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Yulong Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang are Naxi and the nation in the eyes of a sacred mountain, the Naxi the protection of God, "3" is the embodiment of the Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang has also held a grand annual "Day 3." Nanzhao State Mu Tang Dynasty look for different times, different Nanzhao State main search Mou Yue Feng Shan al, have presented letters for the Yulong Snow Mountain Bukak, to Pak Sha Tsuen north Yuemiao remaining, the yard is still deep, traditional costumes and face the Buddha. Hill pilgrims worship must not in the way. The early years of the Yuan dynasty, Kublai Khan to Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain has been closed "xue Wu Shi Jing Di North Yuean Bang." Yulong Snow Mountain in its charming scenery, and mysterious legends, no one has yet to conquer the virgin peak and Xinchishenwang people.
Yulong Snow Mountain in the Naxi known as the "stone wave ouro", which means silver white sands of rock. The snow-wrapped, continuous 13-feng, like a "Yulong" flying vault, it is known as the "Jade Dragon." Yulong Snow Mountain because of the limestone and lithological mostly basalt, black and white, Also known as "black and white snow-capped mountains."
Yulong landscape Yulong Snow Mountain, Yunnan is the sub-tropical high mountain, from valley to the foot of a mountain peak with the sub-tropical, temperate to frigid zone complete with a vertical natural landscape. Snow rich natural tourist resources, the landscape can be divided into the snow-covered landscape of glaciers, alpine meadow landscape, Before the forest landscape, snow-capped mountains, and other water features.

Thirteen of the whole peak by the snow-capped mountains, north to south were arranged vertically, stretches nearly 50 km east-west width of 13 km.
Thirteen peaks, snow does not Fengfeng, like a row of Yu-zhu tower site, a fan steep peak, 5596 meters above sea level, is the world's Hemisphere, the lowest latitude, the highest mountain above sea level.
Yulong Snow Mountain is not only magnificent, beautiful and tall and straight, refined style, bringing a crystal, such as jade, brilliant as 13 sword, backed by the blue sky, like a silver in the Yulong for the eternal dancing, named Yulong Hill.
Yulong Snow With the season of alternately light and landscape is also volatile. Yun Chung steam fog from time to time, Yulong's hidden Zhaxian, Bitian from time to time, such as water, cloud, like the peaks have been cleaned Yu Ye, like crystal heading dazzling brilliance of snow, "old and no snow, missing the course of events Xiao faint" Brilliant; the beginning of the East Xiao, Dawn cover peak, colorful Ying-rays into Xuefeng, the snow was like crimson shade and Choi Ha flicker; in the evening, clinopyroxene into the Xuefeng Hongsha put on as a major contributing factor, with a sunset clouds, flying to the sink peak Inter-Valley; at night, the moonlight Rongrong, snow Lang Lang Feng, appears to be gentle and quiet.

The snow-covered glacier
Yulong Snow Mountain in the distribution of the Eurasian continent Recently, the equatorial ocean of modern glaciers and Xue-Hai Wen, the full range of types of glaciers, has developed 19 modern glaciers, with a total area of 11.61 square kilometers, "White One" is the most modern ice conditions around the glacier.
"One White," a modern 2.7 km-long glacier, located in the Dragon Snow Mountain peak is at the bottom of the steep fan. Looking from the foot of a mountain, like a fly into the sky falls, it is very shocking. Bing Talin part of the iceberg tongue, like a knife Ji into the sky, the sun's radiation, not white and green, green snow Ren million, as if a huge piece of jade inlaid jasper in the phosphate rocks between Xun, King For the late former vice president of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan Mr. Li Lincan described by the "Green Qi snow." Close to the glaciers, there are only heard, "Hua Lala," the sound of running water, that is after the formation of glaciers melting glaciers. In front of a fan of loud bursts of steep issue, which is issued when the avalanche of sound, as in "rolling snow cattle." Qianwannianlai Steep fan has always been the same, as the glaciers continue to supply the new snow. Vagaries of snow-capped mountains, snow all over the sky from time to time, it is very difficult; surging from time to time, it is somewhat cold; resplendent from time to time, Huangruogeshi can not help but be filled with emotion.
In the dry river dam, dam Desmodium and other places also have different distribution of Ice Age Ancient glacier remains terrain. Dry river dam is located in Dong Lu Yulong Snow Mountain, 3300 meters above sea level, for the typical large-U-Alpine Valley, the valley 300 meters wide, on both sides of the steep limestone, there is the bottom level of ice water sediment bedding. Desmodium dam Yulong Snow Mountain is located in the south, snow north of the village song, for the remains of ancient glaciers, U-Valley, Valley A large rock, there are concave Tong, the Four Seasons water, as a spectacle.
Yulong Snow Mountain glacier is the park to watch "White One" modern glaciers in the best position to visit Glacier Park can take the Yulong Snow Mountain tourism cableway, which is a cable leading to the glacier park, set foot in the snow-covered snow, visit the "Green Qi Xue," the only , 3356 meters above sea level from the Department to enhance fan main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is steep below 4506 meters above sea level, cable length of 2911 m, 1150 m vertical elevation. Be visible along the vertical with the natural landscape, overlooking Ganhai son, Baishui He, Maoniuping, Yunshan Ping, and other attractions.
Yulong mountain meadow Hill tourist area distribution Yunshan Ping, Maoniuping or Ping Lu, Pierluigi Collina, and other big alpine meadow, with the most Yunshan Ping characteristics.
Yunshan Ping is not only a high mountain meadow, or Naxi myths and legends known as the "third country Yulong" Xunqing place when young men and women of the Naxi love in the world by Obstruction, it will be here both Xunqing. Yunshan Ping area of about 1000 square meters, square and flat meadow with ups and downs, it is natural mountain pastures. Four Seasons Yunshan Ping varied scenery, romantic Yamahana spring, summer Bicao pain, a golden autumn, winter will become a silver in the world. Is a large meadow on the edge The dense spruce forest, meadow and the snow-capped mountains form a natural barrier between it SHEN sense of color, like silently watch this meadow of an old shepherd. Jessica lying on the grass, looking at that blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped mountains, cloud feel perplexed about their activities with the Hill, mountain cloud with the transfer, trance, sleep has been out of this world, gradually into fairyland. From then on, really Isolation, sleep here forever. Lijiang Zheju 27-year-old American writer who geographic Joseph Locke in the Lay Dying, had written to tell his friends: "Rather than lying on the hospital bed, I would rather return to that beautiful dance in particular the sleep "(Yunshan Ping in the Naxi language, known as" particularly the dance "). Plateau is the Yulong Snow Mountain Ranch Maoniuping scenic spots have been developed by one of the Maoniuping in Naxi language, known as the "get-like", meaning "beautiful and mysterious paradise." Here the flowers in the summer, groups of yak, is a typical alpine meadow landscape, filled with rich ethnic customs. Maoniuping streams and rivers Associated with the natural quiet of the primeval forest for the group, structured, and colorful. Pingshang in the concept of "peak Yulong 13", saw year-round Fengfeng Piyun Dicey, as if a dragon flying volley, Yulong majestic panoramic view.
Yulong Snow Mountain forests, high mountains of China as the treasure house of animals and plants, distribution Article landscape with natural vegetation. Lijiang spruce forests are forests, Lijiang hemlock, Tsuga Yunnan cross-leaved mixed forest, glands and hair room Rhododendron azalea bush throat to form a unique natural landscape with the vertical.
Lijiang, one of spruce forest, forest beautiful landscape, located in east slope of 3 to Baishui He gently along the Bay of Ridge or mountain basin (3100-3300 meters above sea level). One of the most prominent Yunshan Ping Forest Park (3200 meters), where trees grow well, beautiful forests and tidy, dark green appearance, often stratified structure of uneven-aged forest. Lijiang to the upper spruce dominated, and there are mixed fir Abies, Sichuan and Yunnan Cedar, oak yellow background, and so on. The second floor of the main tree species are Lin Cheng-hong, Yoo powder back, Acer Lijiang, the old West Catalpa, Sorbus, such as Sichuan and Yunnan. Understory shrub layer cover about 50%, to bamboo, rhododendron, Yunnan, brown-red rhododendrons, La-Mu Li Ping, Han Long honeysuckle, Lonicera Sichuan, and other more common types of plants. Herb-storey 0.1-0. M, cover 40% -50%.
Yulong Snow Mountain water features scenic snow-capped mountains distribution Baishui He has, more than 10 months Heishui He and Stephen Tam. Gurgling water clear, transparent and clean water, blue sky, white clouds, green trees, Xuefeng like a tube into the mirror, constitute a wealth of water features. Snow Mountain St. pool, Baishui He and three River, silk curtain fell into the water like a waterfall of silk screens, look like the wind shaking the cauda equina of the cauda equina, and so on are all wonderful waterfall. One of the most wins among black Baishui He.
In the north-Ganhai, at the foot of Yunshan Ping, an outflow of water from the snow-capped mountains, clear, clear, as a result of the end for Whitehead, the water flow, named "Baishui He" Department of snow-capped mountains of snow melt river water, and then filtered through rock, formed by the springs gush. Baishui He winds from west to east, not far from the snow-capped mountains and out of another river, that is, as a result of underwater gravel to mostly black, named "Heishui He" convergence of the river and eventually come together to form a "black Baishui He." Ice-cold water, even in the summer, If he connected with barefoot, can not put up with that feeling of biting. Lush trees along the river, there are a number of cross-strait cliff cave, food reverie.
Yulong Snow Mountain from birth to a million years old black-and-white snow water, it has a special Naxi ethnic feelings, Dongba Classic "Lu Lu Rao as" volume in a black and white to explain things in the world that To reconcile the yin and yang, confuse right and wrong, it will be a harmonious and orderly world.
Have been developed Yunshan Ping Forest Park, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier Park, Maoniuping alpine meadow pasture, and other tourist attractions, and invest in the construction of a cableway Yunshan Ping tourism, the Yulong Snow Mountain tourism cableway, and so on. At the same time, investment in the building for visitors , Housing and shopping corridors Balayogi East demand for leisure and entertainment needs of the guests Yulong Snow Mountain Golf Club. Gradually formed a sub-Ganhai as the center, set sightseeing and leisure travel in one resort. January 11, 2001, was named the first national AAAA level scenic spots. "Master Li goods to be the highest goods, the board shall be the highest mountain top," to visit Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain is a mandatory item.

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