Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mao Ling Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The museum, at the tomb of Mao Ling Huoqu Bing, a rich collection of artifacts, relics in 3730, 14 were designated as national treasures. There are near Weiqing, Ms. Li, Kim Il-Pei Zangmu cicadas, such as the size of more than 20 blocks. Museum pavilions, pontoon bridge pools Pro, Calocedrus pines, the Green Wave waves, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons every year Cited nearly 400,000 Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Mao Ling and Xing-Ping Xianyang Museum is located between the five hills on the Plateau, about 40 kilometers away from Xi'an, the Emperor is based on Mao Ling, Huo Qubing and large-scale tomb group of stone and famous at home, outside of the Western Han Dynasty dating history museum. Area of 121,486 square meters, the collection of cultural relics More than 100 pieces of cultural relics national treasure 14. One stone Fu-hu, Kinmen and Matsu-lau, jade shops in the first four of God hollow brick in the number of cultural relics, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, France, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Monaco, Hong Kong and other countries and regions on display, caused a sensation.

  In addition, the museum has ten Maoling Pay attention to the development of unique national characteristics of tourism projects and investments 8,900,000 yuan to build a large-scale water culture, entertainment Mao Ling Han Palace, to tourists for fishing and travel out of the pontoon and appreciation of the ancient music of the Han Dynasty music and dance hall, floating restaurant There are multi-purpose entertainment room, like the Han courtyard has been opening to the outside world, and so on.
Mao Huoqu Bing and the Tomb of the country are key cultural unit.

  Over the years, the national model workers, national experts who have made outstanding contributions, curator Wang Zhijie (Fellow) under the leadership of the whole museum staff to carry forward the "hard work, dedication, visitor services, improve self" Maolingwoniu spirit of the original There are 3600 square meters area, 20 of the relics are small text control, developed into a cultural melting, paintings, garden in one well-known tourist resort. Today, the Library scenic landscape, like many Chinese buildings, pavilions, the rippling blue waves, Calocedrus pines, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons; tour is rich in content, Mao Ling concept of a no show, Lam Chi visitors chasing fish, "bells of the Millennium shows, listen to ancient music, Ambilight night, pontoon charming fountain; appreciate the" Emperor story statues art exhibition, "reverie that more than 2000 years ago Realm of the history of the Western Han Dynasty, people feel Lumpur. Take the sheep to pull carts, horses drawing the carts, and riding a camel , Riding a donkey roaming tourists, the unique taste, and Fun for all. Staff Service warm, patient and meticulous, and civilized norms, so as to give visitors a sense of home away from home. State leaders to Ruihuan visited Mao Ling, delighted: "Mao Ling not only have a very good museum, a beautiful environment, where I went, Mao Ling to promote there, all the museums should be built this museum. "Canadian head of the delegation of the National Culture and Fine Arts professor at the University of Hong Kong when the school after the visit, Mr. Yan in the guest book:" From Canada to China, Shaanxi Museum of Mao Ling, by plane, train, the car has gone the way miles to see Maoling work's success will be felt miles Zaipao also been a worthwhile trip, here is not only a valuable cultural relics, the exhibition is rich in content and the surrounding environment is also fully demonstrated the Chinese culture has a long history of working people, as well as China's great contribution. "

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