Monday, December 8, 2008

Huaping spend Lisu style - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaping Lisu have more than 25,000 people, of whom spent more than 24,000 Lisu, Lisu flower is the most Lisu ethnic customs of a strong, especially women, beautiful flowers in general national costumes unique charm, attracted numerous tourists . Lisu look at flowers, to go through the township of Wang Ding, the Prince and the Kou River Lok Kwan Tong Township, Tong rooms and other places where the rich style, representative. Lisu spent cottage, first of all, the eye is a unique residential areas. As the terrain and habits of the impact of residential construction is simple, common, there are two: The first is selenge-wood, with 3-6 meters of logs and to constitute a pile, with the top Mao , Pine Bark or 30 cm square wooden cover. Building with bamboo or wooden paved, two-points up and down, piling up food debris upstairs, downstairs living person. The second type is a fence, that is selected to play on the ground more than 10 root wood piles, mats, wooden bar by legislation. Housing in general and sub-room attached to the main room, set up the main room of the Central Fire , Huotang the top of the stove set the fire at night the whole family to sleep Huo Tang Wai, and the room is attached to piling up debris, such as food. Lisu women spend the beautiful dress on the body, they are wearing on Xie Jin's collar with silver bubble jacket, mind, neckline, sleeve blue color with red and yellow lines into rural multi-channel pattern design. Wearing under 12 1 Cm wide soil texture form themselves into the number of Zhequn linen, heel to a long skirt, embroidered skirt lap 4 pattern design, film skirt with red wool and hundreds of Bethune and white cloth into a vertical seam pressure. They were wearing cross word or Huabu prism of the five sets of black cloth, set along Zhuiman bright white color and be Guozhu, waist and neck covered with beads. Waist line 3 m The red wool belt, the waist on both sides of the embroidered ribbons in a variety of landscape design. Dai their hands, silver or copper bracelet, the ear is made up of silver earrings, Jiaochuan green cloth shoes.

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