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Chi Yin Ma - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chi Yin Ma is located in the southeastern city of Hanzhong, is the legend of the Western Han Dynasty Liu Bang's troops in Hanzhong, when the Department Yin Ma. In 2000, the city of Hanzhong City, as Chi Yin Ma will focus on heritage conservation unit.

  The Republic of China, Yin Ma pool of up to two channels, one from the East Gate Bridge Loop into the wall of a week-shun Lane City, one T-corner. T-Street, north of the Grand Courtyard Wang has, so far still housing, Then T-Street on the back of some of the houses, all of the remaining open space. Dongguan Junji old firm, Hanzhong is an important commercial and trading activities, they formed a pool Yinma second-hand market, plus the city of Dongguan Shun Lane along the street and more people, especially when the Anti-Japanese War A large number of foreign refugees who have to travel to Hanzhong, many without food and clothing of the poor taken up residence here, Yin Ma piece of open space and the pool wall under the root will be bustling crowd, very lively, has become a paradise of the poor and the lives of ordinary people swap places. 1938 to 1939, Yin Ma Chi house has no less than the market, it opened up a "New Town ", Also known as the" Southern market, "Yin Ma Chi streaming market, shows the former Yin Ma Chi-fan trouble situation.

  I remember the pool Yinma markets, a focus on selling second-hand, the old and worn-out clothes to meet the general requirements of the daily lives of the poor, old silver, there is not anything here of second-hand stall operators do not Thieves steal things, the shopping can be assured.

  Yin Ma Chi of Chinese herbal medicine was also stalls selling scabies medicine, of my own praises. Scabies is a drug Hunan owners own preparation, with sulfur-based ingredients, that is, knows the town well-known "very good", who married a woman Hanzhong, and also the sale of drugs Acrobatic performances to attract visitors to sell drugs, such as my own praises of Hanzhong would feed a bear, and sell before the bear playing, earthen jar push to allow the bear, and bear wrestling, martial arts will be the person that can play soft dart, is the sign hanging A string of large plaster Zhang, who was to sing my own praises in the iron boiled in oil Xiong, some medicine for material on the spot to share system Drugs, patients put on the spot to the drug.

  The civilian population to flee and those who have no money to eat restaurant, Chi Yin Ma will have a lot of flavor snack. Chi Yin Ma of the past no restaurants, no pubs, no house, there is only one selling rice wine, and its iron's hot, Jin Zhao, many small Xi Hu neck warm rice wine, drank alcohol only, and -Drinks. There are snack food Hanzhong dumplings, the Lantern Festival, Mianpi, jelly, steamed, fried rice cake, and so on to. At that time, there was a pool Yin Ma Chao Mi Bean, a Tiaozi, Sheng end of the rice and rice jelly, is the other side of the pan with wooden plate, white rice jelly seasoning additional chopped green onion Spodiopogon boost after spoonful of cooked rice, fried together with the Cheng, the food Hong resistance, unique and distinctive flavor, such exercises had been seen eating. Chi Yin Ma a variety of restaurants are very expensive for poor people, the price of a diet, but now equivalent to a fraction of the iceberg.

  Yin Ma Chi City market every day, but only during the day throughout the day, at night without lights that is, no one. Owners will be open early in the morning Stall covers an area that has been operating in the afternoon to Xiang Wan, there are some fixed home studio owners to flee, the use of wall wall during the War of Resistance Against Japan has dug air-raid shelter, those who have fled to live outside a take nothing for the extension of the Penny Shed leaves to the sun and Zheyu goods before cooking, Hanzhong will shed this "pull up rolling leaf fan , Outside the South have a monopoly "pull up a fan leaf rolling", proclaimed a general long, 8 feet wide, use a wide range of scaffolding was used to live in the pool wall under a lot of Yin Ma.

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