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Beam River Ancient Town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beam River, said the Naxi language, "Shao dock", as a result of the village after the Jubao Stackable Yamagata as the peak to the village of Hill 000, down from mutation, which means "under the peak of the village."
It is located 4 kilometers northwest of Lijiang ancient city, is in the Lijiang Naxi ancestors in Ba Zi one of the earliest settlements, the Tea Horse Road is a well-preserved on the re - Market towns, but also from the Naxi ancestors to the business of farming civilization of over-civilized living specimens, is opening to the outside world and the formation of the activities of the Caravan of building a model town, in 1997 by UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage" Old Town of Lijiang an important part of the .
The ancient town of 2440 meters above sea level, the core area of the 5 square kilometers, Jin Qianhu people, about 3,000 people. Geographical coordinates: latitude 26 degrees 55 minutes N and 100 degrees 12 minutes. The average annual temperature is 12.6 degrees, the highest temperature (extreme) 32.3, the lowest temperature (extreme) 7.5 degrees below zero. For the July-September rainy season, for the rest of the dry season. Climate : Big temperature difference between day, the temperature difference in small, distinct wet and dry seasons.
Danfeng place with books
Beam sitting River east of the West, Leeward Xiangyang, to the village after the Yulong Snow Mountain foothills Yu Mo, Qi Shan Shui Sau, lush vegetation, white sand rocks in Fenghuangshan foot house there for Lijiang's place of origin of wood, rivers and mountains shaped beam to be changes, was auspicious The elephants, Kan Family known as the "book containing Danfeng place," predicted prosperity and cultural prosperity.
Qingquan town
LIU Yin deep in a village north Jiuding, two of the Longtan River dredging, clear spring water, shimmering, the water system is divided into three rivers, along Fangqianwuhou, Tanabe garden wear and flow, so that the beam he mountain fastness of both surprising And the water show Leather town
Due to the development of the Tea Horse Road, have had a variety of commodities demand, to the Ming Dynasty, by inviting a group of Tusi's wood craftsman Jiangnan, he settled beam, and since then, becoming the Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet and the region at the junction of the famous "village cobbler" Produced shoes, saddle, leather, thread, iron, bamboo, etc. River craftsmen can be found in Yunnan Tea Horse Road around every corner.
Cha Ma remains
The ancient stone bridge, stone-smooth roads, high penetration of the Stone launched, the first horse pot of luxury, and saddle, Ling Ma, lantern, paper bag, butter barrels, as well as from India, Nepal, Tibet, a variety of goods, Ask this up , A Pina allows you to Fu Xiang.
Totem farming
Cattle in the ancient village and vigorous strides in line, like the food industry, Lin in Qinglong-frame is erected, constitutes a farming culture of the Naxi totem signs.
Eight beam River

Yanliupingqiao night market Yinghuo Moon Dragon Snow Mountain reflected sound out Duanbei Western Hills Water Fish family leaves Shek Lin Talk
Tsing Lung Bridge
Chao-Ming Wanli of the Tsing Lung Bridge, 400 years ago, it is the western-Baoshan, the Tsing Lung Bridge-axis is at Baoshan, which is the design of Tusi's wood, wood is also the heyday of Tusi's Landmarks. Long 5 meters, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters high, all the stones from Lei Qi, as most of Lijiang ancient stone bridge, the beam can be seen in the Lijiang River in the history of economic and cultural situation in the occupied an important position. The Tsing Lung Bridge, after hundreds of years of wind and rain wash it become mottled old, but not lose its momentum and solemn hero heavy sense Station Here, you might hear the voice of the Horseshoe in response.
There is also a popular story: Tibetan Buddhist master Ge Mama to catch up with a devil, one step from here to cross the Yulong Snow Mountain, on the bridge was a fairy footprints. Spring season, the bridge banks of the willow grow new leaves, like yarn such as tobacco, as if The color wave to be rushed to the bridge table, the beam that is in another eight River King: "Yanliupingqiao."
Square Street
But the length and width of 30 meters, there are five roads leading to all directions, surrounded by water, for the Japan-China city of Lijiang was Bazi one of the oldest markets. In ancient times, he's Square Street on the beam with City, as people today like to walk through the city in the Square Street, the stop-and-go want to see strange, to eat their own little things to eat like you to participate in the games, hand Juzhe Shou Guang Yeshi were of hydrogen, through the Dragon River, such as fireflies Summer Night, has become a landscape called "night market Yinghuo", included in the Eight one of the river.
Longquan foot of towering old trees, a good build-up of water Jiuding Longtan, crystal clear water, water Man Wu, Happy fish, which reflected on the Yulong Snow Mountain, money haughty attitude, endless artistic conception and become beam eight of the river is another King: snow-capped mountains reflected .
Tan Bian Duanbei part of a year Can not test, with a rock percussion, will issue a clear voice, he is a bundle of Eight "Duanbei out the sound." However, in order to protect the landscape, or you do not knock it.
Tan Zhong fish is the favorite of visitors to view. They were not afraid, when feeding, have plans to make mandatory dispute - Passing the water poured into the face of those who fed, the intimacy between man and fish get along so few and far between, these scenes were included in the bundle River Eight, known as "water fish loved ones."
Longtan top of a temple there, known as the "three-Shing Temple", dedicated to Kuan Yin Temple of the West, North Building dedicated to Dragon King, South tanner honors founder Sun Bin. East Building Floor Directly into the water on three sides have corridors for visitors to view lean on a railing. Here, far and near panoramic scenery, Tianchou Green Run, smoke curl upwards, contend Ji Quan, vibrant, one idyllic, poetic unlimited, it is away. In particular, is out on the night of full moon Denglou the most flavor, often seekers can explore for months Poetry and painting, was legendary. Cijing River in the beam of Eight called "Dragon Moon."

Hexi beam in the mountains there are a lot of sumac. Every autumn, the bright red leaves, brilliant autumn, the feast for the eyes. Eight beam in the river, called "Western Hills Red", the most moving.
Hexi beam south of the mountain Song Yun is the village of Shek Lin are behind the mountain, there is a mountain cave, like a tiger's mouth open, in order to Zhenzhu Tiger's power and prestige, the local people in the construction of a temple cave, called Shek Lin Monastery, which is a pillar The Shuanzhao chained. The Republic of China has done for the night school, scholars fire Wai night time, became a landscape, called "Shek Lin Reading Night", included in the bundle River Eight.

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