Monday, December 8, 2008

Xing Lin Wen soil wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

João at the Xingwen town village 2 km south of Swallow Yan, an area of about 60 acres, is located in Yongsheng county road near the Chenghai. This land is only one entrance Lin, Shagou along dirt roads to explore, such as the dense forest soil peak, thousands of modeling show. Some, like Castle, and some, such as palaces, like some animals, like some human form Vivid, eye-openers. Lin Chung soil there are bamboos, fragrant grass Guteng, Yamadori Nabi, decorate a vitality here, like in the fairy tales. It is said that this piece of land in the formation of Lin Ching Ming six years (1511). Yongsheng then, there have been about eight a great quake, mountain Collapsed down, the rain also washed away along the stream corrosion cracks to deepening, widening and extension of the soil to form columns. Clay, sand and gravel mixed condensation from the soil column have been erosion, sedimentation layer of calcium, iron bare cement, forming a natural roof, and to protect the earth's peak body, so as to the formation of a strange Concept, to stay long in the world for people to watch. Xing Lin Wen soil next to the wonders of the moon also fields. This piece of farmland along the lines full moon phases of the moon bureau, for the middle of the month, both sides are Xiaxian tighten until the beginning of the end of the month, from New Moon to look, and Wang Dao by the Schomburg, readable, it is said never. Lin soil around the beautiful scenery In particular the wind Nuan spend time fill the fields pink pear white, good scenery, visitors can not.

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