Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yuquan Hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuquan Hospital is located at the foot of Huashan, according to legend, when the Five Dynasties are built Laozu Chen Tuan. Yuquan Hospital back in accordance with the mountains, surrounded by towering old trees, a hospital-chuen, sweet spring water Qinglie, Yuquan named. Legend has it that this Stephen Peak and the town of the same Tamai Yue palace. Yuquan Temple Xiyi a hospital, the name comes from King Song Ci Chen Tuan, "Mr. Xi Yi," the title of Xi Yi at Temple before and after the Hall of the two. Qiandian the left side of the "Hua Shan monument map," is on the right side of the Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu's hand-written "in the first mountains," Stone. Hou Dian Chen Tuan has a statue. Hill Pavilion built in the sun on a boulder, Chen Tuan legend, often to watch the Mountain View, the writing. Pavilion next to the old one, known as worry-free tree, Chen Tuan-for Hand-Flocked. Stephen Bitian shade house, winding corridors, Deng Hua Shan has always been the first in the number of visitors to this rest, then start climbing.

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