Monday, December 8, 2008

Cheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Yongsheng County, located in the central town 46 kilometers away from the lake 20 kilometers long, north-south, are 4 km wide, the largest water depth of 36.9 meters, 1503 meters above sea surface, the water reservoir 1,987,000,000 cubic meters, covering an area of 77.2 square kilometers, in order to Yunnan West's second-largest freshwater lake, is the world's natural growth spiral One of the three major lakes. Cheng, the ancient river-000, also known as black sea dock. In the mid-ming ago, the lake nanliu more than 30 kilometers into the Jinsha River to form a water-line. After weeks Lake tobacco farmers, increasingly dense, long under water, the land has become a closed lake. Cheng on the formation, "Qian Yong Chi House, "it reads:" mass popular, the Xi-land, a person surnamed Chen's home, overnight into the sea, named. After Chen Yi-way. "Which will be attached to it that is for the new generation of mid-Tertiary (since 1200 Million years ago) Himalayan orogeny form graben fault, in settlement of the Diao-water lake. This lake, and School known as the fall of the lake. Hainan-even period, v., bounded by the three Sichuan Basin, the East-West confrontation on both sides of Castle Peak, the lake like a mirror in a transparent, summer and fall fishing season approaching, carp, white minnow, small fish hook, red-fin fish, carp, and so on, each year Harder to catch than a million. In 1989 the introduction of whitebait in Taihu Lake breeding success, with an annual output of More than 00 tons, and exports products to become. Chenghai Lake in a subtropical climate types, with an average temperature of 18.7 ?, frost-free throughout the year; alkaline water, light enough for fish, algae growth. Every summer, Cheng, there is a singular view, in clear water will be dust-color large drift Complex, which local people call "sweet water surface." The original "Hong surface water" is a reproduction of the depths of the sea water temperature changes as cyanobacteria and somersault to spin off to form a special gathering phenomenon. The natural growth of cyanobacteria, or Spirulina, the protein content of more than 50%, containing eight essential amino acids Carotene and vitamin B12, and so on. United Nations and the World Food Association said, "Spirulina is the 21st century the best of the best high-protein food nutrition and health care." Chenghai Lake in 1988 in the use of water for artificial breeding success of spirulina, Cheng became the world's attention "treasure bowl of blue." Since 1992, Chenghai Lake in Yunnan Province has built facilities such as Prichard Spirulina culture of the four plants with a total investment of 280,000,000 yuan, year-and bath powder capacity of 1,000 tons, the output value of 1.2 billion yuan, to become the world's largest production base of Spirulina . In 1995, Cheng Spirulina has been included in the development of the Provincial Party Committee, provincial Government organizations, the implementation of the "18 biological resources development projects", Yongsheng become the most distinctive pillar industries. Cheng is not only strange aquaculture rich, very beautiful scenery. The ancients had a poem: "Yinhai with scenery, the fishing boat near Mindanao stone; night to the highest, relative fat Poets." Dengzhou tour, but see Shui-Guang Yan, Yan Bo vast; green terraced fields along the coast, an enchanting cottage, as if to enter the territory of the picturesque. Frost-free seasons here, the lake water temperature of 17.6 ? ~ 27.5 ?, clean valuables on the beach in the northern Gulf, for several years, water swimming, lying Min Bonner and become the natural place for winter swimming and entertainment. Hercynian - The existing north-south highway, navigable lake, the boat car parallel, the traffic is very convenient. This cornucopia of beautiful and richly endowed, to be important for the development of tourist resorts.

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