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Yulong Snow Mountain Yunshan Ping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baishui He left the black, snow-capped mountains along the river side of the road to go deep in the hinterland, about one kilometer distance, we see a car park, where Yunshan Ping is the lower part of the cable station is located, the Yulong Snow Mountain is located next to the Baishui He Gu Jin Xiu, which Up a direct route to the upper part of the Department of the Spruce Point path along the cliff. Accessibility to Yunshan Ping cable car or on foot mountain in two ways Yunshan Ping cable is about 1,000 meters, up and down elevation of about 300 meters, running about 20 minutes to reach the upper cableway station spruce. If the mountain on foot, mountain and cable accompanied by about reached the end of time about an hour. Yunshan Ping cable Yishanbangshui, whether you take a cable car or on foot mountain, you can Slightly around the landscape, clear Baishui He bottomed out, the two sides green and luxuriant trees, snow-capped mountains are thousands Zhu Feng, backed each other, do you feel is the best feeling at this time. From the upper station to Yunshan Ping, it is necessary to pass through a primeval forest, you will see the tall and straight spruce, a tree attached, the vast Lin, Spruce also hung on a long "beard", some wearing soft and thick layer of "green" and filled with fresh air in the forest. Through the primeval forest on the way for the built of wood, meandering toward the end of the forest, you will find this unique plank road, which paved chestnut, like the path along the cliff, the path along the cliff named Spruce. About it Guard-rails, up and down the ladder there, convenient and full of atmosphere. To you, the foot-path along the cliff, not slippery snow, mud does not rain, comfortable and clean. Multiplied by the Baishui He built on the mountain cable car Hills, just 10 minutes can be sent to you on a cable car station, and then along the forest's wood-based secondary path along the cliff, or get local Girl's family rented pony Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain will be able to reach another nirvana - Yunshan Ping. Yunshan Ping Yulong Snow Mountain is a forest of the eastern side of the grass, about 0.5 square kilometers, about 3,000 meters above sea level. Yu-Ping, such as snow-capped mountains, towering; Yunshan Ping Dai, such as around the city, green and luxuriant. In the surrounding Yunshan Ping Dense forests, towering trees, branches upside down, tree branches beard, Lin Wang was anywhere between the rotten wood, branches Bai Ye, covered with moss, as if not thousands of people to disturb, like a natural paradise. Yunshan Ping boundless vast carried out in the Yulong Snow Mountain, it's tall like a mountain of the white-haired Master sitting The "wilderness" at the end, those huge clouds play in between the applause, the only black Baishui He's lonely and it silently opposite. In the Yunshan Ping tourism, you should pay attention to the following major characteristics: first, the view from near to far, over layers, the three-dimensional landscape, colorful. First, the feet The lawn, and the gentle ups and downs, fell km. Bicao is incessantly in spring and summer, romantic Yamahana, is a yellowing in the autumn, winter will become a silver in the world, the seasons change color, you can get from the United States and the enjoyment. This was followed by the meadow edge of the forest, meadow and the snow-capped mountains form a natural barrier between, in your Line, it SHEN sense of color, such as quietly watch this Shepherd's Meadow. Finally, Yulong Snow Mountain, towering it, spit out the gas down fog, a great figure from the air as if looking down at here, like father like a mother over into the meadow to its embrace. Second, the Galapagos, Naxi Yunshan Ping is holy land, which can pass Legend has it the ideal Naxi Kingdom of Heaven "Yulong a third country." Dongba recorded by the "Yulong third countries", "there is a never-ending wear silk damask Luo, a never-ending eating fresh fruit treasures, could not finish the wine to drink sweet milk, not use up all of the syndicated Sands, red when Ban Hu Sheng Qi, Kok Yin Hua Lu to work, do a fox hound ears wide, tail pictus flowers Herald the break of day. "In the past, wonderful," Yulong a third country, "attracted a number of young Naxi men and women, when their love in the world hampered, they will come Yunshan Ping, both Xunqing. In their view, is to Yunshan Ping" Yulong a third country, "the ideal, this may Xunqing out of trouble in the world, go to Like the land of love. As a result, Yunshan Ping is also a romantic and filled with sorrowful feelings, you along the edge of meadow and forest looking for, there will be a sacred heart and respect. The third is to appreciate the national song and dance, Yunshan Ping around, you will see some dressed in colorful ethnic costumes of the girl in the meadow on their Qinggemanwu between the forest for your trip to the snow-covered meadow hyperchromic luster, you have to learn to identify their clothes: he led the "Pixingdaiyue" Fashion is the Naxi girl, and wearing the hat color line Luo Guo Yi is a girl, you can use Their dress, a stay here, "as the nation", which can be added, a jump Shou Wanshou Ethnic dance. Ma Road, go along, listening to BUZZ Tong-ling, accompanied by repeated claims made by the Horseshoe, you can go very far very far to go very high, you can never disappear out of a reverie of the trip. In an ideal "Yulong a third country," the love of lovers can enjoy lying on the snow to moisten the leaves of flowers, The incomparable Heaven closest to the heaven-sent dew-ying, Mu can be a very simple bringing the moonlight, long Xiangshou until the end.

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