Monday, December 8, 2008

Bi-Valley soil group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongdian is located in the Valley group to Rural Highway Department, 103 km of rural small-cell Our foot of snow-capped mountains. This deep and narrow canyon, over 1000 m high wall, the widest point about 80 meters, the narrowest point only 10 meters can be described as "middle line for cutting days, the two stone gorge fight for the door." In these canyons, such as washing blue sky, clouds forest, Flowers in full bloom, clear spring flows, it is not like any of pollution a "pure land." This group into the canyon, visitors can feel the full nature of the mysterious and rich, to yield to the temptation of the great highland plain beautiful. For several years, Diqing its very unique and distinct mystery of the natural scenery Folk culture is attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. An objective reality in the territory of Yunnan Province is a people full of the Office of the charm of scenic spots. Diqing in travel everywhere to see works by James Hilton described the scenery of the plateau, and the soil to Bristol-based Canyon Canyon in the northern group of Zhongdian, but also thrilled visitors, EC "Shangri-La group Canyon." Deep gorge in the white water mist shrouded in fog, appears to be deep mystery, like "Wonderland." This is described by James Hilton's Shangri-La "Moon Valley" vivid. Bi-Valley soil directly on cliff of the large sky preserve ancient rock paintings and stone Mo Yan, exquisite technique, which gave Valley has added a bit mysterious color humanities. Shangri-La Gorge, a deep mystery to the world, said. These canyon average 3,000 meters above sea level in more than a good ecological environment protection in valley, around the mountain is covered with verdant Dicui of fir, spruce. Although the high-elevation areas, can see palm trees in the meantime miscellaneous. Gap When there is a Zhongdian of largest karst cave - terracotta Fairy Cave. Shek Pik hole on a natural step, five fingers and taste, is considered the world's few strange scenes. Another spring water called "Stephen shouted," spring deep hole, who shouted to a few holes before the sound of a spring water from the cave spewing out of the entrance-social, Sweet flavor, but also medical treatment. In addition, there are still a canyon known as the "Benguela" Tibetan Buddhist temples, the Temple both nuns and lamas, but only in 1937 was burned so far not been able to repair. Canyon in the Red Hill gold mine, gold Blazy, Bisang gold, the mining boom has been the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and adjoin Ben's vanilla by the middle of the alluvial gold with "possession of money", when wood was the emperor's toast donor 12,000,000 for the construction of both the Ming Tombs. But most visitors interested in soil or Bi-Valley's natural beauty. Bi-Valley soil, in vitro (Austin) and township (town) Highway near. Along the road into the village on the canyon, all the way Roaring sound of water, air fog kept the two sides to make the gradient is 70 degrees to 90 degrees steep cliff, Yangguan on the verge of collapse. High wall in the 1,000 meters and above, at least, large sky, appalled alarming. Bi into the soil, such as into a canyon twists and turns of the Shen Xiang, the 80-meter gorge widest point, the narrowest point only 10 meters, a few Collision. "Bird Road, sheep have no peak, Tao Sheng Yin wind roar Department to help." Pitt is the right description of the soil of the majestic canyon narrowly. If you pay attention to observation, vaguely visible in the cliff carvings on the rough rock. Some experts think that this is the migration of ancient peoples left behind by the symbol of their intention hard. Diqing to tourism Travel, can not be Shangri-La through the canyon base. However, Pitt into the financial canyon, it had a taste of Shangri-La group of the main canyon scenery.

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