Monday, December 8, 2008

5 weir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

5 weir is a key text of the provincial security units, located in the county, 15 km north of the Hui family Miaozhen 0.5 km southeast Department. Weir cut the Department of abundant water into the river and the irrigation Lanhe Low Dam. Xiu weir is the first time the new era of the Han Wang Mang. 5 weir I have a weir, the weir dam, drainage weir consists of three parts. I first earth building weirs, flood event of collapse , Won Hye-between to the first year (1335 -1340), Yong-Po Chenggu county magistrate will weir to the mouth of the stone, to open at the end of the five drainage holes, the Second East West, like 5, you can hoist, named "5 weir." Kan Xinan weir 20 meters, Chia-ching years, the repair of floor, Taebaek, Yu Ji Temple, the permitted Buchanan has Guanyinge, Leiqi be used stone, was built Daoguangnianjian. In addition, there are temples on the monument water weir 5-over 40.

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