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South Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Lake Scenic Area - Hanzhong Hanzhong South Lake Park is located 17 km southwest of Nanzheng County at the foot of Mt. Hill around the lake seven of eight between the ditch, a beautiful, Jade, Tse Ting Li lying to a beautiful place to visit South Lake, the former strong Chichiawan reservoir, built in 1954, 4 km radius of the area. In recent years, the province , The county invested nearly 500 million, will initially built for the South Lake landscape with the natural landscape of the park known. Get on board the floor, watching the entire lake scenery.

  Evergreen Castle Peak area, over the river, beautiful scenery. "Green Water Castle, Greenfield Zhuhai, Jade" is a unique natural beauty of South Lake, Lake has Shaanxi Lake of the first praise, Hanzhong Mountain is a concentrated expression of those who Xiushui.

  South Lake, the beautiful scenic mountains, seven of eight ditch Leung, 68 mountain areas of the main components of the framework. Scenic Spot tree, evergreen, pine, Parkinson's, bamboo, fir, Guangxi, tea and so on around the hillside, with the green lake echoes Castle have formed a clear water, clean water around the natural beauty of Castle Peak. In 2003 completed a green area as a whole: Ocean Island, the dam, the main attractions on both sides of the road and originality of the greening program, showing excellent results. Green used in sweet-scented osmanthus, cloves, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, Ophiopogon, red azaleas and red leaves Bo and so on with each other, backed each other and play beautiful scenic lighting effects. Not only the beautiful scenic environment, ecological protection and good for all types of plants, birds, animals provide a good ecological environment. Very rich in biological resources, a total of nearly 1,000 species of wild plants, known as "Drug Storehouse natural." Nearly 100 animals In the lake, the forest can be seen flying Niaoque.

  Lake of the main attractions are: get on floor, a hundred gardens, zoos, the Lions Pavilion, Pavilion sargentii, and so on. Scenic areas "into the clean water into the Castle Peak, the day set to show its soul", a broad area waters, dense Gou Shen Lin, Four Seasons flowers, mountains, water, buildings, portfolios Miao, flavor, beautiful grand, constitute a cause of the nostalgic highlights of the water garden. Diaoyutai, Qionghua Court, Shen Yi Gong, get on floor, the Lions Pavilion, the Hall of Jixian ... ... different attitude. Or habitat islands, the lake or lying, or half-frame surface, or into the lake. Both its winding streets, and Yi Qing deep Jedi nirvana, Gordon has view, panoramic view of the Mountain Gao Fu, more suddenly, Qinrenxinpi large screen. Heart Lake on the island of Nanzheng Chuan-Shan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, described the red four-year battle here in front of the story of a hero. You memorial, so that you get to do the patriotic poet of the Southern Song talent. Zoo, Qingnian Gong, a swimming pool, Yang Shan ... ... so obsessed with Valentine's pairs. Lin Ku-area art gallery co-operation with its many years of effort to make the stones ---, Genyi, calligraphy and painting moved to get on floor, enrich and enhance the package on the floor of cultural taste, an increase of scenic spots and cultural connotations. The amusement area within the main project: high-altitude cable slide, Ferris wheel, bumper car Karting, air speed, pirate ships, a dozen categories, such as bungee trapeze. For the rest of the visitors ten tea, free of charge to provide visitors a place to rest white pavilion, Shuixie gallery, visitor centers and so on. Scenic spots for tourists to provide a small motor boats 15, of which there are large cruise ships, luxury boats, assault boats and speed boats; non - Fiberglass boat moving more than 20 only.

  On the basis of the area and improve the supporting facilities. After the transformation of the garden will be a hundred characteristics of the new South Lake has one of the spots, "Xanadu" opened to tourists in the face.

  Beautiful scenic South Lake, Castle Peak hold layers of green water, green water ANGLE around Castle Peak. Who in the meantime, the poems made poetry, painting pen in God, strong interest viewing, the best pictures everywhere. In recent years, the area step by step implementation of the "humane" and stressed "zero defect" and strive to improve service quality and level. To secure a "Green Water Castle, Greenfield Zhuhai, Jade," the South Lake characteristics, so that "South The United States, the United States and the natural, natural beauty, "always remain in the hearts of tourists.

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