Monday, December 8, 2008

Su Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Su Garden is located in the western part of the ancient city of Hanzhong City, covers an area of 120 mu, by the Suzhou Garden Design Institute designed built for people to travel, leisure, ornamental garden into a comprehensive arts landscape. Collection of plants in the park, old trees and rare stones root, with the construction of the Ming and Qing style furniture and furnishings, combined The layout of the exquisite combination of creativity, so that the water around, many of the trees and bridges, pavilions skillfully integrated, all reflected in the small southern charm. Water is the soul of the garden. SU Jing-Yuan Yuan in the water, whether it is for visitors to the fishing ponds, or the faint of the clean water around the park, all revealed a-ling . Stone is a garden of the soul. SU Jing Li in the garden with all kinds of stones, people head to look up, the small people to play down from the sky to the Choi Wan's mountains and rivers of flowing water, birds from the sky to the ground and the animals, all in all the world's And without all the rock performance for visitors to enjoy the meantime, the imagination to play. Su Garden planted with rare trees of different colors, on behalf of the Hanzhong dry lotus flower, the plum blossom in full bloom Ao-xue, long the cherry blossoms, the 100-day Hong Bian Lagerstroemia, there are ten fragrance of the Han Gui. In which tea or entertainment, do not really have a style.

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