Monday, December 8, 2008

Danxia scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Old Town of Lijiang from the start to the Yangtze River town of Shek Kwu Wan in the first, Sujiangershang 50 km, and then along the Hexi Gold into the village 30 km, in the middle of Laojunshan Dong Lu, where the distribution of southwest China's only Danxia Wonders. Lao legend in the not too distant from here on Laojunshan Alchemy, a rocky ledge that is immortal flame Direct spread far, so this will have a color match of the Dan Chu Red sandstone. It set in the vast forest of green leaves, more Cuicanduomu. Science has proved that as a result of Danxia landform of rock containing iron oxide, so Dan was red. That the landscape was first discovered in Guangdong Renhua county Danxia Mountain, as a result of rocks ", such as color Dan, Canruo Mingxia, "named after. It is a red conglomerate layer in a strong geological movement was broken, erosion, weathering, and the formation of the steep cliffs of red, deep Gu Feng, and other forms of the landscape. Laojunshan Lijiang Danxia The landscape of the main distribution area at dawn Lisu autonomous territory of the township, including the Dawn, Le Quang, the United States Area of the three villages, with a total area of 240 square kilometers, accounting for 43% of the area of the township, which is equivalent to 1.4 Danxia in Guangdong Hill, is the largest and most complete development of Danxia. Dawn Danxia scenery is not only widely distributed, large area, and spectacular mountains, magnificent scenery, a typical development, with a top-level Are steep, obviously Lu delay characteristics. In all of the natural landscape, the most surprising to count thousands of Kameyama, cliffs and the Big Buddha, "the sun three ups and three downs" of the landscape. Liming Village in the south-west, there are a lot of red rock weathering the surface to form a beautiful crack-like (turtle shells, pineapple-like) structure, such as a slope-shaped small 10,000,000 Also composed of a large tortoise, and in an orderly array of natural, as if the sun to rise toward orient the road, called Red Dawn scenery in a way. Southern office of the village at dawn about 60 meters next to the bridge, a giant red cliffs, if a sitting of the Mid Giant Buddha, it seems to make things look great. Redstone Street at dawn in the middle, can be seen from where they stand A red Gecheng sandstone jagged peak to the sky, the morning before and after the winter solstice, the sun from the first rise amid rising between the lateness of the hour, but walking in the air less than an hour, came to a another rise amid; legitimate for people to gorge on this Short of amazing moment, a second magnificent rise amid the talk about inter-release 10,000 golden light. So Ring back and forth, forming a three day dawn sunset strange scene. Scenic areas within the Lisu customs and customs are also very unique charm. Shanqingshuixiu in a small river, a hospital layout of the house Rectifying the Muleng Fang, quiet simplicity. It is the dizzy red rock on top of Red Cliff, hanging with a rattan ladder climbing honey The scene, absolutely breathtaking, so amazing the audience speechless. If the Lisu people to be a guest host will be roasted by the fragrant tea pot soil, Huang Cheng Cheng's Buckwheat honey dip Baba hospitality, it is memorable.

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