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Chi Yin Ma - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chi Yin Ma is located in the southeastern city of Hanzhong, is the legend of the Western Han Dynasty Liu Bang's troops in Hanzhong, when the Department Yin Ma. In 2000, the city of Hanzhong City, as Chi Yin Ma will focus on heritage conservation unit.

  The Republic of China, Yin Ma pool of up to two channels, one from the East Gate Bridge Loop into the wall of a week-shun Lane City, one T-corner. T-Street, north of the Grand Courtyard Wang has, so far still housing, Then T-Street on the back of some of the houses, all of the remaining open space. Dongguan Junji old firm, Hanzhong is an important commercial and trading activities, they formed a pool Yinma second-hand market, plus the city of Dongguan Shun Lane along the street and more people, especially when the Anti-Japanese War A large number of foreign refugees who have to travel to Hanzhong, many without food and clothing of the poor taken up residence here, Yin Ma piece of open space and the pool wall under the root will be bustling crowd, very lively, has become a paradise of the poor and the lives of ordinary people swap places. 1938 to 1939, Yin Ma Chi house has no less than the market, it opened up a "New Town ", Also known as the" Southern market, "Yin Ma Chi streaming market, shows the former Yin Ma Chi-fan trouble situation.

  I remember the pool Yinma markets, a focus on selling second-hand, the old and worn-out clothes to meet the general requirements of the daily lives of the poor, old silver, there is not anything here of second-hand stall operators do not Thieves steal things, the shopping can be assured.

  Yin Ma Chi of Chinese herbal medicine was also stalls selling scabies medicine, of my own praises. Scabies is a drug Hunan owners own preparation, with sulfur-based ingredients, that is, knows the town well-known "very good", who married a woman Hanzhong, and also the sale of drugs Acrobatic performances to attract visitors to sell drugs, such as my own praises of Hanzhong would feed a bear, and sell before the bear playing, earthen jar push to allow the bear, and bear wrestling, martial arts will be the person that can play soft dart, is the sign hanging A string of large plaster Zhang, who was to sing my own praises in the iron boiled in oil Xiong, some medicine for material on the spot to share system Drugs, patients put on the spot to the drug.

  The civilian population to flee and those who have no money to eat restaurant, Chi Yin Ma will have a lot of flavor snack. Chi Yin Ma of the past no restaurants, no pubs, no house, there is only one selling rice wine, and its iron's hot, Jin Zhao, many small Xi Hu neck warm rice wine, drank alcohol only, and -Drinks. There are snack food Hanzhong dumplings, the Lantern Festival, Mianpi, jelly, steamed, fried rice cake, and so on to. At that time, there was a pool Yin Ma Chao Mi Bean, a Tiaozi, Sheng end of the rice and rice jelly, is the other side of the pan with wooden plate, white rice jelly seasoning additional chopped green onion Spodiopogon boost after spoonful of cooked rice, fried together with the Cheng, the food Hong resistance, unique and distinctive flavor, such exercises had been seen eating. Chi Yin Ma a variety of restaurants are very expensive for poor people, the price of a diet, but now equivalent to a fraction of the iceberg.

  Yin Ma Chi City market every day, but only during the day throughout the day, at night without lights that is, no one. Owners will be open early in the morning Stall covers an area that has been operating in the afternoon to Xiang Wan, there are some fixed home studio owners to flee, the use of wall wall during the War of Resistance Against Japan has dug air-raid shelter, those who have fled to live outside a take nothing for the extension of the Penny Shed leaves to the sun and Zheyu goods before cooking, Hanzhong will shed this "pull up rolling leaf fan , Outside the South have a monopoly "pull up a fan leaf rolling", proclaimed a general long, 8 feet wide, use a wide range of scaffolding was used to live in the pool wall under a lot of Yin Ma.

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South River Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South River Scenic Spot, the provincial capital of Shaanxi is located in the southern suburbs of de-County at the northern foot shallow valley mouth, from Chenggu County, 15 km, 16 km Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province in 1993 was approved as a provincial-level People's scenic spots. Goro related to the scope of the South River Reservoir, east from Toriyama, the west slope Wen days, as far south as dawn Temple North Temple in Songshan sector, the scenic area of 105 square kilometers, the lake area of 2.7 square kilometers, up to 8,000 hectares of green vegetation, hung, the surprising show of the Plaza 54 peaks, deep ravines, the long and tortuous waters, fish Niaofei Xiang, the Four Seasons in Bloom Du Yan. South River Scenic Spot, a scenic resource Thick alone, Hanzhong as crown of the basin, a vast cultural radiation Shen far-reaching plot. Initial option hotels, villas, resort, water park, colorful CITY, hunting, drinking business district, the area of religious belief, such as the development of 15 projects are now available on more than 1000 million for the hotel and leisure district, the heart Island Lake ( Island adventure, Choi never sleeps) Water Recreation Area, the area of religious belief of the capital.

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Wang trench cave group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang ditch tourism to enrich the cave and the group of famous, beautiful natural scenery here, dozens of large bottomless cave in the mountains, on the ground floor of the underground river, day-dong added a sense of mystery. Natural cave with stalactites formed, colorful, showing a different form of characters, animals, utensils modeling If you have time, may wish to Lueyang Xian is located in the south-west of the township hospital historian Wang ditch tour, adventure, the desire for simple mountain people will receive your enthusiasm.

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Hot Springs Mianxian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mianxian Hot Springs as the "southern Shaanxi in the first soup", at the western end of the southern margin of Hanzhong Basin, near the Han River, Ding Junshan Hill vein. Spa eyes of the existing wells flowing 2.55 m high, the water temperature reached 58.2 degrees, the traffic on more than 5000 tons. Hot and heavy water-rich carbonate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and so on more than 20 kinds of human body The benefits of minerals and trace elements, Qu prevent disease, the effectiveness of keeping fit.

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5 weir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

5 weir is a key text of the provincial security units, located in the county, 15 km north of the Hui family Miaozhen 0.5 km southeast Department. Weir cut the Department of abundant water into the river and the irrigation Lanhe Low Dam. Xiu weir is the first time the new era of the Han Wang Mang. 5 weir I have a weir, the weir dam, drainage weir consists of three parts. I first earth building weirs, flood event of collapse , Won Hye-between to the first year (1335 -1340), Yong-Po Chenggu county magistrate will weir to the mouth of the stone, to open at the end of the five drainage holes, the Second East West, like 5, you can hoist, named "5 weir." Kan Xinan weir 20 meters, Chia-ching years, the repair of floor, Taebaek, Yu Ji Temple, the permitted Buchanan has Guanyinge, Leiqi be used stone, was built Daoguangnianjian. In addition, there are temples on the monument water weir 5-over 40.

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Su Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Su Garden is located in the western part of the ancient city of Hanzhong City, covers an area of 120 mu, by the Suzhou Garden Design Institute designed built for people to travel, leisure, ornamental garden into a comprehensive arts landscape. Collection of plants in the park, old trees and rare stones root, with the construction of the Ming and Qing style furniture and furnishings, combined The layout of the exquisite combination of creativity, so that the water around, many of the trees and bridges, pavilions skillfully integrated, all reflected in the small southern charm. Water is the soul of the garden. SU Jing-Yuan Yuan in the water, whether it is for visitors to the fishing ponds, or the faint of the clean water around the park, all revealed a-ling . Stone is a garden of the soul. SU Jing Li in the garden with all kinds of stones, people head to look up, the small people to play down from the sky to the Choi Wan's mountains and rivers of flowing water, birds from the sky to the ground and the animals, all in all the world's And without all the rock performance for visitors to enjoy the meantime, the imagination to play. Su Garden planted with rare trees of different colors, on behalf of the Hanzhong dry lotus flower, the plum blossom in full bloom Ao-xue, long the cherry blossoms, the 100-day Hong Bian Lagerstroemia, there are ten fragrance of the Han Gui. In which tea or entertainment, do not really have a style.

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Foping giant panda protection zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foping giant panda protection zone - the southern slope of Qinling Mountains is located in the middle of the Foping County, Hanzhong. Lu Chai district for the peak 2900 meters above sea level, from north to south extension of the landscape types of complex, multi-deep cliff, relics Quaternary ancient glaciers. Foping, the southern slope of Qinling is a petty mountain city, but now more and more attractive Head. Here the most interesting, is because of the construction according to the Ministry of Forestry Foping Nature Reserve Authority Building, one stone layers of protection and Wan Yan, magnificent momentum, like a castle.

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South Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Lake Scenic Area - Hanzhong Hanzhong South Lake Park is located 17 km southwest of Nanzheng County at the foot of Mt. Hill around the lake seven of eight between the ditch, a beautiful, Jade, Tse Ting Li lying to a beautiful place to visit South Lake, the former strong Chichiawan reservoir, built in 1954, 4 km radius of the area. In recent years, the province , The county invested nearly 500 million, will initially built for the South Lake landscape with the natural landscape of the park known. Get on board the floor, watching the entire lake scenery.

  Evergreen Castle Peak area, over the river, beautiful scenery. "Green Water Castle, Greenfield Zhuhai, Jade" is a unique natural beauty of South Lake, Lake has Shaanxi Lake of the first praise, Hanzhong Mountain is a concentrated expression of those who Xiushui.

  South Lake, the beautiful scenic mountains, seven of eight ditch Leung, 68 mountain areas of the main components of the framework. Scenic Spot tree, evergreen, pine, Parkinson's, bamboo, fir, Guangxi, tea and so on around the hillside, with the green lake echoes Castle have formed a clear water, clean water around the natural beauty of Castle Peak. In 2003 completed a green area as a whole: Ocean Island, the dam, the main attractions on both sides of the road and originality of the greening program, showing excellent results. Green used in sweet-scented osmanthus, cloves, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, Ophiopogon, red azaleas and red leaves Bo and so on with each other, backed each other and play beautiful scenic lighting effects. Not only the beautiful scenic environment, ecological protection and good for all types of plants, birds, animals provide a good ecological environment. Very rich in biological resources, a total of nearly 1,000 species of wild plants, known as "Drug Storehouse natural." Nearly 100 animals In the lake, the forest can be seen flying Niaoque.

  Lake of the main attractions are: get on floor, a hundred gardens, zoos, the Lions Pavilion, Pavilion sargentii, and so on. Scenic areas "into the clean water into the Castle Peak, the day set to show its soul", a broad area waters, dense Gou Shen Lin, Four Seasons flowers, mountains, water, buildings, portfolios Miao, flavor, beautiful grand, constitute a cause of the nostalgic highlights of the water garden. Diaoyutai, Qionghua Court, Shen Yi Gong, get on floor, the Lions Pavilion, the Hall of Jixian ... ... different attitude. Or habitat islands, the lake or lying, or half-frame surface, or into the lake. Both its winding streets, and Yi Qing deep Jedi nirvana, Gordon has view, panoramic view of the Mountain Gao Fu, more suddenly, Qinrenxinpi large screen. Heart Lake on the island of Nanzheng Chuan-Shan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, described the red four-year battle here in front of the story of a hero. You memorial, so that you get to do the patriotic poet of the Southern Song talent. Zoo, Qingnian Gong, a swimming pool, Yang Shan ... ... so obsessed with Valentine's pairs. Lin Ku-area art gallery co-operation with its many years of effort to make the stones ---, Genyi, calligraphy and painting moved to get on floor, enrich and enhance the package on the floor of cultural taste, an increase of scenic spots and cultural connotations. The amusement area within the main project: high-altitude cable slide, Ferris wheel, bumper car Karting, air speed, pirate ships, a dozen categories, such as bungee trapeze. For the rest of the visitors ten tea, free of charge to provide visitors a place to rest white pavilion, Shuixie gallery, visitor centers and so on. Scenic spots for tourists to provide a small motor boats 15, of which there are large cruise ships, luxury boats, assault boats and speed boats; non - Fiberglass boat moving more than 20 only.

  On the basis of the area and improve the supporting facilities. After the transformation of the garden will be a hundred characteristics of the new South Lake has one of the spots, "Xanadu" opened to tourists in the face.

  Beautiful scenic South Lake, Castle Peak hold layers of green water, green water ANGLE around Castle Peak. Who in the meantime, the poems made poetry, painting pen in God, strong interest viewing, the best pictures everywhere. In recent years, the area step by step implementation of the "humane" and stressed "zero defect" and strive to improve service quality and level. To secure a "Green Water Castle, Greenfield Zhuhai, Jade," the South Lake characteristics, so that "South The United States, the United States and the natural, natural beauty, "always remain in the hearts of tourists.

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Hanzhong Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Northwest has long been known as "Little Jiangnan" and the Qinba "treasure bowl" of the reputation of historical and cultural cities - Hanzhong, to withdraw approval of the State Council set up the city, the former county-level city of Hanzhong replaced by Chinese-Taiwan area.

  Hanzhong is located in warm temperate and sub-tropical climate north of the transitional zone, according to the North Qinling and Bashan Nanping, the Han River running through the whole territory, the formation of the Han Basin. Basin in the summer of no heat, no cold winter, rainfall, wet gases, annual precipitation 800-1000 mm, with an average annual temperature of 14 ?, good ecological environment, biological rich in natural resources, China and North and South of the total; grain a year Production Two crops, the main production of rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, and so on, In rice, rapeseed yield is the highest level of one of the areas. There are more than 3000 kinds of wild plants, which use a wide range of more than 600 kinds. Rich variety of valuable medicinal herbs, Tianma, Eucommia, Zaopi (Cornus), American ginseng production in the nation in the forefront. There are 1,312,000 hectares of forest area, the vegetation coverage rate 5 %, 48% of forest cover and forest stock volume of 67,813,000 cubic meters; can make use of grassland 330,000 hectares, more than 500 kinds of wild animals, including rare animals have giant pandas, crested ibis, golden monkey, takin, and other 42. Rich mineral resources, and 60 kinds of proven mineral deposits, of which Mianxian, Lueyang, Ningqiang County's "Golden Triangle" area, the country's five major gold production base; iron, manganese, nickel, phosphate, gypsum, quartz stone, limestone reserves in the province's first home, there is great potential for economic development. Han River, Jialing River and its tributaries is rich in water resources, a total of 14,625,000,000 cubic meters, the theoretical reserves of hydropower resources 2 00,000 kilowatts, the development and utilization of 870,000 kilowatts.

  Hanzhong is a new area of economic development by leaps and bounds. Since reform and opening up, the people of Hanzhong good governance, hard work, carried out a large-scale economic development and achieved remarkable success. In 2000 the city's GDP reached 14.5 billion More than 8 percent growth in 1999. Total retail sales 4,085,000,000 yuan, financial income 888,130,000 yuan, total agricultural output value 617,000,000 yuan (same price), township enterprises operating income 20,410,000,000 yuan, the industrial economy as a whole in the national economy and continue to strengthen the leading role Regional characteristics of the industrial system began to take shape. There are aircraft manufacturing, machinery, machine tools, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, food, textile, clothing, building materials, metallurgy, medicine and chemical industry-led. 2000 total fixed asset investment 3,344,000,000 yuan.

Hanzhong is a long history and cultural city. According to the literature: "Pro-gun of the Han Yang, south of the Han Shan, Hanzhong named." In 312 BC the first Qin Emperor Wen Hanzhong County home, so far, 2,300 years of history. Shihmen Department of the path along the cliff of the world's first artificial mountains tunnel. Inscribed on And on top of the existing doors in Hanzhong City Museum's "Thirteen goods Han, Wei," Art is not only a highly valued treasure calligraphy, but also valuable archaeological information and literature. Hanzhong is the birthplace of the Han Dynasty, the Han emperor Liu Bang "of repairing the surreptitious" to complete the great cause of reunification, the special "Chinese", for the establishment of Dynasty, the ancient Chinese left Taiwan, thanks to the altar, the temple Liang, Chi Yin Ma, and other sites. Liang period of three troops Hanzhong, 6 Qishan, spared no efforts in the death of Ding Junshan Mianxian buried under the tomb Wuhou, a shining page in the history temple. Chenggu was born in the well-known diplomat of the Western Han Zhang Qian, is one of the world famous "Silk Road" to open up , Known as "the first person to the world." China's ancient "four great inventions" Papermaking was one of the originator of Cai Lun Feng Hou and sleep in Yangxian Longting. Sichuan-Shaanxi Hanzhong or revolutionary base an important part of Li Xiannian, Xu Xiangqian, Wang Zhen, Wang Feng and other comrades have fought here.

Hanzhong is A natural "treasure bowl." According to the North Qinling and Bashan Nanping, the Han River running through the whole territory, the formation of Hanzhong basin. Located in warm temperate and sub-tropical climate of the transitional zone, with the summer heat and winter cold-free, abundant rainfall, humid climate, good ecological environment, rich biological resources. Two crops a year in grain production, rich in rice, Wheat, maize, potato and so on rapeseed, rice yield per unit area yield is the one of the area. There are more than 3000 kinds of wild plants, which use a wide range of more than 600 kinds. Rich variety of valuable medicinal herbs, Tianma, Eucommia, Zaopi output ranking first. There are 1670 hectares of forest area, the vegetation coverage rate of 5 %, 48% forest cover, forest reserves 67,813,000 cubic meters, can make use of 500 million mu of grassland. There are more than 280 kinds of wild animals, as the national and provincial levels to protect the rare animals there are giant pandas, crested ibis, golden monkey, takin, and other 42. Rare black and non-ferrous metals, such as high-quality stone Outstanding production resources. More than 60 kinds of proven mineral deposits, of which Lueyang, Mianxian, 3 Ningqiang County at the junction of the "Golden Triangle" area, the country's five major gold production base; iron, nickel, phosphate, gypsum, quartz stone, limestone reserves home First in the province, there is great potential for economic development.
A long and rich history has left a number of historical sites Hanzhong: as the world's Jiaotong Shi, and cultural history of the "miracle" and "treasure" of the favorable oblique path along the cliff, and the Shihmen Cliff stone, Liu Bang of the Han and Taiwan will be al Wang is the site of the ancient Chinese palace Taiwan, there are many famous historical cemetery, the ancestral hall. Sheng Distinctly, the annals of history Huang Huang, Hanzhong City in 1994 by the State Council ordered the country's historical and cultural city.

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Wood House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"There are North Palace, south-House" Mimi's clear spring water across the small bridge, a sudden see an out-of St. Paul civil Wading among residents. Zhu stepped into the Red House wooden door in front suddenly, a piece of open ground stands a resplendent palace, beautifully carved white marble base, it's magnificent momentum, Huangruo people outside the palace. Naxi Ren talking about "old wood", like our own ancestors referred to as cordial. Old wood, is used to scale the house owner. Simple point that Wuliubainian before the House of wood, that is, the Naxi ethnic, "the Forbidden City."

If the ancient Lijiang We can see that Lijiang is the secular side of life, then in the House wood, we will look to the southwest in a moment of great glory has Tusi family history of the rise and fall. It is the Naxi ethnic history of the development of the most worth a book. Some scholars have pointed out, "House less than wood, equivalent to less than Lijiang." To remain the world's Qing-old office building, construction of magnificent palaces of the glory of fine carving, exquisite component of the painting's bright, might well be described as the United States Meilen Huan, unparalleled. Mu Mu's Lijiang government toast is the so-called government offices and Wood's family has Tusi Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of the three, peak House occupies an area of one hundred hectares of wood, nearly Buildings, 800 years is a large study in the heart of the ancient city is located. Although it is the toast of a house, but the luxury and magnificent, and none of the official residence of a Splendors of the Princes. According to the "Zhi Lijiang Prefecture," records, the former House Hall of towering trees, the layout of the strict axis there is only 369 meters long, central axis, respectively Chamber floor, rolls, law enforcement, such as Hall of the great hall, listed on both sides of the housing, the Pavilion up the house, just to name a few; Garden corridors, unique style. Its overall architectural style as "like the Forbidden City built."

Wood's family has Tusi Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of the three, a total of 22 word-generation copy. Zhu Yuanzhang Li Ming Dynasty after the year 1381 sent 300,000 troops crusade Yunnan, Yunnan Dali Duan Shi-ming was where the military regime in one fell swoop break, in the far northwest of Yunnan Lijiang Naxi toast the Arab-Israeli Arab was a correct assessment of the situation, in the year 1382 "from the rate of submission "Ju Ren Chen's ceremony, which was great appreciation Zhu Yuanzhang, thanks to its chin" "Surname, the father and son from the traditional Naxi were not even able to change the system from the Chinese names of the characters. Tusi's wood in order to maintain its domination of the Group noble name, in all walks of life" official surnamed Mu, the first and last "of the system, and the wood's Tusi From generation to generation is hereditary, according to legend and his son, has been followed to the Ming and Qing period, some even until the liberation of After. More than a century a time of national education, toast the ages of Confucian culture of respect for their culture with the Central Plains culture has maintained the same valuable - such consistency in its economic, political and military have benefited, To create a more family-Tusi's writers group, which the Chinese minority The forest is very strange. Today's wood both the House as a tourist attraction to attract visitors from all sides so that they look sightseeing city, walking into a nation has a glorious history; Naxi Ren is for their ancestors proud symbol of pride. The splendid architecture of the Court, At the Ming Dynasty architecture reflects the simplicity of the rough finish the wind flow, in Central China in the Ming Dynasty architectural style based on the integration of the Naxi, Bai local style of Technology, and at the same time the Kingdom of ancient Mingmugushu Naxi, a cluster of plants Garden, which ranged from the Royal Garden and Suzhou gardens, the world would be beautiful and elegant atmosphere Wealthy into the elegant palace, fully demonstrated the Naxi-embracing multi-cultural spirit of openness. A wooden office, the combination of Lijiang city in the world this millennium civilization refined soul of the people of all ethnic groups and broad wisdom; this fire in the renewable Phoenix, in Tianchang city to dance, dance out of the Spirit of glory, calling the new century. Naxi history of the Ming Dynasty is an important development period, the Ming Dynasty won the trust and rely heavily on a wooden Tusi's more enlightened, not to close the door, the introduction of an active area of the Central Plains Han production technology and education, making famous the Central Plains, from the introduction of the mainland culture, Medicine, education, construction, mining, The production of art and other men who qualified personnel to Lijiang.

15 Wu Ming-hong (1382), based in the ancient city, "Lijiang Prefecture Yashu soldiers and civilians," Lijiang ancient city of Lijiang quickly became the social, political, economic and cultural center. -Tusi's large-scale construction of a palace-style building Groups, such as wood and stone to make three large arches, wooden house home, the converted Hall, Yu Huangge, San Qingdian, Light House, Bristol, together Jiamiao, rolls of book building, floor-tone, and so on.

House of wood in front of the stone arch, taken from under the tiger jumped into white marble of the Jinsha River Edge, 9 meters wide, about 18 meters high, 4 pillars up St. Paul on the monument, rafter, and the canopy cover Square, on board engraved with the thanks of the Ming Emperor Qin "loyalty".

The structure of the magnificent, exquisite carving of the stone building known, the public has "three pagoda Dali, Lijiang stone of St. Paul", but in the Cultural Revolution in Shinianhaojie were removed. Tusi's wood in the construction of its palace-style wood House, the seat not to "block south," the central plains is better feng shui theory, but towards the east and the sun. An Oriental wood, solar and wood for the Naxi Dongba religion of the objects of worship, but also thanks to the emperor of the Naxi family name. Therefore, the site is "wood" and sung the idea of gas House-building to take a seat east of the West's direction.

Do not build walls around the city, is said to be living in the city since sliced bread tree, a fortification is equivalent to the "wood" to add a box into a "storm" is tantamount to the "tree" trapped. Tusi's pillow-back Lion, the mountains planted cypress, Rock on this preserved a large age-old Bai Shulin, it is the "King of Lijiang Twelve," one of the "Huangshan Cooper." In addition to this ancient piece of Berlin, local people in the 50-60 age of the 20th century, the obligation of a large number of tree planting has become more lush, forming a green and luxuriant forests.

  In the lion Ji Mu Shan Wang-under, the ancient city of Chlamys time scale than the residential areas of tile-roofed house with a piece of heaven and earth showing Hunrong Dai's blue, like a vast gray ink great. Although the mansion of wood toast bearing the King, an anti-King City, Central China "in the middle respect for" tradition, the mansion built in the corner of the South. As the city center Is the merchants gathered in the Square Street, criss-crossing the street from the Trade Center Square Street to the radiation in all directions.

As can be seen from the ancient city was first formed in the rural market, in the end due to commercial trade and prosperity. This ancient city with thousands of years as "Tea-Horse Road" is closely related to the history of the city. Tusi wooden architecture of the palace in the Ming Dynasty has a magnificent view, the traveler in the Ming Dynasty, Xu geographer in his "Diary of Yunnan Tour" was amazing, "Li's palace, the king intends to." Ming Dynasty city residents has reached more than 1,000 households, large-scale residential construction, Xu has been described in the ancient city of Lijiang was the "community house, W Chlamys than "can be seen prosperous residential areas of the picture.

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French Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Dongbi books as Li Yang, Xiang Xiao-Bi Bi lake. Feng Chang Cai Xuan why dream Tianzi book for the JI Xiang Yun. Xiu-out all Luan Jian, do Hangyunliushui article. Chunxue Genius title while you're only Letter as a rafter generous. " This is the best portrayal of the writing of the peak. Jubi off against the blue sky and sea to writing as a pool of Nongmo, Baozhan Cents can write down and Hao Yan Zhuang, piety and dedication to write. Hill writing Lijiang, located in the tourist areas of the south-west dam Hill writing, language known as the "ask Luna," which means "Black Rock Bank", 4350 meters above sea level, with the North to the Yulong Snow Mountain in Vicenza, the leading position. Yamagata, such as writing a Jubi against the clouds, very Toshihide, named. Writing writing to fall back on the foot of the sea, like a pool of Bi-Mexican waves, mountains, water, water, Ying Shan, the "T" and "Mexico" an integral whole, each other. It is said that Lijiang was prosperity, Wen Mo, is full of talents, because the writing James Hill, writing the sea "Aura."
Mountain View, writing By 12 spots, with Wen-feng as the main representative of the Temple.
Temple Wen-feng in 1999 was classified as "Expo 99" spots opening to the outside world, the same year, Lijiang writing Shan Tourism Development Corporation began to invest in recovery and protection of tourism infrastructure construction, Wen-feng make the re-emitted in Tibetan Temple Education and the Holy Land and colorful tourist destination.
Hill writing the traditional tourist attractions of Lijiang is a religious holiday resorts and tourist spots, where not only the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism Lijiang demonstrate multi-cultural magic charm, and its extraordinary outstanding natural landscape attracts people of the world. Not only does it have the temple, Ling-dong Hall sit-in, Shenquan, Stone St., Lake Sang Najia, and other religious tourist attractions; also maintained a good natural simplicity of the landscape of forests and vegetation, is the modern tourist resorts.
Wen-feng of the famous temple of Tibetan Buddhism holy Temple Wen-feng, sits the beautiful writing in the hinterland Hill. Wen-Feng Shan Temple is located in the hinterland of writing, was founded in 2004 Qianlong (1739), Tibet Gamagaju (White Sect) Sibao to the king of Lijiang, Zhifu asked school officials announced that the topic of the temple built and will last for five years, cultivated itself. Light years (1828) hall renovation, the Tibetan name, "Lin Sang Najia table." Meaning "secret Education and the holy land of the Lotte La Masi, "after the temple has been renamed Wen-feng. Prosperous period in the history of public housing had five homes, 24 Sengfang hospital, up to hundreds of monks, the size of Lijiang, home of the first temple. Sengfang the existing hall and the Second Hospital. Zhongyan hall pavilion for the three-building, space is the grand hall, as high as 4 meters. Terauchi Buddha statues, murals and old and valuable trees, especially in the Camellia, the famous fir. Temple weeks Cangmi tsugae, gurgling streams, fresh air and quiet environment, the resort is still around.
Wen-feng Temple Gamagaju Northwest Yunnan is China's 13 largest faction of Tibetan Buddhism's highest academic institution temple, where to get "all Palestinians" degree Lama, must be not far away from the Temple Church staged a sit-in staged a sit-in day and night for three years at 3:45 on March 3 in order to be eligible presided over the funeral. Temple Wen-feng, not only in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet region is quite famous, but also in India, Nepal, Myanmar and other countries of the Buddhist community also have a certain influence.
In 1956, the release of Buddha Muni's relic (tooth), then from Myanmar to China, on August 8, Wen-feng usher in a temple relic of Buddha, held an unprecedented welcome the relic of the ceremony has become an important event in the history of Buddhism, but also to make Wen-feng put on the Temple The brilliant colors of religion.
October 19, 1986, the 10th Panchen Lama Kyrgyzstan does Bainqen Master came to Wen-feng Gyaincain Wen-feng temple to temple to temple in the Tibetan language to write "rain forest law", given to the Temple "on the division Benzun all portrait of Buddha," and 11 master portrait, as the Temple Treasures collection.
Old trees around the temples all over the rich, Jade, fresh air; dense forests, Can take shelter from the wind and summer can enjoy the cool air, quiet environment. By the "South Island of Hope in the first hole," Aura, practitioners can be hard to say Shenwu Buddha, "Yuantong top crown."
Legend has it that, here's an inside Blackstone possession of the keys to open the door to heaven. If you want to worship the Buddha Statue at the Gyejoksan must first burn incense and the "key to "After the return to worship and then to the" key. "Day after day, year after year, coming and going of men and women, one after another keep the devout believers, Blackstone has bright, hard to say long-cherished wish has come true.
South Island of Hope in the first hole in the Si Hou Wen-feng in the mountains there is a soul-dong, east portal, the hole Lek drops of clear spring, unusually clean, Buddhism is on the music legend King Kong and King Kong Haimu place to play. It is said that Tibetan Buddhism Ga Jupai Karmapa Lama Karma all the way from Tibet to Yunnan, three crossing the Jinsha River, and finally found the magical beauty of Lijiang. Buddhist classics in the world is divided into four major continents of the Department, that is, God Dongsheng Island Department of possible South Island, West Island cattle drive, all Luzhou North. It is said that the Department of possible South Island 24 "Zhidong the gods" and the first of which is the hole Jiang Wenfeng Li-Ling Monastery. Hole on the wall before the title of "the South Island of Hope in the first hole," Bayu 6 and a few lines, depending on the built-Ling Wen-ge (Hall sit-in), for example NW Yunnan to send 13 to drink has been great Lama Si A "Gelong," the title of Lama staged a sit-in self-cultivation premises. It is said that this cross-legged in meditation by the school and will last for three years at 3:45 on March 3 to close down, made "all Palestinians" degree, in the Buddhist temple event will be presided over the funeral.
Ling hole on the north side of a boulder in the middle with a 1-foot high, 2 feet wide, can not loose Remove the stones, stone said to be in possession open the door to heaven, "China's first door" key. It is said to Kasyapa East missionary territories, in writing preaching Hill, and the first door to China Gyejoksan Ruding, a key will be retained in the stone inside. Kassapa is the 10 disciples of the Buddha Sakyamuni, Buddhism is the convener of the build-up for the first time. Legend of Education, Gyejoksan Maitreya is the future of the gym Xiasheng, Kassapa in China for the first gate guarding scarf Ruding Sakyamuni, the Buddha Xiasheng time to wait for his law business. Due to this legend, who in the past to the pilgrims Gyejoksan Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan and pilgrims, have written to the Hill-Ling side by burning incense key return This is also the key to burning incense. Temple Wen-feng became known Buddhist holy sites, has become a Tibetan, Mongolian, Naxi people of all ethnic groups, such as a symbol of friendship and solidarity and signs, in India, Nepal, Myanmar and other countries in the Buddhist community will have an impact.

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99 Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the Yulong Snow Mountain, the Three Parallel Rivers, Lake Cangshan three state-level scenic spots of the junction, is the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot an important part. The main scenic spots by 99 Laojunshan Longtan, the Si Chang, Yuhu, Melody Dawn Danxia landform, the New Main Alpine Botanical Garden, and so on natural Area (spots) constitute, Area of 715 square kilometers, the mountain-rich vegetation, rare plants and animals, many of Bingshi Lake, the singular Danxia landform and the Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Pumi, Yi people of all ethnic groups, such as colorful folk customs, which constitute the old Junshan scenic beauty and great value for scientific exploration of the unique landscape. Are Zoned in the development of eco-tourist destination. It echoed with the Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang tourism resources in the formation of the East and West wings. Laojunshan located in Lijiang and Jianchuan, Lanping county, such as the junction, cross a mountain Yunling main vein, the site fell through hundreds of years, layer upon layer, arise from time to time, the main peak 4240 meters above sea level, the Jiang left the ring, its right around the Lancang River, which ridge to ridge surrounded semi-circular, horseshoe-shaped like a furnace Laojun Alchemy named after, the legend, Lao Alchemy in this, it is known as the "Yunnan Province hills of ancestors. " Laojunshan is the Three Parallel Rivers scenic spot of one of the main part. Danxia landform in the area, Qi Stone, Avon stream, the flowers dense forest, alpine meadow, Bing-Feng Qi Xia, is not that. Every turn of spring and summer season in full bloom Yamahana, the limelight, into a piece of mountain trees and azaleas, such as Lin Yunxia; the arrival of winter, the tree is linked to Yin-hua, mountain snow Phi, one of the world of ice and snow scenery in the north. In the Laojun North on the eastern side of the main ridge 3,800 meters above sea level more than Mountain Pass, there are lakes, marshes dozens along the stream distribution of clusters, known as the "Longtan 99." 99 in the Longtan on the way, you will see 9 Chi Mei's huge, they have different patterns, thick mysterious setting, local people called them "nine-stone . 99 Longtan Santan interdependent, so it is called "3-tan." Water from the spring snowmelt and summer rain, cold and clear, good water quality. After the water overflow, come together to form a stream to form a waterfall, set for the river, through the primeval forest, toward the end of the Jinsha, Lancang River. These lakes Bingshi, shape Different, deep lake 99 Longtan mystery, the sun and the flowers and trees under the map showing blue, orange, yellow, green the color brilliant. One of the biggest Huang Longtan, unpredictable, Tan Zhong trees are red coral tree above the surface, float to the surface from time to time Hongbo. Tan Zhong Dragon Legend has it that there are latent home, if this pedestrian loud noise, water will be turned Variable cloudy, coral tree will disappear, followed by wind and rain, thunder lightning, to traumatise people. This is a myth, but a scientific point of view, towering Laojunshan, by the Indian Ocean south-west monsoon climate, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Pacific, south-east monsoon air mass of the impact of staggered, so in addition to spring a few hours, all the Peak Nongyun over, causing a storm of the basic conditions, the resulting magic, from the sound, light, electricity and the relationship between the clouds to think. 99 Longtan also appreciate the original ecological landscape, the mystery of the Longtan the United States and azaleas Qi Lin Yan of the best locations. Ninety-nine of the winter over the Longtan Bingleng, is a natural World ice, Chi Mei great. Bing Shi lakes around the fir forest and surrounded by azalea flowers, each to the late spring and early summer, the azaleas in full bloom Manshanbianye, Full; meandering flow of 99 Longtan, clear as a mirror. Qifengyidan, Avon stream, Huaxiangniaoyu Qing gas assail the nostrils, Tianshui add radiance to each other as if Habitat, the Lao No wonder they chosen the local Alchemy. I have said that in the beautiful Lijiang, a sunset three times a day, that is Laojunshan - Dawn scenery. Red sandstone formation of more than 200 square kilometers of the color red, pink clouds may dip if the flame burning, colorful, CMV color. Is the largest and most complete development of Danxia. Yashi's strange, or if the tower Yu-zhu, or if the old monk self-cultivation, or if the opening screen peacock, or if the majestic castle, or if the Millennium Laogui, in order to give the endless reverie, China is a large number of Danxia The most brilliant color in the landscape, the highest above sea level, Poor the most, the most obvious level of a. Among the thousands of Kameyama, Le Quang Buddhist, Wang Shan, and other bird attractions, as seen by the world, and Hunan Nanfenbozhong Wulingyuan. Dawn is a hidden gem in the mountains, the dawn of the United States is a very unusual beauty, so that every day you have a clean and beautiful. At present, travel 19 Longtan ready to be prepared to sleep on the night.

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Thousands of Kameyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Romania is willing to return to the slag from the dawn Street, at dawn on the west side of the secondary hillside along a secluded mountain road in the song rock peaks in Danxia through, about 1 hour later, you will crawl to a large piece of exposed and wind into giant Pianpian Squamous the rock, which is thousands of Kameyama. It's like a giant scale rock weathering, the formation of a unique landscape. First of all, see the "peak of the Buddha," the great peaks of the upright, at the top of the "weathering giant scale," a circle and spiral, the lower half is exposed to the Chi-Hong Shan Bi, standing opposite to see it, like Huge Buddha head, You Si upon a cliff of Ganoderma lucidum, it is also called the "peak of Ganoderma lucidum." You Panzhao "huge scale" light On the peak, this time for your friends across the photographs, extremely spectacular. "Buddha's peak" on the eastern side, you see the second scene of "thousands of turtle races." This is a large area by the "huge scale" neatly arranged in the hillside, each "giant scale" is crawling like a tortoise, and look carefully, you will find this Hundred thousands of stone turtle composed of the slope, more Yousi a huge turtle crawling in the big turtle and tortoise crawling in the direction, the sun is rising is the East. As a result of this wonderful landscape, here was called "Kameyama thousand." Kameyama, you might see in the winter, thousands of South Point, far from the main peak viewing Laojunshan gold market Ai Snow. There are thousands of cliffs in Kameyama, Du Feng isolated, steep, and other flower Miao Jing, also worth pondering in detail.

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Danxia scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Old Town of Lijiang from the start to the Yangtze River town of Shek Kwu Wan in the first, Sujiangershang 50 km, and then along the Hexi Gold into the village 30 km, in the middle of Laojunshan Dong Lu, where the distribution of southwest China's only Danxia Wonders. Lao legend in the not too distant from here on Laojunshan Alchemy, a rocky ledge that is immortal flame Direct spread far, so this will have a color match of the Dan Chu Red sandstone. It set in the vast forest of green leaves, more Cuicanduomu. Science has proved that as a result of Danxia landform of rock containing iron oxide, so Dan was red. That the landscape was first discovered in Guangdong Renhua county Danxia Mountain, as a result of rocks ", such as color Dan, Canruo Mingxia, "named after. It is a red conglomerate layer in a strong geological movement was broken, erosion, weathering, and the formation of the steep cliffs of red, deep Gu Feng, and other forms of the landscape. Laojunshan Lijiang Danxia The landscape of the main distribution area at dawn Lisu autonomous territory of the township, including the Dawn, Le Quang, the United States Area of the three villages, with a total area of 240 square kilometers, accounting for 43% of the area of the township, which is equivalent to 1.4 Danxia in Guangdong Hill, is the largest and most complete development of Danxia. Dawn Danxia scenery is not only widely distributed, large area, and spectacular mountains, magnificent scenery, a typical development, with a top-level Are steep, obviously Lu delay characteristics. In all of the natural landscape, the most surprising to count thousands of Kameyama, cliffs and the Big Buddha, "the sun three ups and three downs" of the landscape. Liming Village in the south-west, there are a lot of red rock weathering the surface to form a beautiful crack-like (turtle shells, pineapple-like) structure, such as a slope-shaped small 10,000,000 Also composed of a large tortoise, and in an orderly array of natural, as if the sun to rise toward orient the road, called Red Dawn scenery in a way. Southern office of the village at dawn about 60 meters next to the bridge, a giant red cliffs, if a sitting of the Mid Giant Buddha, it seems to make things look great. Redstone Street at dawn in the middle, can be seen from where they stand A red Gecheng sandstone jagged peak to the sky, the morning before and after the winter solstice, the sun from the first rise amid rising between the lateness of the hour, but walking in the air less than an hour, came to a another rise amid; legitimate for people to gorge on this Short of amazing moment, a second magnificent rise amid the talk about inter-release 10,000 golden light. So Ring back and forth, forming a three day dawn sunset strange scene. Scenic areas within the Lisu customs and customs are also very unique charm. Shanqingshuixiu in a small river, a hospital layout of the house Rectifying the Muleng Fang, quiet simplicity. It is the dizzy red rock on top of Red Cliff, hanging with a rattan ladder climbing honey The scene, absolutely breathtaking, so amazing the audience speechless. If the Lisu people to be a guest host will be roasted by the fragrant tea pot soil, Huang Cheng Cheng's Buckwheat honey dip Baba hospitality, it is memorable.

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Yu-old kiosk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenquan around a long group of old trees, of which two of the largest Wujiao Feng, 1996 under the "List of old trees in Yunnan," which. They are also the guardian of Shenquan Naxi, is strictly prohibited to climb a tree, if it was Fanji, he will be subject to severe punishment of nature, Yulong Village, a village in the 1960s on the tree of God Break the branches, then covered his festered, persistent high fever, bed-ridden in recent months, did not improve and had no choice but to help Dongba, the Dongba will instruct him to the tree God planted a small tree, said to repent Finally, the rehabilitation recovered. In those days when their village of origin tree, is now able to see the willow tree. Naxi people In this way, the protection of water and trees, even the Wu Jiaofeng living on the bees have never been destroyed, the trees have been living God in do not know how many years of the. Shenquan around six circular stone hut, Naxi Ren is a natural worship of God, eating the wild used. Although we have done a proper repair, with its wind, Fire, but the use of traditional habits have not changed, as it is to keep down. Now here is the only visitors inside the area to allow smoking.

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Walled Shenquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And falls down, came to the South Side, the only major share of water from a stone, Spewing out pure bright, extremely fresh. At that time, the United States in the Lockerbie Scholars stay in Lijiang, a 28-year-old, white sand, he is an important place. He kiosk-out of God's spring amazed, every time go out to visit, always put on here Drinking water. Even when he left Lijiang. Shenquan Yulong Snow Mountain is on top of the snow melt water, after 2400 meters of rock permeability after Quanyong out, as far as testing it is extremely rare mineral water. Yu kiosk is the Dongba Holy Land, the ancient city of origin. Yu kiosk from the spring water has become the Old Town of Lijiang Artery, it is best spirit of vitality. Naxi Ren love nature, nature worship, the nature of Thanksgiving, has become Shenquan they worship the gods of the natural site. At the beginning of the new year, the Naxi Ren always come here to worship, set up the Department of Dongba ceremony of the festival, pray weather with their divine nature, in the Wugufengdeng .

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Wind Festival - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenquan west of the Naxi people have a festival of wind. The festival winds and the field is as old Heaven, as the same fate. In the eyes of the Naxi Ren, wind power is a symbol of nature, it is everywhere, there are ever-present, the strength of the wind is endless. People to respect nature and protect the natural desire to place in the Festival Activities. It is also the strength of the wind through the dead spirits. Every time another of unreasoning passion, loyalty of the Yulong Naxi men and women in a third country Xunqing, here's a grand ceremony will be held in the wind, so that their souls ascend to heaven smoothly and return to the side of the ancestors. - Yu kiosk Dongba religious calendar - the Holy Land Dongba-kiosk Naxi Dongba held in the central region to teach an important place for religious activities. The first lunar month, Congress should be held tianxiang burning ritual activities; once a month on a larger scale Dongba ceremony; each of the four large-scale Dongba religious ceremony, then there will be many Lijiang Naxi people to participate. The specific ceremony is as follows: three days of the first lunar month, the Lunar New Year celebration in February Chuba Heaven, God 3 Lunar Festival on March 5, the Dongba God Festival in May will be the Chinese New Five-Year Plan, the Lunar Festival natural God-Autumn, Festival Wind , Held a grand festival of pine nuts

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Dongba Wall Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongba Naxi Dongba culture of the murals is an important part. Dongba kiosk-wall galleries, Dongba painting by the way, the image of the panoramic display of the Naxi ethnic thinking and wisdom, such as the world outlook, ideals, beliefs, production, life, and so on. The first (wall) piece of wall paintings show Naxi Dongba Of the world. Naxi Ren believes that good and evil, and evil is being produced at the same time, they perish at the same time. So close to the ideological point of view of materialism. Naxi people have the courage to face the world is full of contradictions, they are hardworking, brave, good and evil clearly. Naxi is a great nation. Legend has it that, a century ago, To upload a beautiful voice, a good fortune out on the floor of gas, they combine with each other, into a white egg and a black eggs. After the earth thousands of years of breeding, hatching egg white human ancestors, and hatching eggs from the ancestors of the supernatural, so the world came into being. And evil in the human struggle in the growth of the bureau If that Luo Kamiyama, so the top Tianzhu, defense Amamiya end of the world. Human and evil, and fight natural disasters, have narrowly escaped extinction several times, the last remaining of a young man he called a little forbearance Cong Seoul. After the disaster, God help the National Association slightly forbearance, to the Father in heaven to the main Lao Apu marriage, married women lining red white-day life, Health Three sons. Three sons, but will not speak. Later, the gods instruct them to worship Heaven, three sons finally speak up. Tibetan language spoken boss, became the ancestors of the Tibetans; second speak Naxi language, became the ancestors of the Naxi; third language spoken Bai, Bai has become the ancestors. Since ancient times, Naxi people Good at accepting foreign and national culture. According to statistics, by the Naxi people in cultural and educational level of intelligence and the proportion of Korean-Chinese and Manchu came in after the third area of concern. Chinese Naxi is the best one of the nation. The second (Western Wall) of this is the Naxi Dongba murals on the awareness and causal relationship between the collar Crystallization. In the middle part of plans for the starling, similar to the Taoist Bagua map. Suangua Naxi, fierce test, Kyrgyzstan and evil, on this criterion. The whole mural is divided into three; upper picture of heaven; middle photo shows the world; The photo shows the lower hell. Naxi the world from this three-tier structure, was able to stability Which are indispensable. There are also human good and evil, good or bad. The human world, to do good and more people are able to ascend to heaven; perpetrators, it must be hell in there by a variety of criminal punishment. Third (in the south wall) Naxi people living in their beautiful homes, in their own country Work, harvesting the fruits of their labor. Naxi people believe that the work of human wealth, are nature's gift. All production and living must comply with the laws of nature and the Dongba scriptures criteria. Wood into the mountains, hunting, fishing or lower river, we must make legitimate claims and will never allow the waves . If the people's production and living contrary to the guidelines established by the Dongba, people often come to disaster. Naxi wind festival held each year a ceremony to worship God and the natural mountain. Fourth (in the north wall) of this mural Dongba, the Naxi is a black-and-white war scenes. Since ancient times, in order to , The Naxi people not war, peace-loving. However, the Naxi people have a strong spirit of resistance, in order to justice, they will recklessly take up arms and fight the evil. They have to defend their homes, in exchange for a better life, they yearn for peace and prosperity. This is the Naxi war criteria. Phase Very old, the land is divided into two black and white. Murray and sent to the department headed by the Lord, is the forces of evil, is the devil; sent to the White Murray for the owner of the commander in chief, is the power of justice, human. Hate the forces of evil in human life in the beautiful world of the well-being, they launched a war to snatch the home of human life. People In Murray, led by the owner, to take up arms, and Murray led by the Department of the main forces of evil heroic struggle of life and death struggle. Finally, justice prevailed over evil, light over darkness. The protection of human homes, safe, well-being to live in beautiful homes. Part V (north to the south wall) of this Pakistan Yulong mural showing a third country. Xun Qing Ming and Qing Dynasties is the only form of Naxi culture. At that time, many of the Central Plains accepted the Naxi culture, feudal ethical code by the five permanent members of Sangang, Naxi young men and women, although love is the freedom of marriage is dominated by the parents, arranged, so have a lot of grief the death of love . According to legend, a young male ex-yu up next to Le, a young woman opened the United States and ordered payment. They Enenaiai, Shanmenghaishi, faithful, set for life. But, on the eve of marriage, men and love God soil structure and the public love iQue main female witch main temptation, both beautiful Yulong agreed to a third country. There, no War, there is no evil, red when the tiger mounts, Bai Lu of cattle when, for crane Kai-ming, did not fly and mosquito problem, Yulong mountain for a pillow, as the Jinsha River belt, is an absolute nirvana of fresh flowers everywhere in the world. Naturally, the Yulong feudal society into a third country to pursue holy men and women of the highest state of love. Naxi Wind Festival to be held a ceremony to the spirits of their dead. Part VI (North Wall to the north) of this mural Dongba, the Naxi to show respect for nature, they are determined to live in harmony with nature, the protection of the human environment of the scene. Naxi people are not indiscriminate felling the mountains, hunting is not arbitrary; under Fishing into chaos, the Prevention of Cruelty to water, not water pollution. They believe that all human wealth and health, breathing human beings every breath, every water, eating a bowl of rice each and every piece of clothing to wear, are nature's gift. Therefore, the Naxi people have to sacrifice nature of God, that respect for nature, to thank. This belief is also East Bashi Luo set by the rules and guidelines.

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Alpine meadow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Naxi ancient times by nomadic living, meadow on the very strong feelings, they have maintained a good meadow, and never allow anyone to undermine. Meadow is also regarded as the natural gift of wealth, has been raising cattle and sheep fat. There are a wealth of meadow flowers and herbs, wild flowers throughout the year unbeaten, the annual April Spring open to the Maple Leaf ground in October, open meadow, filled with beautiful and colorful wildflowers. Yulong mountain for the Naxi Ren Yunshan Ping, Maoniuping more praise, perhaps, they have feelings meadow is one of the reasons why. Meadow Lane scattered in many small pools, which is the Naxi ancestors of the excavation, so that when the grazing to facilitate Sheep drinking water. According to legend, the god in the Yulong Shenquan water play in the water, tired on the kiosk-lying meadow, the sun bathing.

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Yulong Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang are Naxi and the nation in the eyes of a sacred mountain, the Naxi the protection of God, "3" is the embodiment of the Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang has also held a grand annual "Day 3." Nanzhao State Mu Tang Dynasty look for different times, different Nanzhao State main search Mou Yue Feng Shan al, have presented letters for the Yulong Snow Mountain Bukak, to Pak Sha Tsuen north Yuemiao remaining, the yard is still deep, traditional costumes and face the Buddha. Hill pilgrims worship must not in the way. The early years of the Yuan dynasty, Kublai Khan to Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain has been closed "xue Wu Shi Jing Di North Yuean Bang." Yulong Snow Mountain in its charming scenery, and mysterious legends, no one has yet to conquer the virgin peak and Xinchishenwang people.
Yulong Snow Mountain in the Naxi known as the "stone wave ouro", which means silver white sands of rock. The snow-wrapped, continuous 13-feng, like a "Yulong" flying vault, it is known as the "Jade Dragon." Yulong Snow Mountain because of the limestone and lithological mostly basalt, black and white, Also known as "black and white snow-capped mountains."
Yulong landscape Yulong Snow Mountain, Yunnan is the sub-tropical high mountain, from valley to the foot of a mountain peak with the sub-tropical, temperate to frigid zone complete with a vertical natural landscape. Snow rich natural tourist resources, the landscape can be divided into the snow-covered landscape of glaciers, alpine meadow landscape, Before the forest landscape, snow-capped mountains, and other water features.

Thirteen of the whole peak by the snow-capped mountains, north to south were arranged vertically, stretches nearly 50 km east-west width of 13 km.
Thirteen peaks, snow does not Fengfeng, like a row of Yu-zhu tower site, a fan steep peak, 5596 meters above sea level, is the world's Hemisphere, the lowest latitude, the highest mountain above sea level.
Yulong Snow Mountain is not only magnificent, beautiful and tall and straight, refined style, bringing a crystal, such as jade, brilliant as 13 sword, backed by the blue sky, like a silver in the Yulong for the eternal dancing, named Yulong Hill.
Yulong Snow With the season of alternately light and landscape is also volatile. Yun Chung steam fog from time to time, Yulong's hidden Zhaxian, Bitian from time to time, such as water, cloud, like the peaks have been cleaned Yu Ye, like crystal heading dazzling brilliance of snow, "old and no snow, missing the course of events Xiao faint" Brilliant; the beginning of the East Xiao, Dawn cover peak, colorful Ying-rays into Xuefeng, the snow was like crimson shade and Choi Ha flicker; in the evening, clinopyroxene into the Xuefeng Hongsha put on as a major contributing factor, with a sunset clouds, flying to the sink peak Inter-Valley; at night, the moonlight Rongrong, snow Lang Lang Feng, appears to be gentle and quiet.

The snow-covered glacier
Yulong Snow Mountain in the distribution of the Eurasian continent Recently, the equatorial ocean of modern glaciers and Xue-Hai Wen, the full range of types of glaciers, has developed 19 modern glaciers, with a total area of 11.61 square kilometers, "White One" is the most modern ice conditions around the glacier.
"One White," a modern 2.7 km-long glacier, located in the Dragon Snow Mountain peak is at the bottom of the steep fan. Looking from the foot of a mountain, like a fly into the sky falls, it is very shocking. Bing Talin part of the iceberg tongue, like a knife Ji into the sky, the sun's radiation, not white and green, green snow Ren million, as if a huge piece of jade inlaid jasper in the phosphate rocks between Xun, King For the late former vice president of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan Mr. Li Lincan described by the "Green Qi snow." Close to the glaciers, there are only heard, "Hua Lala," the sound of running water, that is after the formation of glaciers melting glaciers. In front of a fan of loud bursts of steep issue, which is issued when the avalanche of sound, as in "rolling snow cattle." Qianwannianlai Steep fan has always been the same, as the glaciers continue to supply the new snow. Vagaries of snow-capped mountains, snow all over the sky from time to time, it is very difficult; surging from time to time, it is somewhat cold; resplendent from time to time, Huangruogeshi can not help but be filled with emotion.
In the dry river dam, dam Desmodium and other places also have different distribution of Ice Age Ancient glacier remains terrain. Dry river dam is located in Dong Lu Yulong Snow Mountain, 3300 meters above sea level, for the typical large-U-Alpine Valley, the valley 300 meters wide, on both sides of the steep limestone, there is the bottom level of ice water sediment bedding. Desmodium dam Yulong Snow Mountain is located in the south, snow north of the village song, for the remains of ancient glaciers, U-Valley, Valley A large rock, there are concave Tong, the Four Seasons water, as a spectacle.
Yulong Snow Mountain glacier is the park to watch "White One" modern glaciers in the best position to visit Glacier Park can take the Yulong Snow Mountain tourism cableway, which is a cable leading to the glacier park, set foot in the snow-covered snow, visit the "Green Qi Xue," the only , 3356 meters above sea level from the Department to enhance fan main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is steep below 4506 meters above sea level, cable length of 2911 m, 1150 m vertical elevation. Be visible along the vertical with the natural landscape, overlooking Ganhai son, Baishui He, Maoniuping, Yunshan Ping, and other attractions.
Yulong mountain meadow Hill tourist area distribution Yunshan Ping, Maoniuping or Ping Lu, Pierluigi Collina, and other big alpine meadow, with the most Yunshan Ping characteristics.
Yunshan Ping is not only a high mountain meadow, or Naxi myths and legends known as the "third country Yulong" Xunqing place when young men and women of the Naxi love in the world by Obstruction, it will be here both Xunqing. Yunshan Ping area of about 1000 square meters, square and flat meadow with ups and downs, it is natural mountain pastures. Four Seasons Yunshan Ping varied scenery, romantic Yamahana spring, summer Bicao pain, a golden autumn, winter will become a silver in the world. Is a large meadow on the edge The dense spruce forest, meadow and the snow-capped mountains form a natural barrier between it SHEN sense of color, like silently watch this meadow of an old shepherd. Jessica lying on the grass, looking at that blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped mountains, cloud feel perplexed about their activities with the Hill, mountain cloud with the transfer, trance, sleep has been out of this world, gradually into fairyland. From then on, really Isolation, sleep here forever. Lijiang Zheju 27-year-old American writer who geographic Joseph Locke in the Lay Dying, had written to tell his friends: "Rather than lying on the hospital bed, I would rather return to that beautiful dance in particular the sleep "(Yunshan Ping in the Naxi language, known as" particularly the dance "). Plateau is the Yulong Snow Mountain Ranch Maoniuping scenic spots have been developed by one of the Maoniuping in Naxi language, known as the "get-like", meaning "beautiful and mysterious paradise." Here the flowers in the summer, groups of yak, is a typical alpine meadow landscape, filled with rich ethnic customs. Maoniuping streams and rivers Associated with the natural quiet of the primeval forest for the group, structured, and colorful. Pingshang in the concept of "peak Yulong 13", saw year-round Fengfeng Piyun Dicey, as if a dragon flying volley, Yulong majestic panoramic view.
Yulong Snow Mountain forests, high mountains of China as the treasure house of animals and plants, distribution Article landscape with natural vegetation. Lijiang spruce forests are forests, Lijiang hemlock, Tsuga Yunnan cross-leaved mixed forest, glands and hair room Rhododendron azalea bush throat to form a unique natural landscape with the vertical.
Lijiang, one of spruce forest, forest beautiful landscape, located in east slope of 3 to Baishui He gently along the Bay of Ridge or mountain basin (3100-3300 meters above sea level). One of the most prominent Yunshan Ping Forest Park (3200 meters), where trees grow well, beautiful forests and tidy, dark green appearance, often stratified structure of uneven-aged forest. Lijiang to the upper spruce dominated, and there are mixed fir Abies, Sichuan and Yunnan Cedar, oak yellow background, and so on. The second floor of the main tree species are Lin Cheng-hong, Yoo powder back, Acer Lijiang, the old West Catalpa, Sorbus, such as Sichuan and Yunnan. Understory shrub layer cover about 50%, to bamboo, rhododendron, Yunnan, brown-red rhododendrons, La-Mu Li Ping, Han Long honeysuckle, Lonicera Sichuan, and other more common types of plants. Herb-storey 0.1-0. M, cover 40% -50%.
Yulong Snow Mountain water features scenic snow-capped mountains distribution Baishui He has, more than 10 months Heishui He and Stephen Tam. Gurgling water clear, transparent and clean water, blue sky, white clouds, green trees, Xuefeng like a tube into the mirror, constitute a wealth of water features. Snow Mountain St. pool, Baishui He and three River, silk curtain fell into the water like a waterfall of silk screens, look like the wind shaking the cauda equina of the cauda equina, and so on are all wonderful waterfall. One of the most wins among black Baishui He.
In the north-Ganhai, at the foot of Yunshan Ping, an outflow of water from the snow-capped mountains, clear, clear, as a result of the end for Whitehead, the water flow, named "Baishui He" Department of snow-capped mountains of snow melt river water, and then filtered through rock, formed by the springs gush. Baishui He winds from west to east, not far from the snow-capped mountains and out of another river, that is, as a result of underwater gravel to mostly black, named "Heishui He" convergence of the river and eventually come together to form a "black Baishui He." Ice-cold water, even in the summer, If he connected with barefoot, can not put up with that feeling of biting. Lush trees along the river, there are a number of cross-strait cliff cave, food reverie.
Yulong Snow Mountain from birth to a million years old black-and-white snow water, it has a special Naxi ethnic feelings, Dongba Classic "Lu Lu Rao as" volume in a black and white to explain things in the world that To reconcile the yin and yang, confuse right and wrong, it will be a harmonious and orderly world.
Have been developed Yunshan Ping Forest Park, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier Park, Maoniuping alpine meadow pasture, and other tourist attractions, and invest in the construction of a cableway Yunshan Ping tourism, the Yulong Snow Mountain tourism cableway, and so on. At the same time, investment in the building for visitors , Housing and shopping corridors Balayogi East demand for leisure and entertainment needs of the guests Yulong Snow Mountain Golf Club. Gradually formed a sub-Ganhai as the center, set sightseeing and leisure travel in one resort. January 11, 2001, was named the first national AAAA level scenic spots. "Master Li goods to be the highest goods, the board shall be the highest mountain top," to visit Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain is a mandatory item.

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Ganhai son - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camellia 10,000 left Yufeng Temple, the eastbound highway snow-capped mountains to continue traveling north, with the road above sea level change, you obviously feel the climb, climb a mountain, we entered a broad alpine meadow, is the Yulong Snow Shandong Lu Gan Hai's son, away from Lijiang County, about 25 km, 2900 m above sea level, was high Bing Shi lake, then up the snow line, as well as to reduce the water dried up, so called "Dry Lake." Now Ganhai the son of a high altitude meadow surrounded on three sides by mountains, a very broad perspective, the quiet beauty of the environment, Huang Ruo Shangri-la. There are carpet-like grass from the west foot of the Yulong straight to the shop a long horizon, as a whole Meadow, about 4 km, 1.5 km wide, covered with lush grass and low bushes, wild flowers in spring and summer when the dispute over Tu Yan Fang, Muller's gorgeous. Here Wang Yulong Snow Mountain View, fan, and so on steep mountain fresh in our memory, is a unique scene. Yulong Snow Mountain's 13 peaks from north to south Meeting scheduled to open, spectacular towering, silver flashes, particularly steep peak a fan, open like a fan, into the sky, the magnificent. The fine summer, when the sun roof, snow-capped mountains and steep fan on the eastern side of the main peak, there was a slight pan-green plants have to reflect the glaciers, Bing Talin, the ice sheet; sometimes can see the splendor of the avalanche, only The ice and snow in the mountains and rushing, came tumbling phon diarrhea, one after another in an instant triumphantly, such as snowflakes, such as silver, flying all over the sky. In the winter, it is above a quiet white, crystal-like holy show, Feng Wei Yi 13 meandering, as if a vacant jump over the White Dragon, ready at any time into the Jinsha River in the Pentium is always flooded. Ganhai son is a natural meadow pastures, gently undulating terrain, vast meadow strewn on a low pine Yi Keke, you are at the foot of the stretches of grassland and vegetation shade, from time to time there are immediate through yak, highland pastures One Scenery. Chen Zhao vision of snow-capped mountains, the view here is the ideal place to take photographs. The spring of each year Flowers, grass germination, live in sub-Ganhai streams in the vicinity of the Tibetan, Yi, Naxi who herdsmen have to put carpet canopy, riding a high horse, drive a yak, sheep, cattle, grazing meadow. Hai Zi stem from the meadow to the snow line of 4,500 meters, we can see a wide variety of plants, orchids, wild peony, snow , A wide variety; goes yunnanesis tall trees, cedar, fir, gill Li, Li Ma, and so on. From the sub-Ganhai by large cable car, you can reach the high Ski Resort. The ski resort is located in steep east slope of fans, more than 4,500 meters above sea level, which is the world's warmest ski, but also a year in our country ski time Long ski. In addition, there are Hua Sha, Hua Cao, racing, horse racing, and many of the recreational facilities.

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Yulong Snow Mountain Yunshan Ping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baishui He left the black, snow-capped mountains along the river side of the road to go deep in the hinterland, about one kilometer distance, we see a car park, where Yunshan Ping is the lower part of the cable station is located, the Yulong Snow Mountain is located next to the Baishui He Gu Jin Xiu, which Up a direct route to the upper part of the Department of the Spruce Point path along the cliff. Accessibility to Yunshan Ping cable car or on foot mountain in two ways Yunshan Ping cable is about 1,000 meters, up and down elevation of about 300 meters, running about 20 minutes to reach the upper cableway station spruce. If the mountain on foot, mountain and cable accompanied by about reached the end of time about an hour. Yunshan Ping cable Yishanbangshui, whether you take a cable car or on foot mountain, you can Slightly around the landscape, clear Baishui He bottomed out, the two sides green and luxuriant trees, snow-capped mountains are thousands Zhu Feng, backed each other, do you feel is the best feeling at this time. From the upper station to Yunshan Ping, it is necessary to pass through a primeval forest, you will see the tall and straight spruce, a tree attached, the vast Lin, Spruce also hung on a long "beard", some wearing soft and thick layer of "green" and filled with fresh air in the forest. Through the primeval forest on the way for the built of wood, meandering toward the end of the forest, you will find this unique plank road, which paved chestnut, like the path along the cliff, the path along the cliff named Spruce. About it Guard-rails, up and down the ladder there, convenient and full of atmosphere. To you, the foot-path along the cliff, not slippery snow, mud does not rain, comfortable and clean. Multiplied by the Baishui He built on the mountain cable car Hills, just 10 minutes can be sent to you on a cable car station, and then along the forest's wood-based secondary path along the cliff, or get local Girl's family rented pony Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain will be able to reach another nirvana - Yunshan Ping. Yunshan Ping Yulong Snow Mountain is a forest of the eastern side of the grass, about 0.5 square kilometers, about 3,000 meters above sea level. Yu-Ping, such as snow-capped mountains, towering; Yunshan Ping Dai, such as around the city, green and luxuriant. In the surrounding Yunshan Ping Dense forests, towering trees, branches upside down, tree branches beard, Lin Wang was anywhere between the rotten wood, branches Bai Ye, covered with moss, as if not thousands of people to disturb, like a natural paradise. Yunshan Ping boundless vast carried out in the Yulong Snow Mountain, it's tall like a mountain of the white-haired Master sitting The "wilderness" at the end, those huge clouds play in between the applause, the only black Baishui He's lonely and it silently opposite. In the Yunshan Ping tourism, you should pay attention to the following major characteristics: first, the view from near to far, over layers, the three-dimensional landscape, colorful. First, the feet The lawn, and the gentle ups and downs, fell km. Bicao is incessantly in spring and summer, romantic Yamahana, is a yellowing in the autumn, winter will become a silver in the world, the seasons change color, you can get from the United States and the enjoyment. This was followed by the meadow edge of the forest, meadow and the snow-capped mountains form a natural barrier between, in your Line, it SHEN sense of color, such as quietly watch this Shepherd's Meadow. Finally, Yulong Snow Mountain, towering it, spit out the gas down fog, a great figure from the air as if looking down at here, like father like a mother over into the meadow to its embrace. Second, the Galapagos, Naxi Yunshan Ping is holy land, which can pass Legend has it the ideal Naxi Kingdom of Heaven "Yulong a third country." Dongba recorded by the "Yulong third countries", "there is a never-ending wear silk damask Luo, a never-ending eating fresh fruit treasures, could not finish the wine to drink sweet milk, not use up all of the syndicated Sands, red when Ban Hu Sheng Qi, Kok Yin Hua Lu to work, do a fox hound ears wide, tail pictus flowers Herald the break of day. "In the past, wonderful," Yulong a third country, "attracted a number of young Naxi men and women, when their love in the world hampered, they will come Yunshan Ping, both Xunqing. In their view, is to Yunshan Ping" Yulong a third country, "the ideal, this may Xunqing out of trouble in the world, go to Like the land of love. As a result, Yunshan Ping is also a romantic and filled with sorrowful feelings, you along the edge of meadow and forest looking for, there will be a sacred heart and respect. The third is to appreciate the national song and dance, Yunshan Ping around, you will see some dressed in colorful ethnic costumes of the girl in the meadow on their Qinggemanwu between the forest for your trip to the snow-covered meadow hyperchromic luster, you have to learn to identify their clothes: he led the "Pixingdaiyue" Fashion is the Naxi girl, and wearing the hat color line Luo Guo Yi is a girl, you can use Their dress, a stay here, "as the nation", which can be added, a jump Shou Wanshou Ethnic dance. Ma Road, go along, listening to BUZZ Tong-ling, accompanied by repeated claims made by the Horseshoe, you can go very far very far to go very high, you can never disappear out of a reverie of the trip. In an ideal "Yulong a third country," the love of lovers can enjoy lying on the snow to moisten the leaves of flowers, The incomparable Heaven closest to the heaven-sent dew-ying, Mu can be a very simple bringing the moonlight, long Xiangshou until the end.

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Yulong Snow Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Snow Mountain by cable directly to the main peak snow-capped mountains are steep fan at the bottom of the upper part of the station, exports will see a broad natural ski, which is located in steep east slope of a fan, at an elevation of 4500-4700 m between. Snow ski seasons, 1,000 meters long east-west and north-south 600 meters wide. This is the best to you The snow-capped mountains to the highest point in looking up the rise to reach the nearest main peak of the steep fan, although in sight, but it is 5596 meters above sea level, is the world's most difficult climb of the peak must, still a virgin peak, domestic There were 17 foreign mountaineering expedition to climb failed. Stand ski You can also look at the landscape around the snow-capped mountains, sub-Ganhai the foot of the mountain, and Baishui He, Yunshan Ping, and so on Maoniuping panoramic view. In the ski, you can set foot Xue-Hai, where the snow quality pure, crystal color, no pollution, grasping the entrance of snow, fresh clean feeling, Yamashita unparalleled on earth. You can also visit the modern Chuan Qi concept, here is my type of ice a full range of natural museum. Glacier for the color of aquamarine color, you are standing on the edge of a ski resort in the east down to watch, the upper glacier covered with snow, made the edge of the green, while the middle is a blue. Its irregular shape for the prismatic, about 2 meters high, the feeling is down from the peak The line suddenly stopped, the formation of an East-West width of 30 meters, 100 meters north-south length Bing Talin in the world. Finally, here is a look at cloud the enjoyment of the strange, because the high elevation, clouds from the past, the snow-capped mountains rising cold, warm room, creating a cloud of Wanduan changes in the cloud seems to be performing for you It quickly deformation, portfolio continuously, floated for a while, being trapped for a while, people carried away the feeling here is real.

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Beam River Ancient Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beam River, said the Naxi language, "Shao dock", as a result of the village after the Jubao Stackable Yamagata as the peak to the village of Hill 000, down from mutation, which means "under the peak of the village."
It is located 4 kilometers northwest of Lijiang ancient city, is in the Lijiang Naxi ancestors in Ba Zi one of the earliest settlements, the Tea Horse Road is a well-preserved on the re - Market towns, but also from the Naxi ancestors to the business of farming civilization of over-civilized living specimens, is opening to the outside world and the formation of the activities of the Caravan of building a model town, in 1997 by UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage" Old Town of Lijiang an important part of the .
The ancient town of 2440 meters above sea level, the core area of the 5 square kilometers, Jin Qianhu people, about 3,000 people. Geographical coordinates: latitude 26 degrees 55 minutes N and 100 degrees 12 minutes. The average annual temperature is 12.6 degrees, the highest temperature (extreme) 32.3, the lowest temperature (extreme) 7.5 degrees below zero. For the July-September rainy season, for the rest of the dry season. Climate : Big temperature difference between day, the temperature difference in small, distinct wet and dry seasons.
Danfeng place with books
Beam sitting River east of the West, Leeward Xiangyang, to the village after the Yulong Snow Mountain foothills Yu Mo, Qi Shan Shui Sau, lush vegetation, white sand rocks in Fenghuangshan foot house there for Lijiang's place of origin of wood, rivers and mountains shaped beam to be changes, was auspicious The elephants, Kan Family known as the "book containing Danfeng place," predicted prosperity and cultural prosperity.
Qingquan town
LIU Yin deep in a village north Jiuding, two of the Longtan River dredging, clear spring water, shimmering, the water system is divided into three rivers, along Fangqianwuhou, Tanabe garden wear and flow, so that the beam he mountain fastness of both surprising And the water show Leather town
Due to the development of the Tea Horse Road, have had a variety of commodities demand, to the Ming Dynasty, by inviting a group of Tusi's wood craftsman Jiangnan, he settled beam, and since then, becoming the Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet and the region at the junction of the famous "village cobbler" Produced shoes, saddle, leather, thread, iron, bamboo, etc. River craftsmen can be found in Yunnan Tea Horse Road around every corner.
Cha Ma remains
The ancient stone bridge, stone-smooth roads, high penetration of the Stone launched, the first horse pot of luxury, and saddle, Ling Ma, lantern, paper bag, butter barrels, as well as from India, Nepal, Tibet, a variety of goods, Ask this up , A Pina allows you to Fu Xiang.
Totem farming
Cattle in the ancient village and vigorous strides in line, like the food industry, Lin in Qinglong-frame is erected, constitutes a farming culture of the Naxi totem signs.
Eight beam River

Yanliupingqiao night market Yinghuo Moon Dragon Snow Mountain reflected sound out Duanbei Western Hills Water Fish family leaves Shek Lin Talk
Tsing Lung Bridge
Chao-Ming Wanli of the Tsing Lung Bridge, 400 years ago, it is the western-Baoshan, the Tsing Lung Bridge-axis is at Baoshan, which is the design of Tusi's wood, wood is also the heyday of Tusi's Landmarks. Long 5 meters, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters high, all the stones from Lei Qi, as most of Lijiang ancient stone bridge, the beam can be seen in the Lijiang River in the history of economic and cultural situation in the occupied an important position. The Tsing Lung Bridge, after hundreds of years of wind and rain wash it become mottled old, but not lose its momentum and solemn hero heavy sense Station Here, you might hear the voice of the Horseshoe in response.
There is also a popular story: Tibetan Buddhist master Ge Mama to catch up with a devil, one step from here to cross the Yulong Snow Mountain, on the bridge was a fairy footprints. Spring season, the bridge banks of the willow grow new leaves, like yarn such as tobacco, as if The color wave to be rushed to the bridge table, the beam that is in another eight River King: "Yanliupingqiao."
Square Street
But the length and width of 30 meters, there are five roads leading to all directions, surrounded by water, for the Japan-China city of Lijiang was Bazi one of the oldest markets. In ancient times, he's Square Street on the beam with City, as people today like to walk through the city in the Square Street, the stop-and-go want to see strange, to eat their own little things to eat like you to participate in the games, hand Juzhe Shou Guang Yeshi were of hydrogen, through the Dragon River, such as fireflies Summer Night, has become a landscape called "night market Yinghuo", included in the Eight one of the river.
Longquan foot of towering old trees, a good build-up of water Jiuding Longtan, crystal clear water, water Man Wu, Happy fish, which reflected on the Yulong Snow Mountain, money haughty attitude, endless artistic conception and become beam eight of the river is another King: snow-capped mountains reflected .
Tan Bian Duanbei part of a year Can not test, with a rock percussion, will issue a clear voice, he is a bundle of Eight "Duanbei out the sound." However, in order to protect the landscape, or you do not knock it.
Tan Zhong fish is the favorite of visitors to view. They were not afraid, when feeding, have plans to make mandatory dispute - Passing the water poured into the face of those who fed, the intimacy between man and fish get along so few and far between, these scenes were included in the bundle River Eight, known as "water fish loved ones."
Longtan top of a temple there, known as the "three-Shing Temple", dedicated to Kuan Yin Temple of the West, North Building dedicated to Dragon King, South tanner honors founder Sun Bin. East Building Floor Directly into the water on three sides have corridors for visitors to view lean on a railing. Here, far and near panoramic scenery, Tianchou Green Run, smoke curl upwards, contend Ji Quan, vibrant, one idyllic, poetic unlimited, it is away. In particular, is out on the night of full moon Denglou the most flavor, often seekers can explore for months Poetry and painting, was legendary. Cijing River in the beam of Eight called "Dragon Moon."

Hexi beam in the mountains there are a lot of sumac. Every autumn, the bright red leaves, brilliant autumn, the feast for the eyes. Eight beam in the river, called "Western Hills Red", the most moving.
Hexi beam south of the mountain Song Yun is the village of Shek Lin are behind the mountain, there is a mountain cave, like a tiger's mouth open, in order to Zhenzhu Tiger's power and prestige, the local people in the construction of a temple cave, called Shek Lin Monastery, which is a pillar The Shuanzhao chained. The Republic of China has done for the night school, scholars fire Wai night time, became a landscape, called "Shek Lin Reading Night", included in the bundle River Eight.

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Pak - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pak Pak fresco murals Lijiang is the main gathering point, Wu Ming-hong 15, a Naxi the Arab-Israeli Arab leaders to mobilize people to get Gui Fu Ming, a Ming Tai Zu, "Qin Cixing wood," Law-Tusi's "all-inclusive spirit is satisfied," " Central Plains to see the clock "and to actively introduce advanced culture and art in the Mainland, in the big white sands repair More than 20 temples and invited the Han, Tibetan, Naxi artist to paint the walls of these temples, and the big Bao Ji-Glass Palace and the Temple Court Dading and is more focused on preserving wall paintings in the Ming Dynasty. Pak Ming dynasty murals for the state-level key protection units, of which the larger plot Bao Gong is a mural. Into which you That there are 12 murals, painted above, there are 167 images, which are all subjects of religion, Buddha map, four kings and four sub-plans Buddha, Lamaism three plans, such as King Kong, they have different patterns, drawing fine, soft tone, To show the Ming Dynasty Buddhism and Taoism, the integration of Lamaism in Lijiang, such a wide range of religious and cultural Collection and storage is Pak's first feature of the murals. Your attention, there are murals in public at the time of hunting, fishing, metal, wood, textile, and other labor scene, running horse, a flower in full bloom, there are mountains, Tianshe, flowers and birds, such as insects, even painting Of religion and religious figures in the world, charming action , And humane. Secularization of life is a reflection of Pak's second feature of the murals. The murals from the early Qing Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty 200 years, one after another by the Han, Tibetan, Naxi, and other national artist completed one after another, the artist who according to their understanding of the Buddha in the world, at different times, constantly on the mural in the performance of the layers After that both Naxi Dongba religion rough, and the colorful Tibetan Lamaism, and the solemn Buddhist Han Bao phase, the national art exchange and pooling of white sand is the third feature of the murals. Pak ancient buildings riverside tract of the North continue to take the asphalt road, turn left after about five kilometers, about to enter a period of Km of gravel road at the end of a Department of the ancient village, which is in Pak Sha Tsuen, a village before the football field, spread around the stadium where blocks and blocks of the ancient temples of the community building in the Cooper backed appears Cang spectacular color. These are the Ming Dynasty wooden building Tusi regime in its heyday built, you can also watch out Naxi architecture. To the stadium as the center of these temples in the Ming Dynasty buildings position is as follows: the west is a major plot Bao Gong Temple and glass, which is a three-yard, the front door admission, is the first Hall of glass, glazed over Temple, and another inside a Tai Ji Bao Gong, the Zhong Yan, Hong Chang momentum. Wen is to the east of Palace From a distance, like a stage, Wenchang Palace for the binary-type compound, the size of spectacular temples, hospitals and more trees and plants. Dading is to the north and King Kong Pavilion Temple, the Department has carved entry-columns, there are Dianshang Zanjian Ding, Dian-zhong set with marble walls. Herbal medicine clinics in the snow-capped mountains white sand, you have to get to know an authentic Naxi people show old physician and a doctor, his life Gonggeng practice in the countryside, Bianchang hundred snow-capped mountains, its spirit and personality, you unforgettable. Tai Po plot in the Glass Palace and Temple on the south side about 20 meters, a east-west streets, walking along the alleys of the West, will see out the corner of a north-south street, which is Sha Street, North Street and then along the white sand about 50 meters away, on the west side of Jiepang one of the old shop, hanging on the door of "herbal medicine clinics in Yulong Snow Mountain," Mupai. This is a strange clinics, so that domestic and foreign tourists fascinated and come to explore. When you entered the clinic, the master of your taste in preparing the Yao Cha, Okuma with a sweet fragrance back, you will feel the charm of the whole clinic is the master of it - 75-year-old doctor and show people. First of all, a doctor and lived a simple life-style, is full of Naxi, classical and aloof. Less than 10 square meters of area clinics, in front of the wood, papier of old newspapers Face, taken from bags on the floor of the snow-capped mountains of Chinese herbal medicine, as well as doctors and Hefatongyan Face of the image, you are very curious and respect. Second, the unique and doctors to practice thinking - "not a medical ethics" and "No letter drug problems," such as snow-capped mountains as holy and pure, so that a doctor who suddenly physically and mentally. And the doctor " Disease about money, "after reading the disease from his hands, you will receive another pay prescription - and the doctor's hand writing a message, that if home-like care, bring your health is a state of mind. In addition, doctors and the hospitality that he can Naxi language, Chinese, English and you are free to talk, especially a Lee's English surprise you. A lot of friends and doctors, clinics in front of a few big name cards at home and abroad and all kinds of cloth column is reported in the media, you will have great interest in these circumstances, you will be a real, but simple, "rich" Touched by the Naxi people. And the only son of a doctor and the medical industry reference long succession And proficient in English and Japanese, can be seen from him and the spirit of the old doctor's transmission and impact.

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Cheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Yongsheng County, located in the central town 46 kilometers away from the lake 20 kilometers long, north-south, are 4 km wide, the largest water depth of 36.9 meters, 1503 meters above sea surface, the water reservoir 1,987,000,000 cubic meters, covering an area of 77.2 square kilometers, in order to Yunnan West's second-largest freshwater lake, is the world's natural growth spiral One of the three major lakes. Cheng, the ancient river-000, also known as black sea dock. In the mid-ming ago, the lake nanliu more than 30 kilometers into the Jinsha River to form a water-line. After weeks Lake tobacco farmers, increasingly dense, long under water, the land has become a closed lake. Cheng on the formation, "Qian Yong Chi House, "it reads:" mass popular, the Xi-land, a person surnamed Chen's home, overnight into the sea, named. After Chen Yi-way. "Which will be attached to it that is for the new generation of mid-Tertiary (since 1200 Million years ago) Himalayan orogeny form graben fault, in settlement of the Diao-water lake. This lake, and School known as the fall of the lake. Hainan-even period, v., bounded by the three Sichuan Basin, the East-West confrontation on both sides of Castle Peak, the lake like a mirror in a transparent, summer and fall fishing season approaching, carp, white minnow, small fish hook, red-fin fish, carp, and so on, each year Harder to catch than a million. In 1989 the introduction of whitebait in Taihu Lake breeding success, with an annual output of More than 00 tons, and exports products to become. Chenghai Lake in a subtropical climate types, with an average temperature of 18.7 ?, frost-free throughout the year; alkaline water, light enough for fish, algae growth. Every summer, Cheng, there is a singular view, in clear water will be dust-color large drift Complex, which local people call "sweet water surface." The original "Hong surface water" is a reproduction of the depths of the sea water temperature changes as cyanobacteria and somersault to spin off to form a special gathering phenomenon. The natural growth of cyanobacteria, or Spirulina, the protein content of more than 50%, containing eight essential amino acids Carotene and vitamin B12, and so on. United Nations and the World Food Association said, "Spirulina is the 21st century the best of the best high-protein food nutrition and health care." Chenghai Lake in 1988 in the use of water for artificial breeding success of spirulina, Cheng became the world's attention "treasure bowl of blue." Since 1992, Chenghai Lake in Yunnan Province has built facilities such as Prichard Spirulina culture of the four plants with a total investment of 280,000,000 yuan, year-and bath powder capacity of 1,000 tons, the output value of 1.2 billion yuan, to become the world's largest production base of Spirulina . In 1995, Cheng Spirulina has been included in the development of the Provincial Party Committee, provincial Government organizations, the implementation of the "18 biological resources development projects", Yongsheng become the most distinctive pillar industries. Cheng is not only strange aquaculture rich, very beautiful scenery. The ancients had a poem: "Yinhai with scenery, the fishing boat near Mindanao stone; night to the highest, relative fat Poets." Dengzhou tour, but see Shui-Guang Yan, Yan Bo vast; green terraced fields along the coast, an enchanting cottage, as if to enter the territory of the picturesque. Frost-free seasons here, the lake water temperature of 17.6 ? ~ 27.5 ?, clean valuables on the beach in the northern Gulf, for several years, water swimming, lying Min Bonner and become the natural place for winter swimming and entertainment. Hercynian - The existing north-south highway, navigable lake, the boat car parallel, the traffic is very convenient. This cornucopia of beautiful and richly endowed, to be important for the development of tourist resorts.

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