Monday, December 8, 2008

Kage Bo Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kage Bo Feng, 6740 meters above sea level is the highest peak in Yunnan. Kage Bo, the Tibetan language, "Snow White" in Italy, also known as the "god of snow-capped mountains." From the Deqin county seat 10 kilometers east of the Temple coming, we can see the other side of the Lancang River where hundreds of Bing-Feng Miangen one after another, such as the potential Daopifuxue, the extraordinary momentum. This is known far and near to the card Bethune as the center of the Meili Snow Mountain, 6OOO meters above sea level for more than 13 have Xuefeng, known as the "Prince's 13 peaks." Stand above the peak of 13 in the Kage Bo Feng, Kim is a pyramid of snow-capped mountains, majestic beauty, looking down at Qunxiao. Kage Bo is the peak of Tibetan Buddhism's holy pilgrimage. Legend for the Nyingma Home gamma branch of the Palestinian protector, the highest in the Tibetan areas of the eight first Kamiyama. In October 1989, the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibetan Buddhism master does Gyaincain Kyrgyzstan in the former peak held a grand funeral. Stone to leave pagoda and the existing sites, visual impact for visitors. Kage Bo, there is continuous and cirque glaciers, sand and Mincea Siqia 2 ice If the two white long line, from an altitude of 5500 meters to 2700 meters down an extension of the forest, away from the river nearly 800 meters, is the world's rare species of low latitude and high above sea level monsoon marine glaciers of the modern, very spectacular. Kawagebo peak is a six-level key scenic spot in Yunnan Province "Three Parallel Rivers" Landscape One. Kage Bo was 9 of 18 Shashen arm, was education Padmasambhava, the Buddhist warning, and turn over a new leaf, the conversion from Buddhism, has done a qianfoensis Gilmore's son, Villaraigosa defended by the white horse for the next member of God's will, from this command Borderland, the snow-covered Fook Yum. Kage Bo is often enshrined in the statues above the altar. He is riding a white horse, holding Jian Qiao. Tibet in the legend, if fortunate enough to be able to board the Potala Palace in the south-east direction in the clouds to see the colorful figure of Kage Bo. Qiumodongchu each year, Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, the groups of pilgrims, came all the way to worship the souls of the god of snow-capped mountains. They worship around Kamiyama At least 7 days to as many as a half months, as the local turning. Tibetans are so Ka Gebo of worship, are in life to the worship Kage Bo turning to the most honored. If every Tibetan Year of the Goat, is turning to Baishi times, V creeping mountain scenes, eye-openers. Kage Bo peak due to the steep mountain, throughout the year Snow cover, when the avalanche. Fog, rain, wind, so far no one is the top of the "virgin peak." In recent years, many Chinese and foreign mountaineering expedition teams attempting to board the Kage Bo Feng, but so far there is no record of success. In January 1991, 17 athletes in the Sino-Japanese climbers died the next peak. Li flew in the temple have Yinghun pay for visitors to the monument.

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