Tuesday, December 9, 2008

West Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Yuemiao is dedicated to the Great Xiyue Hua Shan temple of God, Huashan in the 5 km north of the town of Yue on the street. Temple was built in the Han Dynasty era of imperial dynasties became Huashan worship God places. West Yuemiao ride south, the door is on the Huashan. In the north-south central axis of lower priority Hao Ling-door Wufeng Lou, Star lattice door, the Doors, Hao Ling Temple, the palace, the floor of Yushu, Wan Kok. The entire building after a former high-low pattern. West Yuemiao a grand building. Wufeng Lou on the stage built in the high, up more than 20 meters, Wang Hua Shan Deng Lou, Wufeng fresh in our memory. Hall of the main hall Hao Ling Xie Shanding Danyan glazed tile for the building, located in a broad "convex" On the platform, 7 wide and 5 into the deep, surrounded by corridors, the momentum of the grand, ancient emperor worship Huashan more to live here. Kangxi hall are flying, light, the title of empress, "Zhao Jin-day side," "Sin Yun" horizontal inscribed board. The entire courtyard lush forests, craggy rocks, and interesting landscape of interest. Xiyue a temple tablets The existing Later Zhou Dynasty, "Hua Yue Miao monument," carved out heavy, "Hua Shan-Yu Tang inscriptions," carved out Wanli, "Hua Shan lying map", the first chart attached to Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Chen Tuan, and other celebrities have Tang and Song of the Huashan Huashan map and poem. There Yushu Qianlong, "Yue Lian Shu-ling," the amount of stone.

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