education Committee will determine where the country's only state-level winter training base for sailing, cultivated Qi Jian, Li Ke, and many of the Asian Games and the World Series championship medalists and Atlanta Olympic champion Lee Lai Shan of Hong Kong athletes.

  West Beach Park show from Haikou City, about 6 km, an area of nearly 1 0 acres, the length of the coastline of about 1,200 meters, the water quality is suitable for swimming to reach the national level II standard, 49.5-degree hot spring quality. Each year, nearly 300 athletes to this winter training 4-5 months, the beach?????per 500,000 people. There will be sailing into the international training and competition-based , The International Yacht Club (including Hot Springs Village star hotel), the public beach and swimming pool water sports center, coastal tourism and leisure services as one of the sports complex, sports, leisure, entertainment, the coastal tourist destination.

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Wolong Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill at the Wolong center line Haikou to Sanya Highway 78 km west Monument Road, 4 km, 4 km away from Tunchang County. Hill 4 by the peaks, mountain barrier Diego, Mount cliff air, the magnificent. Many stones on the mountain, stone dragon, tiger stone, stone sword, a stone, the stone house, Cave, and so on, are thousands, the south-pointing carriage. Yamashita has Dragon Lake, the lake quiet, tree-Yu Cong.

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Rock Hill Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hainan Province is located in the north, in the southwest of Haikou City, 28 kilometers away from downtown, the area of 33 square kilometers in the region, the "volcanic wonders," "stop up the volcanic sheep food" known to crater, the crater and the local group Rongdong The "two-pool", "Temple Hill" and other major attractions for the landscape.

The area is a Multi-million years ago the late Quaternary new century must break sharp, take-off and landing exercise led to differences in terrain NORTHERN HAINAN ISLAND area of the central area of volcanic eruptions. Saddle Ridge is a volcanic crater in the group to keep the mouth of the most complete one, "the existing world's most complete ancient extinct volcano's mouth," one of North Peak 222.2 meters above sea level, south peak above sea level 86.75 meters, and its distribution around the size of more than 30 blocks from where they stand of Gushan, which are formed by volcanic crater or volcanic cone, Saddle Ridge and echoed, in order to constitute a saddle ridge of peaks as the center of the cone-li Strange landscape. In addition, due to volcanic eruptions, when the movement of magma underground, leaving the vertical and horizontal cross The underground network of volcanic rock holes, geological experts have been called the "natural museum of volcanic hole." There are groups in the western area of the Song Dynasty built "Temple Virgin" and other monuments. In the area of food flavor, "Rock Hill stop up the sheep" because of the unique way in captivity and beverages, meat to delicate texture, soft bone, but not greasy smell of mutton is not known at home and abroad. Rock Scenic By the end of this stage has been the development of sightseeing, geological study, convalescence holiday, a taste of "stop up the sheep".

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Chun Qiu cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the suburbs of Water Village, the tomb chamber of about 2500 square meters. For the state-level key protection units. Chun Qiu is well-known politicians in the middle of the Ming dynasty, China's outstanding scholars in the 15th century.

Chun Qiu (1421-1495), Zizhong deep, deep, Um, No. Yufeng, Hainan and Taiwan, alias Hill Road, Jinhua City, the city is King Shan village, the people of the world "Qiongshan" of respect, also known as Mr. Hainan and Taiwan. The death of his father's childhood, on through the mother, study hard, smart man. Examination of 17-year-old should be first, into the soil in the post, a succession of editing Hanlin, Shi Jiang, Shi Jiang degree, University of disabilities, Jijiu Imperial College, placing the country Libu You Shilang Services supervisor, and Libushangshu charge of government affairs matters, and Wenyuan Pavilion Taizishaobao Libushangshu University with a disability, less security and Prince Edward Taibao Shang Wu Yingdian University Department of households with disabilities to participate in maintenance of the imperial court, thanks to funeral after the death of the emperor, Yi-Wen Chuang . China's Ming Dynasty in the mid-Ming Chen of Science, 15 eminent scholars of the century, life learned knowledge, the Very rich, there is a "history of the world is the key link", "Yan Yi of the University make up" and "family festival etiquette," "poetry Hainan and Taiwan will be issued" and "idiom test", "Annals", drama "Notes for" hundreds of Volume, won the "poetry over the world," Yu, Zhang and Tang Dynasty (near), Song YU, with Choi (Zengcheng) and called Lingnan four-ru. "Hai Rui and, Wang, Zhang Yuesong said," four-way Hainan. "Hai Rui he called" double-wall Hainan, "Hainan is known both young and old well-known historical figures.

Chiu Chun-stone tomb of the Department of the dome, six meters high, the tomb is divided into six-storey base, including 16 steps, a base gossip, gossip among "##"( Million) symbols, the symbols in ancient times on behalf of the auspicious meaning. Li a grave stone, about 4.4 meters high, engraved on the top of the dance of Ssangyong, inscribed around the edge of green pines, crane, cloud patterns, and so on. Monument surface of the side: "Emperor Ming Albrecht funeral," words, the middle: "The doctor Guanglu Zhuguo less security and Prince Edward Taibao Shang Wu Yingdian Shite University Department of gifts left Shi Wen Chong Tai Fu Zhu-Guo Qiu Gong. Letters closure of a deceased mother is his wife, Wu goods Tomb "(husband and wife buried together). Tombstone before there are about 2 meters a stone altar, the home altar incense burner, stone candlestick. Is a work of stone carving of St. Paul the previous legislation, arch inscribed on "Science aims to Ming Chen," There are two behind the Square Modeling of ancient stone Wengzhong. Stone Wengzhong about 4 meters before there is a marble monument, the monument engraved with the North "Celebration life-ho" words, engraved with the south of Daming emperor oration encyclical, the entire oval-shaped tomb chamber, the left and right, after the three sides surrounded by railings, the railings outside For the slope of the green, facing a pond on the grass before the reservoirs are Shima, stone , Lions each right. Garden Tomb of the reservoirs, clear spring constant, year round full of water, cool in the summer, not winter cold. In the face of Jiangmen Ping, pillow after Cui hill, elegant simplicity, with a solemn silence.

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Jinian Ting Li Shuoxun martyrs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the sea opposite the Ancestral Hall five Rd. Li Shuoxun martyrs, also known as Li Tao, Gao County, Sichuan Province, was born on February 23, 1903. August 31, 1932, he served as secretary of the CPC Central Military Commission of Guangdong Province, appointed by the party, came to Hainan to guide the armed struggle. Arrived in Haikou, as a result of a traitor and betrayed by the unfortunate In the same year, on September 5 in the eastern city of Haikou school field heroic die a martyr. Ji Nianting built in place of the martyrs die a martyr, covers an area of about 1300 square meters, square-ri, 6.1 meters high, the pavilion there Hengbian Wang's inscription, "Jinian Ting Li Shuoxun martyrs." Tingqian 10 meters, granite sculpture of strong Li Shuoxun Statue of the upper body.

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Mangrove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the southeast of Dongzhaigang mangrove protection zone covers an area of 4000 hectares. In the area in February 1980 as National Nature Reserve, is scheduled for 1992 in Hainan Province, one of the 10 major tourism development zones is very well-known scenic spots. The mangrove growth throughout the year in the sea, tree Large, peculiar form of tree trunks, designated boat into the mangroves of the twists and turns "corridor", as if into the Mirage. There is now a tourist attraction and scholars at home and abroad as a base for scientific exploration, the recent discovery of S. China is the most valuable species of rare plants. Mangroves, sun, sea, beaches, seafood products and the ancient Ming Dynasty - Harbor village, constitutes a complex landscape of the area's odd. Mangroves are tropical and subtropical coastal mudflats on the unique plant communities, is a multi-functional, multi-effectiveness of the special plant resources, exotic species. As a result, the international community to set up the Institute of mangroves, to hold regular academic exchanges and promote mangrove protection and development. East Hong Kong mangrove 15 branches in 29 varieties, and thousands of their crown, and grew up in the sea on the beach, the "oasis on the sea, maritime forest park" reputation. Since turned into a tourist area after visiting the museum, visit the tourist visitors.

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Coastal Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coastal Park in Haikou City, the coastal road south-west of the junction Thailand and China, the dragon at the junction of the north-west Queensland, fall back into the sea, adjacent to the financial and trade zone, which are easily accessible, very advantageous geographic location, its fronting the coastal road, back into the sea, so named Coastal Park.

Coastal Park in 1991 began to build park For a beach, the only building is an ancient fort, reclamation in the region are gardening. October 1995 was formally opened, in May 1996 the park began to dream park tourists. Coastal Park covers an area of 730 mu (about 480,000 square meters), set horticulture, tourism, entertainment as one of the great Comprehensive modern amusement park.

Park for the four-door, designed for large-Roman columns, hemispherical roof, magnificent, with high school and Western restaurants, dance halls and so on. With large tree in front of the car park, an area of about 21,100 square meters, the two wings of the door to the promenade level 7208.1 M, will be integrated into shopping malls. Lawn in the park have been planted 112,000 square meters, 9508 trees, flowering shrubs 6000 square meters, but also man-made lake (area of 24,573 square meters), a rockery waterfall, fountain, and other scenic areas.

Park Playground - Dream of a dozen amusement park All measures introduced by Italy, with international advanced level, children's play for the round of the butterflies, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mini-train, double-decker merry-go-round, coffee cup, sliding the slide, Dan Dan bed, and so on; there are adult friends and for young people The pleasure of the thrills of fighting anti-shuttle, flying submarine, the roller coaster, wireless Vehicle collision, the house of terror, such as small cars; Japan imports a variety of new electronic amusement equipment, the province's largest car simulation, the air war, shooting, gliding, motor boats, Battle City, as well as for children 1-6 years old to play the small motor Games; also in the park game stalls, Yechui area, a variety of literary pleasure Business projects, all have adopted the European style architecture. Park Huguang water color, beautiful scenery and beautiful one, it is refreshing.

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Boao Tourism Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Boao is located in the eastern coastal city of Qionghai, a tropical northern margin, 19.3 degrees north latitude, 110.5 degrees east longitude, the east and south of the South China Sea, away from the town of Qionghai City, 17 kilometers Kerry plot, Haikou City, 105 km, 180 km of Sanya City.

Boao has a population of about 27,000 people, the land area of 86 square Lane. Government under the jurisdiction of the town of Boao in 17 villages, 175 villages group.

Boao is a well-known international organization - the "Forum for Asia," the permanent location of the venue. In the region which are easily accessible, well-developed communications, infrastructure converge on perfect, with Sofitel, the Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel, such as 7-star hotel Zone 2. Binhai Development Zone of the Boao Tourism Development Zone and the Boao International Convention and Exhibition leisure resort. "Asia Forum" on the permanent site of Boao is located in International Convention and Exhibition break in the resort.

Boao has rich tourism resources, protection of ecological near-perfect, rich Perovskite, such as hot springs and resources in the waters wide area of Canton, River, 9 River, Long River roll with the Department of Sanjiang Benru here in the South China Sea, the three rivers junction, Dongyu, Shapo, Yuanyang risers across the three islands, Fell across the mountains around the islands, lush coconut and into the river, sea and the foothills, in one island, set on the beach, rock, country, sea , Hot Springs, in a coconut, as the world's rivers to the sea to preserve the natural landscape of the most perfect place.

Are encouraging prospects for the development of the Boao. With the "Forum for Asia," the building of the Boao has been the cause of the booming business visitors to the territory, ever-changing landscape. Boao is moving in the international Show and tropical tourism resort and leisure giant strides forward in the direction.

Boao, where there is water Island, the island in the water, beautiful scenery and historical sites set in one place, it was as wonderful scenery of southern picture.

Boao in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the vast domain, Xianyao terrain, the complexity of the regimen, which is 10,000 , The dragon roll, 9 brought together from the three rivers and then into the sea has to go through the mouth, Dongyu River mouth to the sea, the island two mandarin ducks, so that the Boao Hong Kong Island there in the water, the water in the island, scattered waves , The beautiful scenery. Here, wide flat beach, soft white; the sea water color blue, the doors stand rock group; sea As with green wood, palm quite empty, the smoke curl upwards. This view Nerita cotton more than 10 years in the Gulf of Tan An, the same as God in weaving a colorful Choudai, many famous Chinese and foreign travel of the view that this is the world's rivers to the sea to maintain the natural landscape of the most perfect place.

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Wan Lvyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the coastal city of Haikou in the middle of the road with a total area of 1070 mu. The main stage to the main public green space, 16 sub-areas, that is, the gate area, plaza area, Neihu, children's play area, lawn area, the area of bamboo, ornamental plants, tropical areas, golf driving range and so on. Wan Lvyuan unique characteristics of tropical ecology and wind Landscape features, and the blue sky, clear water, modern high-rise into one of the city to become a charming landscape.

  Haikou is the largest open coastal tropical garden landscape ecology, but also visitors and the public access to the sea of sports entertainment. Garden planted nearly 10,000 trees with coconut trees mainly of heat South subtropical hundreds of ornamental plants, one showing a tropical garden scenery. Wan Lvyuan leadership VIP tree planting areas, social groups will be planting areas and planting areas of individual citizens. Wanlv Yuan in the beautiful, blue sky and white clouds, green grass Jessica, Bi Haibo sparkling light, you are noisy in the city to enjoy the quiet corner, and the people A harmonious blend of beautiful natural taste.

  Haikou Wan Lvyuan high visibility, when living in the sea, little did not have been to the Wanlv Yuan. She bounded by the boundless expanse of blue water of the Qiongzhou Strait, the South Hill high-rises of the financial trade zone. This was an area of reclaimed land, after several years of construction, conservation Have shown green grass, lush flowers and trees of a beautiful scene. Wanlv Yuan in the beautiful, the most amazing people she's vast steppe-like - long on the acres of lawn Wang Budao an edge; in the coastal side of the road, nearly 10,000 more trees to tropical coconut trees mainly of trees, whirling Dance, green and luxuriant ... ... Wanlv Yuan is I Municipal People's Government in order to green the city for the public with a beautiful ecological environment and the rest of the construction in 1994. At that time, the city government called out, the community reacted strongly, studied business, workers, peasants and soldiers, whether contributions or to participate in voluntary labor is actively and enthusiastically. To pay the money, the Youlichuli Is very touching. In a total investment of more than 300 million in the first phase of construction, there are 10,000,000 yuan is individual donations.

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Mountain amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Shan Ling Shanzhen area located in the sea 16 kilometers east-yu, from Haikou up to about 15 minutes by car can take the bus to the green. This is the first large-scale Hainan amusement park. In addition to the water park bumper boats, the Lotus Cup, shooting, and other museum projects, there are brave wheel, the crazy mouse, slide-long, self - Dozens of large sets of flying saucer, and other recreational facilities. In particular the "jet venture", 600 meters long water slide, slide the maximum surfing from the ground 28 meters, is said to the world. Through terror in the world, the Great Wall of water, tropical rain forests in the "Air Train", "underground maze" and "underwater Kang Legong" is a more attractive Sheng, a very stimulating. The Chinese Classical Gardens Park into a modern large-scale arts and recreational facilities in one. Tall and gorgeous antique of St. Paul is the largest of St. Paul; painting gallery imitate the Summer Palace, Beijing, plus Tingxie up the house, in order to give people a taste of oriental culture. Featured in the park, visitors can pleasure after Enjoy scenic tours, food products, souvenirs to buy.

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Saddle Ridge crater - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the territory of Xiuying District, 20 km away from Tainan, the shape of a saddle. Chengkungling to build a "concept of Hai Ting", is expected to see from here Qiongzhou Strait and the crater, and enjoy the beauty of Barry Lai Chi Yuen. Saddle Ridge crater is the world's most complete one of the extinct volcano mouth, around the size of the distribution of more than 30 blocks from where they stand Gushan, which are formed by volcanic crater or volcanic cone. When a volcanic eruption of magma underground movement to the left here, criss-crossing the underground cave group is currently available for the tour to visit the immortal, Wolong second hole, larger cave is still under development.

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Haikou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in Haikou City, was founded in 1954 with a total area of 440 mu. Park open for the park, the park planted with tropical and subtropical plants more than 1,000, almost a tropical botanical garden. In addition, the Liberation Monument Park in Hainan, the monument was built in 1954 specifically to commemorate the long-term Qiongdao crossing revolution and the war martyrs. There is also a statue of General Feng Baiju and Jinian Ting Feng Baiju. Park is in front of East Lake and West Lake in the urban areas of the sea as if a pair of eyes show. Lake Donghu Lake in the heart Island, an area of about 40 acres, linked by Jiu Quqiao with the land.

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Tropical Sea World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tropical Sea World is focused on the performance of China's first provincial marine tourism culture of large-scale, integrated theme park, located in the coastal city of Haikou West, by the Department of the Hainan Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Cheung 800,000,000 yuan investment in the development and construction. Hainan Tropical Ocean World has an area of 538 acres of land, the beach area of a mu Second mu area of the sea, will be on November 3, 2000 Park open test business.
  In the park to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records "Hainan Millennium Tower" the most well-known, is to celebrate humanity in 2000 and entered the construction of the landmark building, Hainan Millennium Tower is among the highest in the world millennium Landscape monument, shaped like the Millennium tower vacated Yueqi of a giant silver-white fish, a symbol of humanity's ancient oceans and the origin and future. Board of the Millennium Tower, will be able to see one of the world's leading cross - the whole truth of the Qiongzhou Strait, can be seen in the city of Haikou City appearance.
  In the heat of Hainan Sea World, Passengers on board the Millennium Tower, overlooking the city of Haikou City, Maung; outside the square for the Performing Arts, will be able to enjoy a high standard of song and dance performances; water-screen movie using laser technology has provided a magnificent high-tech sound and light tone of the picture; into the Ocean Park will be Enjoy the mystery of the sea and the colorful marine life, Talang took to the bridge and man-made island, The wind and watch the sea, Kikunami; on the beach, enjoy the sun, waves, Ye Feng; Sports Center in Hot Springs, quality service and will enable you to stay away memories of warmth; island is a fairy tale for children Design Children's park, to the children a memorable childhood; bungee rocket, off heat, pirate ships, Po Island, river rafting, flying trapeze will meet your excitement, the desire of the rain forest adventure; style fast food, tropical fruit garden, so you enjoy the unique cuisine ... ...
Outside the square for the Performing Arts, will be able to enjoy a high standard of song and dance performances; laser water screen movies using high-tech technology has a magnificent sound and light Screen; into the Ocean Park will enjoy the mystery of the sea and the colorful marine life, Talang took to the bridge and man-made island, Lin Feng, the view of the sea, Kikunami;
  On the beach, enjoy the sun, waves, Ye Feng; Sports Center in Hot Springs, quality service and will enable you to stay away memories of warmth; sea Is a fairy tale for children's theme park designed for children, to children a memorable childhood; bungee rocket, off heat, pirate ship, the Treasure Island, river rafting, flying trapeze will meet your excitement, the desire of the rain forest adventure; style fast food , Tropical fruit garden, so you enjoy the unique cuisine ... ... Tropical Sea World, "people-oriented, marketing joy, joy to the public, and the development of their" business philosophy, to create a world full of joy, to create industry-known brands. Tropical Sea World of all my colleagues determined to go beyond themselves and carry forward the spirit of fraternity and work together to create a better tomorrow! Village life Today's action areas, such as tropical rain forest.
Tropical rain forest
Tropical rain forest covers an area of 50 mu, a reproduction of the tropical jungle landscape, the region with verdant trees, its winding streets, many of them rare species, "Antiaris throat," the most famous tree.

Tropical Flower Garden
By Tropical flowers composed of tropical flowers form the flower of the ocean. Hua Chuan, style, spent Gallery, flowers and birds, and distributed colorful bursts of fragrant; in the silent, had shown the vitality.

Performing Arts Plaza
At present, the performing arts stage for a similar theme park in the largest and most complete facilities on the stage, mouth wide Taiwan 2 M, 3 m long lip Taiwan, the 6-meter-long stretching and lifting platform and Taiwan. The stage show to meet a variety of large-scale and large-scale art exhibition Square. Prime time every night, Sea World, the formation of the nearly 200 people in the performing arts groups Decent show for children to bring you a variety of performing arts event. Performing arts auditorium Square For the two regions; stands center can accommodate about 2,300 spectators. Eco stands with a capacity audience of about 2,000 people, Performing Arts Plaza has been set for Hainan Satellite TV location filming base for the Performing Arts.
Laser water screen film
When night fell, the Lantern early release, the Pan-Yang Lin Lin large surface waves will Flaring 18 meters high and 28 meters wide flood the screen. The use of a high-tech means of interpreting the novel shock Laser film will be shown here.
Tony Art Museum
Tony Art Museum form a different shape and unique, colorful and nearly 1,000 species of shellfish, shell carving, to visitors, purchase, exchange and collection. The For the country's largest art museum bay, an area of 600 square meters.
Whale Museum:
The ocean is the cradle of life, hundreds of species of marine life you were here to reveal the mysteries of the deep ocean, and to pay a huge whale skeleton integrity of biological samples is about to settle down here.
Marine public Ocean Park covers an area of 68 acres, is a concentrated display of various types of marine life wonders of the park's garden, the garden of the international use of a high standard of living systems, the pursuit of the natural ecology of the landscape style, Sea World is the second phase of the project. The Dolphin House is about to open to visitors.

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Harbor village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiongshan city on the northeast coast of Hong Kong in Dongying, a northern port and Dongzhai Harbor in Wenchang County, the former Des Hong Kong and other places of the waves, a hidden 72 "Harbor village." This is more than 300 years ago of a rare caused by the earthquake, our country has so far found only in the history of a land subsidence of the sea into the ruins of the earthquake. According to historical records, State earthquake occurred in Wanli of the Ming dynasty that year on July 13, 1605 at midnight, the magnitude as 7.5, the intensity of the epicenter at 10 degrees. King Shan County, the epicenter in the tower and the city of Wenchang County between Des ago. Is the hardest-hit Qiongshan, Chengmai and temporary, four-Wenchang County. Earthquake led to land subsidence in the range of general To 4 meters, land subsidence into the sea in the largest 10 meters or so, the threat of an area of more than 100 square kilometers. The earthquake is a vertical drop in body mass settlement of the situation rarely seen in the history of the earthquake at home and abroad. Several hundred years later, after the earthquake site has become a strange underwater landscape. Dongzhai Harbor not far from the beach , To seeing an old stage, and numerous stone on a sea filled with oysters, shellfish. Dongzhaigang from the north, in the former Des Bay about 4 km north of the coast about 10 meters deep underwater, there is a "Hui village," the ancient village settlement where sitting on a motorboat through the water, when the village The courtyard, mixed housing Remains faintly discernible. In the shop before the North Bay and hit a crossing between Hong Kong, people can clearly see a fine Diaogong "arch" standing water, flocks of fish and shrimp in the spleen Square, next to the shuttle as if mythology "Dragon King's palace Harbor." "Harbor Village" is a great potential for development of the tourist area of the seabed.

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Hairui Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the western suburbs of the city of Haikou in Hainan Province in the village of Ya-bin Hairui Tomb, the mausoleum is a rectangle. Four weeks for the stone wall of evergreen trees and vegetation in the park, the environment clean, quiet and solemn.


  King Shan Hai Hainan Island County, was born nine years Tak-ming (Year 1514). His 40-year-old in , The first official in Fujian, Zhejiang Province, was promoted after the Chunan County magistrate, Jia Zhou, and other post-sentence, in 1564, Hai was promoted to principal Mitobe Secretary of Yunnan, the official Korea, during his term in office, boldly get rid of the drawbacks, the right to punish the traitors , The interests of the people, a miscarriage of justice rehabilitate, popular, but it offended a lot of those in power. At that time, Ming Satyric court cases, just want to look for longevity drugs, up and down the court and no one dares to criticism. Hai death, their own coffin, Shangzou a "law and order sparse" As a result, in jail, after the death of King Sejong, the release of Hai Rui, reinstated the post. In 1569 as right-Yu Shi Qian all, the imperial governor of the Governor grain Road should be ten days of House He enforce the law, crack down on corrupt officials so that the extravagance and dissipation of the wind greatly disappeared. But soon be out Jianning, was dismissed from office for the people return home, in Qiongshan Hsien-home for 16 years. 72-year-old, Emperor Ming Hai has been using to officials in Nanjing. In 1587, Hai died in Nanjing.

  Hai Health outspoken non-Arab, is a distinguished statesman, a well-known in the history of clean government. Only the permanent property after the death of two 8 silver, a few pieces of the old gowns, but it left a "South Bao" and "blue sea" of good reputation. His coffin returned home the day of departure, the people of Nanjing strike a few days to mourn him. When the coffin carried on Hainan Island County, King Shan-bin Village site, the coffin carrying the rope suddenly cut off, people think that this is the burial of the deceased of their choice, they built a cemetery here.

  Green cemetery gate of the gray stone engraved with the cross of St. Paul on the "righteousness eastern Guangdong," 4 red Chinese characters. A wide granite arch under the direct road from the base. Connected on both sides of the Shi Yang, Shima, lions, Shirengou, or stand or sit or lie down, and life. Holds the tomb of a stone turtle Road. Tomb with the pattern of Hangzhou Yue's tomb is similar, but smaller. A stone altar, the stone platform, five bars, the circular stone graves. Grave 1.6 meters in diameter, 2.6 meters high. Engraved on the tomb stone " Imperial Emperor burial good doctor-owned Nanjing Qian all right Doucha Yuan Yu Shi Shi Zhong gifts Taizishaobao referred Tomb of the public and the sea "30 words. Stele 4 meters high, 0.8 meters wide, 10 cm thick, is made 400 years ago When the original tomb.

  Now the only Hairui Tomb of a grave space. In Shiniandongluan, the Hai Rui bones were dug , First paraded in public, the last in Haikou City Plaza, was burned. In 1982, the local government re-construction of the park Hairui Tomb. Lunar calendar every year on February 20 Hai memorial day, local people have come to worship him to the grave. Hai was a feudal officials, but his honest and clean, and thus subject to later generations King and miss.


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Haikou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou originated in the Han Dynasty, early in the Late Song Yuan. "Haikou" A first appeared in the Song Dynasty so far has been 900 years of history. History has had access to the sea-Song, the Yuan Dynasty in Hong Kong, Haikou, Haikou, all of the Ming Dynasty, Haikou, the Haikou City, the Qing Dynasty to the sea commercial port, I Qiongzhou, in the initial stage of the town of Haikou. From On behalf of, and access to the sea is in Guangxi; the Ming Dynasty in 1370 AD, was placed under the sea in Guangdong. Tang Dynasty in 627 AD, Haikou, Qiongshan only part of the county. In December 1926, from Haikou, Qiongshan County draw, an independent city. April 23, 1950, the liberation of the city of Haikou. In 1956, the State Council to Haikou City Guangdong province-level municipalities. April 13, 1988, the Seventh National People's Congress adopted on the establishment of Hainan Province, the Hainan Special Economic Zone to establish the resolution, Hainan and Haikou City, capital of Hainan Province. History, set out in Haikou City, a long and tortuous development process, also described the glorious city of Haikou Revolutionary traditions, to show a wealth of historical human landscape. Memorial has been to relegate Hainan, the Hainan to promote the dissemination of culture and cultural development and exchanges in the Tang and Song Dynasty Ming Chen Ming Chen Li Deyu Li Gang, Li Guang, Hu Quan and Zhao Ding founded in 1889 and the "five public Temple ", to commemorate the clean citizenship Qiong Hai Ming Dynasty and founded in 589-year Hairui Tomb of the park, in memory of the Ming Dynasty Ming Xian Wang Qiong membership in 1567 and was built in the West Temple, in order to resist foreign aggression and in 1891 built, and I Tianjin Dagu, Shanghai and Jiangsu Song mouth, Guangzhou and said Humen Fort Four of the late Qing Dynasty China Battery Battery Xiuying, and other historic sites; are held in June 1926 Qiongya on behalf of the CPC for the first time the former site of the General Assembly, to commemorate the Qiongdao long-term revolutionary struggle and the heroic crossing of Hainan at the expense of the war to liberate more than 20,000 martyrs and was built in 1951, Hainan's revolutionary martyr monument to commemorate the liberation of Hainan cross-sea combat heroes and martyrs Built in 1957, the Taurus range of the martyrs cemetery, Nian-democratic revolution forerunner Sun Yat-sen and China was founded in 1926, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, to commemorate the Agrarian Revolutionary War to the guidance of Jean armed struggle and the heroic Chinese die a martyr's Guangdong Province, Li Shuoxun secretary of the Central Military Commission and was built in 1986 Jinian Ting Li Shuoxun martyrs and so on Revolution Places. Urban population in tropical and tropical resources and a diversity of the natural wealth to the seaside scenery landscape characteristics. Haikou has been almost from the start thousands of years. Since the early Northern Song Dynasty, as the city of Haikou, Hainan's development in the corresponding size. In the long river of history, learn from the city of Haikou in the national history in the white water, with Throb with the pulse of the history of the Chinese nation and surging. Haikou City, built in 1926, 1950 liberation. In 1988, Hainan special economic zone, has become the city of Haikou, capital of Hainan Province, the province's political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural centers, transport hubs of Posts and Telecommunications. In 2002, Haikou, Qiongshan merger of the sea Significantly expand the size of the city.

  Haikou City to the north by the sea, the sea area of 830 square kilometers, has a coastline of 131 km. The average water temperature 25 ?, the highest 34 ?, the lowest 17.2 ?. Transparency of 1 meter, up to 2 meters. Shallow water salinity 29.6% -31.8%. Most of the End flat, mainly to ooze, followed by the sand; close to the beaches along the coast of the main sand to the seabed. The water quality of coastal waters rich in organic matter and inorganic salt. 60-100 meters deep, and other lines within the sea area of about 200 square kilometers, 10 meters deep, and other lines within the shallow sea, the beach area of 100 square kilometers. Haikou City Gentle slope at the coast, continuous open shoreline, sandy with fine white sand, beach holidays, white sand beaches on the door, West Beach show, the world's tropical oceans, Guangdong railway station Channel South Beach Pier, Dongzhai Harbor Beach waterfront, Guilin Yang Scenic areas such as beaches and seaside recreation area. Harbor and the coastal waters of the small amount of tidal flats and reefs. Sea water clarity, all the year round Fengqing Lang-ping, is in many ways more appropriate to the shore along the beach area.



  Haikou: also known as Ye Cheng, the country's largest special economic zone of the provincial capital of Hainan Province, Hainan Province, is the political, economic, cultural and business center, in South China with the economic development of cutting-edge location O Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, linking China and Southeast Asia hub for the development of the South China economic circle of regional cooperation and export-oriented economy has a unique geographical advantage. Haikou, the active opening to the outside world, is currently being operated by more than 6,000 foreign-invested enterprises, foreign capital actually utilized a total of 6,000,000,000 U.S. dollars; More than 10,000 enterprises with a total investment of 22,000,000,000 yuan. Haikou, also with the world's 50 countries and regions have established a good trade and economic cooperation.


  Since 1992, into the sea, "Chinese urban environment comprehensive strength of 50", "Chinese investment in the city 40 environment, excellent "ranks countries by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health confirmed to be the only pilot city in the world of health, and was awarded" China's excellent tourist cities "," National Top 10 cities in comprehensive improvement of urban environment "," national health city National Environmental Protection Model City "and" national landscape-the-art City, "" Top 10 cities nationwide afforestation ", a series of honorary titles. Haikou city over the next goal is to work hard to build the northern part of the Central Gulf of important economic city in South China's garden city, an ideal at home and abroad in the second place of residence, The world famous tropical coastal scenery of the green features an international city. "Clear water, far from suffering, Qiongya full of Spring"! Haikou is the enthusiasm with open arms to welcome guests to come to eight points of the compass tourism, investment cooperation, trade negotiation. Haikou charming tropical scenery and well-Habitat, the business environment will allow you to enjoy the feeling of being at home and investment success Yue. Life is a Haikou you in the future of the park.

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Ji-million bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

12 km away from the Yulin City, was founded in 1753, a typical five-arch stone bridge, a total of five cross 73 meters long, 6.5 meters wide, with the bridge abutment, Qiao Lan, both sides have inscriptions, written in concrete during construction of a bridge The historical background and so on. Bridge has a long history million, the bridge skilled, Guangxi is a heritage.

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Sky folk culture in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Folk Culture at the sky in the urban areas Yulin Riverside Road, Yulin City, is one of the key scenic areas. Sky area of 70 acres of city culture, building area 140,000 square meters, the floor, 21-floor building, 108 meters high, 30 meters high arches. The sky is a city of culture, antique-style architecture, to show our history and culture, Die huge, magnificent architecture, beautiful sculptures, grand vision. National is building the first single, is a world-class tourist attractions. Sky of the main cultural city, including sculpture art exhibition hall, the Museum of Folk Culture, and David Yi Bao rare display of most of the district. Sculpture art exhibition hall will be divided into four series: Carving, wood carving, bronze and cloisonne Bose Long. A pair of stone part of the 18.1 m-long high table, a pair of 5.8 m high unicorn, a pair of Phoenix 4.7 meters high, 108-long stone carving, signs, spent December and flora, as well as the stone street. Bronze works of art, 30-meter-high bronze statue, Guangxi Drum, Golden Rooster, hyacinth, copper turtles, Phoenix, copper lamps and cloisonne Bose Long. Decorated archway, the structure of the monomer, a high marble pillar that most of the country; carved unicorn, Phoenix, cloisonne process Wulong gourd, and other big home care in the world; wall carved dragon, carved in the world can be a must; the whole building Magnificent, magnificent. Folk Heritage Museum, located 56 Chinese ethnic folk culture heritage display room and library. The collection, display of Chinese of all ethnic groups of different customs, customs, culture and heritage. 56 cultural heritage allgemeine create a national precedent. Yi Bao and rare display of national treasures: the collection and exhibition of the nations of the world Collections, such as antiques, sculpture and artifacts, jade, pearl and agate, and so on.

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