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Yang co Stephen virgin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stephen Virgin co-located in the scenic County contact Chuanzhen, belonging to the tidal flats of the Yellow River wetland, the country's largest reed down one of the country is the only type of wetland tourism area, covers an area of 15 hectares, has been referred to as "the world No. A ring-down. " "Stephen Virgin," also known as the "East valley vapor carp," and also contact Kawasaki 7-chuen, one of the valley vapor. Stephen valley vapor, can be China never a "unique country, this" valley vapor ", can be found in the dictionary, it refers specifically to contact Kawasaki 7 valley vapor Stephen, Stephen valley vapor is the origin of ancient Sichuan contact with the people of irrigated valley vapor-chuen, even if found That there are no fertilizer, crops are growing well, said the fertilizer is so simple it took the ancient people called the hot 7 " Stephen ", the modern verify that the valley vapor-chuen, is the eruption hot springs, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace elements are indeed very beneficial to the growth of crops.

  Yellow River in the mother's arms, thick reeds, the hidden magic of the virgin-chuen. Stephen East, also known as virgin valley vapor carp, fish, Stephen V, "Virgin" in the name of the source A local old folk. In the girls before marriage should be accompanied by the mother or sister in the blue sky and white clouds, green screen to hide accounts in multiple wash away the dust and fatigue, to meet life on the road to a glorious moment.

  Stephen Quanqun is a virgin, the size of countless spring. To maintain the water temperature year round About 1 ? and rich in the trace element strontium beneficial to the human body, copper and selenium. Great power of water, people do not water Shen, moving sand Quan Yong, who Fu such as silk, known as sand waves bath. Quanbian have playgrounds, customs houses, and so on, can be fully aware of the Yellow River Wild.

  Stephen also known as the Virgin and 7-chuen, in the valley vapor Jiao, to maintain long-term water temperature 29 ? -31 ?, rich in strontium, copper, selenium to human health is very favorable, observant and thorough, Stephen around the spring, water, water is unsinkable, Quanyong moving sand, Such as silk body brush, known as "sand waves bath", especially in the winter, Stephen virgin mist floating air, stretching There is no way, do not have some fun. Mr. Jia Pingao well-known writer on several occasions in the bath in virgin Stephen, glad for Shiyi Shou Fu "mu reed wind up, the water ri virgins Ning Zhi, Hua Qing emperors only, and which group of folk music this tour."

  Stephen maiden name is the origin of ancient origin, China's first Song of the total set of "The Book of Songs" the first poem, "Guanju", "Guan Guanju Japan, in River Island, My Fair Lady, Junzihaoqiu" is the description of the famous ancient contact when Zhouwen Wang Chuan-chuan contact with the beautiful wife of older brother too Between the pure love. It is said that too married the former wife of older brother Stephen in the virgin bath, the more brilliant, walking among the reeds, even the Reed leaves the skin can not help but to caress her face, too angry Si, turned back to the teeth with bite leaves lightly. Now Qiachuan reed leaves in the middle of a shallow Chihen. From then on, the formation of such a contact Sichuan Folk: The girl must be married before the shower here, so that the pure spring water to wash away the immense Soil and fatigue, to meet life's happy moments. Since then, "Stephen Virgin," has become a common name.

  Stephen is a virgin line for the development of a number of visitors to tour the water, along Ludang to enjoy life, all kinds of rare birds and bird watching. Reed wetlands immense, as much as 15 million mu, is Reed is one of the largest swing. It was hailed as a "ring-down the best in the world" and "Natural Oxygen position," Jianjia over and over in the spring, summer, Green Wave 10,000 ares, Lu Hua autumn sky, the depth of winter migratory birds intoxicated, and confusing in the reed down, visitors entered Huangruo Space-time tunnel, it brings the people, not only eco-tourism and leisure mode . The newly developed "Ludang Labyrinth", visitors can hire rowing hand, the reed down in the depths of the reed boat tours. Stephen arrived virgin, visitors may feel far away from noisy city, to experience the magic of the virgin-chuen, an immersion in water to wash away the fatigue, return to the embrace of nature. At the same time, "Lo Court to hear" can be free Yang co-reward characteristics of local art, not a so-called Chinese "Shenyang co-Muppets" show, there are a number of scenic spots and entertainment services for visitors to choose the project.

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