Monday, December 8, 2008

Walled Shenquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

And falls down, came to the South Side, the only major share of water from a stone, Spewing out pure bright, extremely fresh. At that time, the United States in the Lockerbie Scholars stay in Lijiang, a 28-year-old, white sand, he is an important place. He kiosk-out of God's spring amazed, every time go out to visit, always put on here Drinking water. Even when he left Lijiang. Shenquan Yulong Snow Mountain is on top of the snow melt water, after 2400 meters of rock permeability after Quanyong out, as far as testing it is extremely rare mineral water. Yu kiosk is the Dongba Holy Land, the ancient city of origin. Yu kiosk from the spring water has become the Old Town of Lijiang Artery, it is best spirit of vitality. Naxi Ren love nature, nature worship, the nature of Thanksgiving, has become Shenquan they worship the gods of the natural site. At the beginning of the new year, the Naxi Ren always come here to worship, set up the Department of Dongba ceremony of the festival, pray weather with their divine nature, in the Wugufengdeng .

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