Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Du North Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Tower, also known as Du qianfoensis Tower, in Xianyang City, 15 km from the northern town of Kindu. 10 a square tower, 33 meters high and 3 meters wide margin, cast iron, there are layers of windows, doors to the south, a hollow ladder to climb, the four corner posts into a cast as King Kong Book, the top legislature floor, particularly appropriate . Central floors weeks have cast iron Buddha statue and more, so . Between plants in order to cast, rare birds and monsters, sophisticated casting. A tower inscription: "Da-ming for 18 years Wanli (1590 AD), walk south study Dumao eunuch" casting. A eunuch could cast such a huge investment of the Eiffel Tower, its wealth and power, can be built to see. Protection of the tower in good condition, but Tasha Tilt. Now the provincial-level key cultural unit.

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