Monday, December 8, 2008

Yulong Snow Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Snow Mountain by cable directly to the main peak snow-capped mountains are steep fan at the bottom of the upper part of the station, exports will see a broad natural ski, which is located in steep east slope of a fan, at an elevation of 4500-4700 m between. Snow ski seasons, 1,000 meters long east-west and north-south 600 meters wide. This is the best to you The snow-capped mountains to the highest point in looking up the rise to reach the nearest main peak of the steep fan, although in sight, but it is 5596 meters above sea level, is the world's most difficult climb of the peak must, still a virgin peak, domestic There were 17 foreign mountaineering expedition to climb failed. Stand ski You can also look at the landscape around the snow-capped mountains, sub-Ganhai the foot of the mountain, and Baishui He, Yunshan Ping, and so on Maoniuping panoramic view. In the ski, you can set foot Xue-Hai, where the snow quality pure, crystal color, no pollution, grasping the entrance of snow, fresh clean feeling, Yamashita unparalleled on earth. You can also visit the modern Chuan Qi concept, here is my type of ice a full range of natural museum. Glacier for the color of aquamarine color, you are standing on the edge of a ski resort in the east down to watch, the upper glacier covered with snow, made the edge of the green, while the middle is a blue. Its irregular shape for the prismatic, about 2 meters high, the feeling is down from the peak The line suddenly stopped, the formation of an East-West width of 30 meters, 100 meters north-south length Bing Talin in the world. Finally, here is a look at cloud the enjoyment of the strange, because the high elevation, clouds from the past, the snow-capped mountains rising cold, warm room, creating a cloud of Wanduan changes in the cloud seems to be performing for you It quickly deformation, portfolio continuously, floated for a while, being trapped for a while, people carried away the feeling here is real.

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