Monday, December 8, 2008

Wind Festival - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenquan west of the Naxi people have a festival of wind. The festival winds and the field is as old Heaven, as the same fate. In the eyes of the Naxi Ren, wind power is a symbol of nature, it is everywhere, there are ever-present, the strength of the wind is endless. People to respect nature and protect the natural desire to place in the Festival Activities. It is also the strength of the wind through the dead spirits. Every time another of unreasoning passion, loyalty of the Yulong Naxi men and women in a third country Xunqing, here's a grand ceremony will be held in the wind, so that their souls ascend to heaven smoothly and return to the side of the ancestors. - Yu kiosk Dongba religious calendar - the Holy Land Dongba-kiosk Naxi Dongba held in the central region to teach an important place for religious activities. The first lunar month, Congress should be held tianxiang burning ritual activities; once a month on a larger scale Dongba ceremony; each of the four large-scale Dongba religious ceremony, then there will be many Lijiang Naxi people to participate. The specific ceremony is as follows: three days of the first lunar month, the Lunar New Year celebration in February Chuba Heaven, God 3 Lunar Festival on March 5, the Dongba God Festival in May will be the Chinese New Five-Year Plan, the Lunar Festival natural God-Autumn, Festival Wind , Held a grand festival of pine nuts

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