Monday, December 8, 2008

Ganhai son - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camellia 10,000 left Yufeng Temple, the eastbound highway snow-capped mountains to continue traveling north, with the road above sea level change, you obviously feel the climb, climb a mountain, we entered a broad alpine meadow, is the Yulong Snow Shandong Lu Gan Hai's son, away from Lijiang County, about 25 km, 2900 m above sea level, was high Bing Shi lake, then up the snow line, as well as to reduce the water dried up, so called "Dry Lake." Now Ganhai the son of a high altitude meadow surrounded on three sides by mountains, a very broad perspective, the quiet beauty of the environment, Huang Ruo Shangri-la. There are carpet-like grass from the west foot of the Yulong straight to the shop a long horizon, as a whole Meadow, about 4 km, 1.5 km wide, covered with lush grass and low bushes, wild flowers in spring and summer when the dispute over Tu Yan Fang, Muller's gorgeous. Here Wang Yulong Snow Mountain View, fan, and so on steep mountain fresh in our memory, is a unique scene. Yulong Snow Mountain's 13 peaks from north to south Meeting scheduled to open, spectacular towering, silver flashes, particularly steep peak a fan, open like a fan, into the sky, the magnificent. The fine summer, when the sun roof, snow-capped mountains and steep fan on the eastern side of the main peak, there was a slight pan-green plants have to reflect the glaciers, Bing Talin, the ice sheet; sometimes can see the splendor of the avalanche, only The ice and snow in the mountains and rushing, came tumbling phon diarrhea, one after another in an instant triumphantly, such as snowflakes, such as silver, flying all over the sky. In the winter, it is above a quiet white, crystal-like holy show, Feng Wei Yi 13 meandering, as if a vacant jump over the White Dragon, ready at any time into the Jinsha River in the Pentium is always flooded. Ganhai son is a natural meadow pastures, gently undulating terrain, vast meadow strewn on a low pine Yi Keke, you are at the foot of the stretches of grassland and vegetation shade, from time to time there are immediate through yak, highland pastures One Scenery. Chen Zhao vision of snow-capped mountains, the view here is the ideal place to take photographs. The spring of each year Flowers, grass germination, live in sub-Ganhai streams in the vicinity of the Tibetan, Yi, Naxi who herdsmen have to put carpet canopy, riding a high horse, drive a yak, sheep, cattle, grazing meadow. Hai Zi stem from the meadow to the snow line of 4,500 meters, we can see a wide variety of plants, orchids, wild peony, snow , A wide variety; goes yunnanesis tall trees, cedar, fir, gill Li, Li Ma, and so on. From the sub-Ganhai by large cable car, you can reach the high Ski Resort. The ski resort is located in steep east slope of fans, more than 4,500 meters above sea level, which is the world's warmest ski, but also a year in our country ski time Long ski. In addition, there are Hua Sha, Hua Cao, racing, horse racing, and many of the recreational facilities.

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