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Snow Pak Mong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cross the mountains in the vast Lin, a shade of a seat by the magnificent snow-capped mountains. This is a well-known National Nature Reserve, in its lofty broad-minded, the Yunnan golden monkey, clouded leopard and other rare birds and animals in harmony, free of the proliferation of survival; yew, yellow azalea flowers constitute Lin's wonderful landscape. , Has stunning scenery of the four seasons: spring, the ice-covered thousands of miles and miles Xuepiao, the sacred land of snow and customs take you into a world of getting back to basics; summer snow melt deglaciation, the High Mountain and Flowing Water Everywhere, bright beautiful azaleas , Contend birds in the forest, playing Qunhou; in the fall and is a colorful fairy tale world -- Is the snow-capped mountains in the distance, the solemn and quiet, during the Ching Ming autumn air, very high, very white, very far; snow-capped mountains, as do Lin into the Autumn, the warm red, bright yellow, deep green in Linhaixueyuan ... ... , The distribution of the scattered villages in Tibetan, they live on from generation to generation at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, day after day, year after year, devout They worship with this in mind ... ... Kamiyama vast white snow-capped mountains (also known as the White Horse Snow Mountain) National Nature Reserve is located in the south extension of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the middle part of the mountain cross, Yunling mountains east slope of the northern section, Deqin County, Diqing South-east. Has been extended to a total area of 270,000 hectares, the largest in Yunnan Province to protect the Yunnan Wire monkey, and so rich in wildlife and alpine plants, such as for the purpose. Protection of the terrain in the region from the northwest to the southeast gradually tilt the mountain and Podou, deep valley. Zara to the highest peaks in Nepal bird peak, 6540 meters above sea level; if a minimum of Xia Township, 2080 meters above sea level, climate vertical differences and form a very strong sense of three-dimensional gas And the characteristics of the type of value. Depending on the level above sea level, the vertical distribution of a mountain stream vegetation Beach, alpine meadow scrub vegetation, sub-alpine dark coniferous forest, coniferous forest, pine forest in Yunnan, where there is more to preserve intact the mainly coniferous forest in the mountains of cold Primeval forest, is a typical cross-sectional mountain canyon. The main protection zone Jinsha River and its tributaries have a flow-chu r. Pakistan. Snow White Mang Nature Reserve, there are drunk people Shenmi landscape. In winter, ice-covered thousands of miles, Xuepiao miles, the Tour can enjoy a taste of the snow-covered style. Snow White Mang summer, snow and ice melt, the High Mountain and Flowing Water Everywhere, bright beautiful azaleas, forest birds are light-ming, Qunhou Show. In the fall, white snow-capped mountains of the vast natural landscape do not even have Qingzhi. In the quiet on the Yunnan-Tibet Highway, it was in the middle of rich, the landscape in Ruzuiruchi. Special intoxicated people from far to near the show is the kind of tone-on on the strong sense of three-dimensional. Snow-capped mountains in the distance is, in the fall of the Ching Ming air, very high, very Very far. In such a lofty rise amid the magnificent, as do Lin into the Autumn, red, yellow and green orderly level, in particular, it Ruxia fiery red autumn leaves, like the soul of the snow-capped mountains, play hard and show a sentimental gesture People Shen Wu Lin deep mountains of bold warm. Bush covered with the snow on the meadow grass tea cloth; If the settlement is in the pipeline through the sea, as if the soul of snow-capped mountains. Exposure to them, so that there is a feeling of getting back to basics. Yunnan-Tibet highway cut through protected areas, the highest in Yunnan Province for the road segment, the protected areas in the hinterland of the winter ice-covered snow in general Yam, from December to June the following year General Motors can not pass Summer and fall tour is the vast white snow-capped mountains in the best season, this time along the roads to melt snow and ice everywhere gurgling streams, such as Chi-azalea, forest birds light-ming, Qunhou play, it is heading Shen Chi fans. Protected areas open to visitors, Gongkayakou can watch the animals. 117 km of plant specimens can be visited park. 1 8 km along the community can watch the fir and azalea flowers. 138 km road to the highest point of view can be snow-capped mountains and forest scenery. White Snow Mountain Nature Reserve in the vast lofty broad-minded, a number of rare birds and animals in harmony, free to reproduce to survive, nature has a broad and peaceful atmosphere. Here State protection for a class of animals, the clouded leopard, snow leopard, black deer, golden eagle, and so on, there is more volume and variety of monkeys, monkeys, lesser panda, golden cat, Jin Qianbao, red deer, sambar, Tufted deer, stone Marten, blue sheep, snow mountains, white chicken, chicken of Cu, Bai Peng, pheasant Kok, Hong pheasants, as well as countless leopard cat, Cat, black bear, brown bear, cranbrooki, badger, fox, rabbit and a variety of birds, animals worthy of a theme park. That the vast Lin, the trees are unique to state protection Lancang yellow cedar, red cedar fruit, Picea fir, hemlock, Yunnan, yew, rhododendron, such as yellow, yellow azalea particularly rich in species, constitute Lin Hua The wonderful landscape. Snow White Mang in the nature reserve of arms can also look for Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, Zhimu, Tianma, Picrorhizae, costas, rhubarb, and other rare and valuable drug. Snow White Mang fell peaks, the grand gesture, the magnificent, snow-capped mountains at the foot of the generations to live in the hearts of the Tibetan people is a sacred elephant . Kamiyama Jingzhi for them, as long as this through, around world to pay homage to the. Some of the devout pilgrims, and even sleep lying down the mountain for a few days go. Snow White Mang Yakou, erected a huge Mani Dui, Qinghui, the sum of black stones pay pedestrians from the record of the vast white snow-capped mountains that the devout. By Fan Juan in the cold wind, snow Cross, Jing Fan has long faded, illegible text, but attendance ran without looking back to the Song Nian Zhen Jing 6 ... no ... the human spirit of the natural landscape is boring. Yakou a depopulated the snow-capped mountains, because of the Mani Dui, with the fluttering Jingfan, and the rich spirituality. In accordance with Tibet Buddhist rules, an out-and-out in the Tibetan over the vast white snow-capped mountains Yakou, should be readily pick up a stone, on the Mani Dui, and then solve the braided head, and allowed to disperse in the wind. He would recite aloud by the book, recorded a loud call for God and the hands of the blue sky scattered trees to express their respect for the gods. It was Dialogue with nature, man and God is the exchange. Looking into the distance, the snow on the ground tea, such as thin white silk, in fact, it is a mountain of yellow and white moss-type plant, in the Lijiang and Zhongdian, that the streets are paved in the sale of natural beverages, it seems Acquisition is not easy; no place to another, the Health and numerous low-Congcong The jungle, it is high mountain azalea.

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