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Tourism Weinan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haidong in the western gate of Weinan City, located in the east longitude 108 � 50'-110 � 38 'north latitude and 34 � 13'-35 � 52', located in the eastern part of the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi Province, east near the Yellow River in Shanxi and Henan adjacent to the West and Xi'an, Xianyang phase, upon the South Qinling and for the community Shangluo, Yanan and the north bridge Hill Tongchuan border, 182.3 kilometers long from north to south, east 149.7 km wide, the highest in the New Eurasian Continental Bridge important of the lot is in Shaanxi Province and the western region in the east to enter the "door to the East." Lying to the Weihe River as the axis to form two north-south mountain, two in the central plateau and the landscape Hirakawa five types of areas. Weihe River in central Alluvial plain is 800 Qin Chuan, the most wide area. Jurisdiction of a district (Lin Weiqu), the two cities (Seoul, Huayin), eight counties (County, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Chengcheng, Whitewater, co-Yang, Fu Ping), and 254 townships (Office of the ), 3236 administrative villages with a total population of 5,310,000 people, with a total area .3 10,000 square kilometers.


  Superior agricultural resources. Is a warm sub-humid and semi-arid monsoon climate, four seasons, adequate light and appropriate rainfall. Average annual temperature of 11.3-13.6 � C, annual rainfall of 529-638 mm , In 2144-2505 sunshine hours, frost-free period in 199-255 days. 2,006,000,000 cubic meters of water volume, flows through the city's yellow, Luo, Wei rivers an average annual passenger flow of water 48,692,000,000 cubic meters, the amount available to 555,000,000 cubic meters. The natural ecological environment suitable for The same types of plants and animals have provided favorable growing conditions, Shaanxi Province has always been the best agro-ecological zones. More than 300 kinds of wild animals, protected by the State of the red-crowned crane, black stork, Qingyang, 23 kinds of rare birds such as swans Jane animal well-known nationwide. Artificial rearing of more than 20 kinds of livestock and poultry, Qinchuan, Guanzhong donkey Goat milk equivalent great quality. More than 2500 kinds of wild plants, 87 kinds of agricultural and forestry crops, particularly wheat, corn, beans, apples, pear, cotton, peanuts, vegetables, flue-cured tobacco, pepper, watermelon, and so are the richest. There are 263,200 ha forest area, forest reserves 8,490,000 cubic meters of forest Cover rate of 15.9 percent. 148,000 hectares of natural grassland. Arable land area of 546,100 hectares, of which the effective irrigation area of 344,000 hectares. Rich mineral resources. Proven reserves of 38, in which reserves are large, easy-to 26 mining, coal, molybdenum, gold, stone, water is quite advantage. Raw coal 25,500,000,000 tons of quality reserves, has proven reserves 5,030,000,000 tons, are renowned for their "Weibei black belt" in china; molybdenum mine has proven reserves of metal 1,500,000 tons, ranking the second place, with an annual output of 15,000 tons of molybdenum powder , Accounting for about half the national output, is Asia's largest molybdenum powder production base; huge gold reserves Production accounted for more than half of the province, ranking the third; limestone has been proved reserves 108,000,000 tons, 2,283,000 tons of marble, with an annual output of 2,700,000 tons of cement; in 9 counties (cities, districts) of water to drink and use medical spa Duoliang water, mineral water which Dali sunrise 60,000 tons of water, and rich multi - The necessary elements of the human body, known as "the most Chinese." Resources to develop the huge potential for economic development to provide a solid foundation.

  Weinan is located in the Yellow River Basin is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, rich cultural relics, history goes back to ancient times. Just over 80 Years ago, "Lam Tin man," has evolved in the city of the region; "Dali" fossil skull, is now about 20 million years ago the original human fossils; "Yumenkou accumulation cave" Paleolithic sites; Astragalus , The Longshan culture site of far-reaching implications. Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty two thousand years, has been the Weinan Shaanxi hub, eight provinces Tongqu "and the powerhouse Province, Agriculture, Industry and Trade, transportation is very well-developed; has always been vital importance for the military, the ancient Great Wall, ancient ruins found on the battlefield; included in the development and protection of the heritage tourism attraction 619, Among them, national and 58 provincial-level protection units, particularly known as the "five The first temple "Yuemiao West, the magnificent tomb of Tang Emperor, the generation of the history of St. tomb and shrine of Sima Qian, the north-south longitudinal Wei of the most well-known Great Wall and so on. Gave birth to a long history and splendid culture. Shaanxi Opera, with the state opera, bowl Cavity bowl, Hu fans, the Arab-opera drama and other cavity deep Yun Ji, China is the North Bangzi Tune birthplace; stone carving, wood carving, flower face, shadow, and other folk art originality, the famous Chinese and foreign. Created a splendid culture and outstanding talent, with the Ying-Hsien, on behalf of many people. St. Cangjie words, Dukang Jiusheng, the history of Sima Qian Sheng, Yang Jian Sui Wendi, the famous Tang Dynasty Guo Ziyi, the great poet of realism White Yi, KOU Zhun phase of the Song Dynasty, Wang Qing Dynasty scholar, Foreign Minister Ong Teng patriotic, modern patriotic general Yang, Xi Zhongxun party and state leaders, well-known political activists Qu Wu, the well-known writers such as Du Pengcheng a shining page in the history. A long history Canruo stars of the Chinese culture and magnificent mountains and rivers add radiance to each other rivers, the landscape of A Celebration of the Arts, created a unique tourism resources. Qi Xiu critical of the Huashan Xiyue, the proud home of the first Sacred Mountains of China, and out of the road is smooth, high-altitude cableway Fei Jia is the famous financial leisure, vacation, entertainment, sightseeing in one tourist destination;-Shan Plateau rivers and the natural landscape in the Yuan and Ming Gu Cultural construction of the Da Huang Longmen Scenic Spot, "Small Three Gorges in the north," said; the famous scenic spots Qiachuan, there are more than 160 square kilometers of tidal wetlands, red-crowned cranes, black storks, swans, mandarin duck, crane, and other 11 countries, rare II Bird, groups of habitats reproduce, the State Science and Technology Commission as the focus of rare birds Protection areas. There are a virgin Stephen, Stephen valley vapor, Calocedrus Fukuyama, as well as the modern grand draw yellow primary and secondary stations, and so is the bath, convalescence, fishing and tourism, a good place.

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