Monday, December 8, 2008

Dongba Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pictographic ancient text

Ancient Dongba Literature is more than 1400 "the world's only living pictograph" Dongba text of the written word by the Dongba, currently hold more than 20,000 volumes, respectively, in the collections of China's Lijiang, Kunming, Beijing, Nanjing , Taiwan and the United States, Germany and Spain more than 10 countries and .

Ancient Dongba Literature covering the history, philosophy, sociology, religion, language, literature, music, art, dance, and so almost all the traditional disciplines, the academic community at home and abroad as "the encyclopedia of ancient Naxi."

Memory of the World Heritage 2 August 30, 2003, Gdansk Poland, UNESCO Memory of the World project the sixth meeting of the Advisory Committee, Lijiang Dongba ancient Chinese literature included in the "Memory of the World Heritage List" and Lijiang in China only has a cultural heritage, Natural Heritage, the memory of the three World Heritage crown of the International Tourism The land.

Dongba Valley View surfaced once the Dongba deep valley to the world which opened a chapter in the mystery. Dongba drum, according to the Yulong Snow Mountain in the north, the south Old Town of Lijiang. Extremely favorable conditions for access, is entering the Yulong Snow Mountain area of land necessary.

Soul bath Animism, love wood and stone, the Dongba Gu Gu Rong, Gap, holes, stone, tree, water-ling, who is the epitome of harmony with nature, but also the soul of the bath by natural bath.

Dongba Valley and the protection of heritage protection will be for the purpose of the preservation of integrity of all the Dongba Cultural Relics. With Dongba cultural heritage will be established, the establishment of Dongba Cultural Forum, ceremony, Dongba culture to carry out shows.

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