Monday, December 8, 2008

Plateau Spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Plateau Spa at Ninglang Xian Yongning Township, local, commonly known as "Re Shuitang." Hot water from the dug all poured out of the foot between the chimney, clean Abnormal, steaming hot throughout the year, filled with steam, the Four Seasons bath can be. Hot Springs is located in a quiet and peaceful and mountain bends, stretches around the mountains, the Mosuo people, Pumi villages of the mountains to fall back on, at At the foot of the hill along the road. Ad from the Hill so close to you, Dai-colored mottled limestone peaks and readable. Yongning Hot Springs area of about 50 square meters, water temperature 38 ?, is a very good natural beach. Its spring water contains hydrogen sulfide, high medical value for arthritis and skin A significant effect. Reported that the first hot spring located in rural south-west wing, as a result of crustal movement and later moved to this location. According to legend, the first Yongning hot water temperature high, Gunfei the hot spring water may be hot chicken pig, later, the temperature gradually decreased, the water temperature now has the best human bathing. Hot Springs to Yongning Township Government Road access, the flow of travelers between extremely convenient. You can enjoy watching along the Mosuo villages and Yongning dam scenery, rich ethnic customs and the beautiful scenery of the plateau, will make you a happy journey.

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