Monday, December 8, 2008

South River Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South River Scenic Spot, the provincial capital of Shaanxi is located in the southern suburbs of de-County at the northern foot shallow valley mouth, from Chenggu County, 15 km, 16 km Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province in 1993 was approved as a provincial-level People's scenic spots. Goro related to the scope of the South River Reservoir, east from Toriyama, the west slope Wen days, as far south as dawn Temple North Temple in Songshan sector, the scenic area of 105 square kilometers, the lake area of 2.7 square kilometers, up to 8,000 hectares of green vegetation, hung, the surprising show of the Plaza 54 peaks, deep ravines, the long and tortuous waters, fish Niaofei Xiang, the Four Seasons in Bloom Du Yan. South River Scenic Spot, a scenic resource Thick alone, Hanzhong as crown of the basin, a vast cultural radiation Shen far-reaching plot. Initial option hotels, villas, resort, water park, colorful CITY, hunting, drinking business district, the area of religious belief, such as the development of 15 projects are now available on more than 1000 million for the hotel and leisure district, the heart Island Lake ( Island adventure, Choi never sleeps) Water Recreation Area, the area of religious belief of the capital.

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