Monday, December 8, 2008

Alpine meadow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Naxi ancient times by nomadic living, meadow on the very strong feelings, they have maintained a good meadow, and never allow anyone to undermine. Meadow is also regarded as the natural gift of wealth, has been raising cattle and sheep fat. There are a wealth of meadow flowers and herbs, wild flowers throughout the year unbeaten, the annual April Spring open to the Maple Leaf ground in October, open meadow, filled with beautiful and colorful wildflowers. Yulong mountain for the Naxi Ren Yunshan Ping, Maoniuping more praise, perhaps, they have feelings meadow is one of the reasons why. Meadow Lane scattered in many small pools, which is the Naxi ancestors of the excavation, so that when the grazing to facilitate Sheep drinking water. According to legend, the god in the Yulong Shenquan water play in the water, tired on the kiosk-lying meadow, the sun bathing.

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