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French Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Dongbi books as Li Yang, Xiang Xiao-Bi Bi lake. Feng Chang Cai Xuan why dream Tianzi book for the JI Xiang Yun. Xiu-out all Luan Jian, do Hangyunliushui article. Chunxue Genius title while you're only Letter as a rafter generous. " This is the best portrayal of the writing of the peak. Jubi off against the blue sky and sea to writing as a pool of Nongmo, Baozhan Cents can write down and Hao Yan Zhuang, piety and dedication to write. Hill writing Lijiang, located in the tourist areas of the south-west dam Hill writing, language known as the "ask Luna," which means "Black Rock Bank", 4350 meters above sea level, with the North to the Yulong Snow Mountain in Vicenza, the leading position. Yamagata, such as writing a Jubi against the clouds, very Toshihide, named. Writing writing to fall back on the foot of the sea, like a pool of Bi-Mexican waves, mountains, water, water, Ying Shan, the "T" and "Mexico" an integral whole, each other. It is said that Lijiang was prosperity, Wen Mo, is full of talents, because the writing James Hill, writing the sea "Aura."
Mountain View, writing By 12 spots, with Wen-feng as the main representative of the Temple.
Temple Wen-feng in 1999 was classified as "Expo 99" spots opening to the outside world, the same year, Lijiang writing Shan Tourism Development Corporation began to invest in recovery and protection of tourism infrastructure construction, Wen-feng make the re-emitted in Tibetan Temple Education and the Holy Land and colorful tourist destination.
Hill writing the traditional tourist attractions of Lijiang is a religious holiday resorts and tourist spots, where not only the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism Lijiang demonstrate multi-cultural magic charm, and its extraordinary outstanding natural landscape attracts people of the world. Not only does it have the temple, Ling-dong Hall sit-in, Shenquan, Stone St., Lake Sang Najia, and other religious tourist attractions; also maintained a good natural simplicity of the landscape of forests and vegetation, is the modern tourist resorts.
Wen-feng of the famous temple of Tibetan Buddhism holy Temple Wen-feng, sits the beautiful writing in the hinterland Hill. Wen-Feng Shan Temple is located in the hinterland of writing, was founded in 2004 Qianlong (1739), Tibet Gamagaju (White Sect) Sibao to the king of Lijiang, Zhifu asked school officials announced that the topic of the temple built and will last for five years, cultivated itself. Light years (1828) hall renovation, the Tibetan name, "Lin Sang Najia table." Meaning "secret Education and the holy land of the Lotte La Masi, "after the temple has been renamed Wen-feng. Prosperous period in the history of public housing had five homes, 24 Sengfang hospital, up to hundreds of monks, the size of Lijiang, home of the first temple. Sengfang the existing hall and the Second Hospital. Zhongyan hall pavilion for the three-building, space is the grand hall, as high as 4 meters. Terauchi Buddha statues, murals and old and valuable trees, especially in the Camellia, the famous fir. Temple weeks Cangmi tsugae, gurgling streams, fresh air and quiet environment, the resort is still around.
Wen-feng Temple Gamagaju Northwest Yunnan is China's 13 largest faction of Tibetan Buddhism's highest academic institution temple, where to get "all Palestinians" degree Lama, must be not far away from the Temple Church staged a sit-in staged a sit-in day and night for three years at 3:45 on March 3 in order to be eligible presided over the funeral. Temple Wen-feng, not only in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet region is quite famous, but also in India, Nepal, Myanmar and other countries of the Buddhist community also have a certain influence.
In 1956, the release of Buddha Muni's relic (tooth), then from Myanmar to China, on August 8, Wen-feng usher in a temple relic of Buddha, held an unprecedented welcome the relic of the ceremony has become an important event in the history of Buddhism, but also to make Wen-feng put on the Temple The brilliant colors of religion.
October 19, 1986, the 10th Panchen Lama Kyrgyzstan does Bainqen Master came to Wen-feng Gyaincain Wen-feng temple to temple to temple in the Tibetan language to write "rain forest law", given to the Temple "on the division Benzun all portrait of Buddha," and 11 master portrait, as the Temple Treasures collection.
Old trees around the temples all over the rich, Jade, fresh air; dense forests, Can take shelter from the wind and summer can enjoy the cool air, quiet environment. By the "South Island of Hope in the first hole," Aura, practitioners can be hard to say Shenwu Buddha, "Yuantong top crown."
Legend has it that, here's an inside Blackstone possession of the keys to open the door to heaven. If you want to worship the Buddha Statue at the Gyejoksan must first burn incense and the "key to "After the return to worship and then to the" key. "Day after day, year after year, coming and going of men and women, one after another keep the devout believers, Blackstone has bright, hard to say long-cherished wish has come true.
South Island of Hope in the first hole in the Si Hou Wen-feng in the mountains there is a soul-dong, east portal, the hole Lek drops of clear spring, unusually clean, Buddhism is on the music legend King Kong and King Kong Haimu place to play. It is said that Tibetan Buddhism Ga Jupai Karmapa Lama Karma all the way from Tibet to Yunnan, three crossing the Jinsha River, and finally found the magical beauty of Lijiang. Buddhist classics in the world is divided into four major continents of the Department, that is, God Dongsheng Island Department of possible South Island, West Island cattle drive, all Luzhou North. It is said that the Department of possible South Island 24 "Zhidong the gods" and the first of which is the hole Jiang Wenfeng Li-Ling Monastery. Hole on the wall before the title of "the South Island of Hope in the first hole," Bayu 6 and a few lines, depending on the built-Ling Wen-ge (Hall sit-in), for example NW Yunnan to send 13 to drink has been great Lama Si A "Gelong," the title of Lama staged a sit-in self-cultivation premises. It is said that this cross-legged in meditation by the school and will last for three years at 3:45 on March 3 to close down, made "all Palestinians" degree, in the Buddhist temple event will be presided over the funeral.
Ling hole on the north side of a boulder in the middle with a 1-foot high, 2 feet wide, can not loose Remove the stones, stone said to be in possession open the door to heaven, "China's first door" key. It is said to Kasyapa East missionary territories, in writing preaching Hill, and the first door to China Gyejoksan Ruding, a key will be retained in the stone inside. Kassapa is the 10 disciples of the Buddha Sakyamuni, Buddhism is the convener of the build-up for the first time. Legend of Education, Gyejoksan Maitreya is the future of the gym Xiasheng, Kassapa in China for the first gate guarding scarf Ruding Sakyamuni, the Buddha Xiasheng time to wait for his law business. Due to this legend, who in the past to the pilgrims Gyejoksan Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan and pilgrims, have written to the Hill-Ling side by burning incense key return This is also the key to burning incense. Temple Wen-feng became known Buddhist holy sites, has become a Tibetan, Mongolian, Naxi people of all ethnic groups, such as a symbol of friendship and solidarity and signs, in India, Nepal, Myanmar and other countries in the Buddhist community will have an impact.

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